Season 14: Episode 17 - Season 14 Episode 17
Posted on Aug 20, 2012 11:10am

The houseguests are still carefully moving back and forth between their cup filling stations and the jugs in the HOH competition in hopes of becoming the next HOH or a recipient of a tempting prize. Meanwhile, in diary rooms Jenn and Ashley talk about it being tough for both of them to see Wil go out the door. Dan comments that he is still worried about being backdoored and Frank wonders if telling Dan that he almost backdoored him in the last veto ceremony was a bad idea. After countless trips back and forth, slipping and sliding all the way, Boogie is the first one to get a prize, claiming the $10,000 dollars for himself. Shortly after, Britney wins safety for one week and finally Shane is crowned the new HOH.

After winning the competition, Shane remarks that he thinks he is in the best possible position in the house and that he, along with his Quack Pack alliance, essentially control who will be going home this week. Ian is happy that someone from his Quack Pack alliance is now in a position of power that can make a power move. Jenn is upset, she remarks that she is having the worst day between Wil going home, taking some hard falls in the HOH competition and Shane winning in the end. Although Britney has secured safety for the week and Shane is the new HOH, Britney feels they have to rethink the Silent Six alliance.

As most of the houseguests are hanging out in the living room, Shane pops in and asks who wants to see his new HOH room. Everyone heads upstairs except for Jenn and Frank who are both resting in their bedroom. They all get to see a picture of Shane’s dog, Dozer and hear him read a letter aloud from his sister. Jenn wakes up and feels she should make an appearance in the HOH room and congratulate Shane and she does so. Later that day, Ian talks to Britney in the storage room and tells her that just before the live show, Boogie had asked him if he wanted to put Britney on the block, in which Ian said no to. Britney is annoyed that her name was brought up and decides that they need to discuss with Shane and the rest of the Quack Pack. In the HOH room, Britney gathers with the Quack Pack to state her case and convince them all to nominate Frank and Boogie. Shane is worried that if one of them wins HOH next week he will have blood on his hands and they might come after him. Ian remarks that if they want any hope of winning, they have to put Frank and Boogie up. Shane then asks the room if they all have his back in voting, they all confirm their alliance.

In the backyard, Joe is telling a story when Boogie, in the diary room, mentions that there is a lot of down time in the house and people tend to like to talk about themselves. Joe is then seen all over the house telling stories to anyone that will listen. Back in the diary room, Boogie says that Joe tells a lot of stores but he doesn’t believe a word the man says. In the backyard, Ian asks Ashley out on another date that night and Ashley agrees. Ian decides to get ready for the date by asking Britney, Danielle and Ashley to help him remove the hair under his armpits with a cream Shane suggested to him. The three ladies crowd around Ian as he lies down in the bathroom and apply the cream to remove the hair. Ian is pleased with the results but remarks how much the cream burns. That night, Ian and Ashley sit at the table eating some pizza and having intermittent conversation. After their dinner and lackluster date, they both agree they had a good time and go their own separate ways. Shane and Joe head up to the HOH room to talk, Shane tells him that he wants to make sure he is safe for the next week. Joe tells Shane that he will put Shane before himself in the game now and that he supports him as HOH. Later, Joe and Frank enter the house from the backyard and find some plastic balls leading into the game room. They follow the trail and find that there has been a clear plastic box with a question mark on it placed into the claw machine game. Dan tries to get first crack at winning the box but the machine is powered off. They call Ian in to see if he knows what the box means. in diary room, Ian confides that he thinks it is Pandora’s box but in the game room he tells everyone he doesn’t know what it is. Britney heads upstairs to talk to Shane and makes sure that he is still thinking Frank and Boogie for nominations. However, Shane does seem a bit shaken by what the mystery box downstairs could be. He thinks it might be better to go after floaters after all this week.

As the nominations draw closer and Shane contemplates his decision, Boogie remarks that he feels very safe this week and is not worried about the nominations at all. Britney is hoping that today is the day that starts the breaking up of the Silent Six and that Frank and Boogie end up on the block. Shane calls everyone to the table for the nomination ceremony and after everyone has pulled out their keys, it is Frank and Boogie that end up on the block. Shane tells Frank and Boogie that it was nothing personal to nominate Frank and Boogie and that they have a chance to fight for the veto. Boogie knows that the Silent Six is a mess and that he has to play to get the veto and get himself off the block. Frank says that his heart is broken; he tried to build trust and still ended up on the block against his close ally.

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