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Season 10: Episode 8 - Jessie Makes a Play to Get Off the Block, Memphis and Jerry: Not Best Buddies!
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am

"Surprise, surprise, surprise," Angie says about her nomination for eviction. Jessie sees his nomination as "disrespectful" and warns if he makes it through this week, everyone who went against him will be "unhappy campers." Memphis thinks Head of Household Keesha made a mistake with her nominations since she put up people who weren't going after her. "Why make two extra enemies?" Memphis asks.

While Keesha regroups with her alliance partners, April and Libra, Jessie walks into the bathroom, where he tells Michelle he is "bugging out." Michelle reminds him she warned him about Keesha, while Jessie says it is clear Keesha is in cahoots with Ollie, Libra and April. Jessie says it's fine he got nominated since he will just win the Power of Veto competition and pull himself off the block, but he informs Michelle she is likely to go up in his place.
 I don't like him one bit! Outside on the patio, Jerry tells Dan that Memphis is quite a competitor, before saying he "definitely thinks he's cool." It is clear Jerry is no fan of Memphis after he calls him a "hot dog" and nothing more than a "bartender." Jerry notes, "At his age, he should be well along on his career," and characterizes Memphis as a "womanizer."
 Jessie makes his first pitch Jessie makes his way up to Keesha's HoH Suite and informs her he was told by everyone else in the house to put Steven up, but the ringleader was definitely Libra. He lets Keesha know that Libra is "working everybody." He asks Keesha why else would he have not put up Dan and his house nemesis, Renny? Meanwhile, April and Libra worry about what is going on up in the HoH Suite. They both decide to go up and check in on Keesha.

As Jessie continues to work Keesha, Libra and April ring the bell. Keesha has Jessie tell the women to give them five minutes, and they decide to wait in the loft until she is free. Keesha asks Jessie point blank if Libra sat up here and told him to put up Steven, and Jessie says yes. Jessie then suggests that if he or Angie win the Veto, Keesha can put up Libra. Keesha says that would be great, but she gave her word to Libra on a pinky swear early in the game they would stay partnered. "Her word means nothing," Jessie says. "It will benefit you way more than keeping her in the house."

Jessie leaves, and Libra and April march into the HoH Suite. Libra says she was worried, while Keesah says only, "Yeah, we were just talking." Talking about you, Libra!

Downstairs, a triumphant Jessie hugs Michelle and tells her he was able to convince Keesha to go after Libra if he or Angie wins the Veto. "If Libra doesn't win, she is screwed," Jessie announces.
 Picking Players Keesha gathers the HouseGuests to select players for the Veto Competition. Keesha picks Libra's chip out of the bag, Angie picks Ollie, and Jessie picks Memphis. For his part, Jessie "could care less" who plays. "You could put three people up against me," Jessie says, but no one in the house mentally or physically threatens him.

After choosing Dan as the host, the HouseGuests go outside to find the back yard transformed into a garden, complete with six flower boxes. Since the six Veto Competition players are dressed in green unitards and flower headdresses, they quickly realize there is a flower box for each of them.

Dan explains that each player must "plant" themselves in their respective flower box. Players have to remain covered in dirt and endure a steady stream of water aimed at their foreheads. The goal is to stay in the box for an hour, with anyone staying in the box longer than an hour being disqualified. Players leave the game by lifting their heads off their headrests and announcing they are done. The player who gets closest to the one-hour mark without going over will win "the Garden of Veto" competition!

Angie says the water hitting your forehead reminds her of the brain freeze she gets when drinking a slushee too fast. "It was absolutely horrendous," she says. Once the players have been settled in their boxes for a while, Dan announces the remaining HouseGuests must choose between putting compost or earthworms into the boxes. Jerry yells out "earthworms," and soon the flowers are joined by hundreds of the writhing creatures. Ollie notes that any animal without legs is "cursed" and that he was "terrified."

Soon after the earthworms make their appearance, Keesha decides she is out of the game. Jessie decides to stir up some trouble when he calls out Libra for pushing Steven as an eviction nominee. He and Libra bicker back and forth while Angie just laughs.

Things get worse for the flowers when compost is added to the boxes. April notes that it smells horrendous while Michelle says it smells like "rotted stew." Libra and Ollie decide to get out within five minutes of each other, thinking they are right around an hour. Libra exits, and is quickly followed by Jessie. On the sidelines, Libra tells Jessie she told Keesha all about Steven's nomination. Jessie turns to Keesha and says, "Now you know what it is like to be bull rushed by 12 people." "Yes, I do," she shoots back.
 And the best flower is… After Angie and Memphis pull themselves out of the box, Dan lines the players up to reveal the results. He reminds them that the winner will be the player who left the game closest to an hour without going over. Keesha is the winner! While she only stayed in 22 minutes, everyone else went over the one hour mark by at least 15 minutes. Angie is shocked! Keesha says she is excited, and notes she is in a "pretty good spot for throwing the first punch."
 Angie makes her pitch Michelle tells Jessie they need to start doing something big to shake up the game. Jessie asks Angie to go up to Keesha and suggest taking him off the block so Libra will go up in his place.

Angie is totally game. She makes her way up to Keesha's room and the two start their conversation. Angie says she hopes their mutual friendship with Steven could become a bond between them. Angie goes for broke when she pitches the idea of taking down Jessie and putting up Libra, since she doesn't know if she can go another week of living with her. Angie then reveals a little emotion over the idea of going home herself.
 What the banner said! Michelle, Angie, Memphis and Jessie are hanging outside when they see and hear a banner plane. The four of them rush to see what the banner says, but are herded inside by BIG BROTHER. The banner apparently has nothing to do with the game, but Jessie suggests they all act like they know what the banner said. They decide the banner read, "Libra is a liar, Love Steven." Michelle rushes upstairs and tells everyone else assembled in the HoH Suite about the banner. Memphis gets into the mix and reaffirms the banner. "I love how things can change," Angie says outside the HoH suite. Libra states she is not a liar, and then asks Memphis how many liars there are in the house.

Memphis vents some of his frustration over people's motives, and says they only person he said he wants out of the house is Jerry. Jerry says he knows this as Memphis lays into Jerry for calling him a womanizer. Jerry just sits back and smiles as Memphis goes off, with Ollie jumping in to hold Memphis back. The other HouseGuests implore him to calm down as he threatens Jerry. Memphis warns him to watch it and tells Jerry he better not go after him. "Good for you," Jerry says, all smiles.
 Time for the Veto Ceremony Keesha calls everyone in for the ceremony, and begins by asking Angie and Jessie to explain why she should use the Power of Veto on them. Angie notes it has been a tough week for Keesha and that she regrets some of the decisions she has made in the game. In his plea, Jessie notes, "You could right a wrong here."

So much for their pleas! Keesha quickly announces she is not using the veto, since she doesn't think she could put a third person up for nomination. Keesha feels like she is definitely doing what she wants, while Libra notes she definitely owes Keesha. Angie now realizes she has to get Jessie to blow up so that he goes home this week. Jessie thinks if the HouseGuests don't vote him out, "That is the biggest mistake ever."

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