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Season 10: Episode 9 - Angie is the Third HouseGuest to Go Home, You Choose Your America’s Player
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am

In the aftermath of the Veto Ceremony, Angie realizes either she or Jessie--one of her alliance members--is going home. Now that they are on the block together, Angie says, "It's every man for himself." Post-ceremony Jessie takes off his shirt and shows the camera in the Black Bedroom he didn't even break a sweat from nominations. "I can pretty much do whatever I want," the ever-confident Jessie says. Keesha notes she told Jessie he has nothing to worry about since she is "confident" the house will follow her plan to send Angie home.

The person most upset about the nominees is Michelle, who cries as she tells Angie she wishes things were different. Angie consoles Michelle and tells her if the house is going to vote to keep Jessie, Michelle should vote with them. A tearful Michelle says, "My two favorite people in the house are up…It just sucks."

Later, Angie, Michelle, Jessie and Memphis mope on the patio. "Where did we go wrong?" Jessie asks. "We didn't win HoH," Michelle answers. Memphis says Jerry calling him a womanizer didn't help them, either, which shows that the Memphis-Jerry conflict is still a simmering issue in the house.

Of course, Angie has to deal with her own issues. She talks to Jerry about his vote this week: "Are you going to go along with what the house says? I think there are bigger fish to fry." Jerry says he agrees but points out, "The numbers have the choice." Jerry warns that Angie and her group of Memphis, Jessie and Michelle got "cocky." Memphis sees this conversation and wonders if the vote to send Angie out of the house is changing.
 Michelle goes off! Just as Keesha tells Jessie the house won't vote him out, Memphis comes knocking on the HoH Suite door. Memphis tells them he overheard Jerry telling Angie she's not out of the game. Keesha is surprised as Jessie mutters, "I told you." Angie gets a hold of Michelle and tells her about her conversation with Jerry. Michelle is furious that Jerry mentioned her name among the group he thinks are being cocky.

Angie sees all the emotion rising in the house as a good thing for her. "Kicking up some dust here and there doesn't hurt at all," she says. "It takes attention off me." Michelle tells Memphis and Jessie what was said about her but refuses to confront Jerry, since she is afraid she will do "physical harm. I need to calm down a minute."

Jerry finally runs into Michelle, and it is on! Michelle demands to know if Jerry was talking about her. "You are trying to cause trouble," Jerry screams. "You got called out!" Michelle screams even louder. Jessie then joins in on the pile on. And Angie? She just sits back and smiles.
 The Quake of '08! The morning starts normally in the BIG BROTHER house, as people ready themselves in the bathroom and engage in some garden-variety strategy out on the patio. But then the house starts to shake and roll. Earthquake! As the HouseGuests head outside, both Keesha and Ollie note this is their first earthquake. Michelle says she is used to "hurricanes and blizzards," but not the ground moving under her. Jerry comes outside and says he thought a truck hit the building. Memphis thinks that is just the kind of thing Jerry would say, since Memphis thinks he is an "idiot." And of course, in response to the earthquake, Jessie takes his shirt off.
 Jessie, maybe you should wave bye-bye to yourself? Conventional wisdom says when you're on the block and the target is on the other nominee, keep your mouth shut. Not Jessie! When Libra looks at him through the window in the kitchen, Jessie taunts her with a bye-bye wave. Libra tells Keesha and April what Jessie just did, and notes it's his "intimidation thing." Jessie thinks this is justified since he is "not going to kiss her tail." Renny tells Libra she has never met someone so disrespectful.

Jessie keeps up the attitude when he calls Jerry "father time" as he walks past him. Jerry points out Jessie's arrogance to Libra and Keesha who are in the kitchen. Libra tells Keesha she is okay with Jessie going home. Keesha doesn't get what Jessie is doing, especially since she told him he was safe. She now worries that Jessie may come after her. Should they get him out now while they have the chance?

While they power walk, Libra and April tell Ollie what Jessie said. "He thinks he can do everything he wants," Ollie says. April claims this may be their best opportunity to get him out. "We are the dumbest cast ever," Ollie tells them.

Libra and April approach Keesha about Jessie being arrogant and strong. Keesha wonders if Jessie is coming after her. Could the vote change up to send Jessie home?
 Chatting with Julie Host Julie Chen announces to the studio audience that for the record, the banner plane some of the HouseGuests saw had nothing to do with the show. Julie then asks Michelle about the banner. Michelle says she was "excited to see the banner" and that she "saw some things on it." Julie then asks Memphis why he went from zero to sixty in his fight with Jerry about being a womanizer. "I've dedicated my life to treating women with a form of respect," and said it hurts to have his character questioned. "I'd rather get punched in the face than have my character attacked like that," Memphis says. Jerry notes he did give Memphis a sincere apology and he said saying that was uncalled for. Memphis says he forgives but he doesn't necessarily forget.
 Keesha hearts Renny! While she is up in the HoH Suite, Keesha has a conversation with Julie, who wants to know why Angie is more to blame for Steven's eviction than Jessie, the person who put him on the block. "Because she didn't stick up for Steven at all," Keesha says. Julie also wants to know how long Keesha will keep her promise to Libra. "All the way to the end," Keesha says. But between her house bestie, Renny, and alliance partner, Libra, to whom will she be more loyal? Keesha says Renny, since she is a "true friend."
 And we say goodbye to… Despite a powerful speech imploring her fellow HouseGuests to vote out the person who is a bigger threat to their game, Angie is evicted from the BIG BROTHER house in a unanimous vote. A tearful Angie says she thinks there were "other reasons" she got booted besides the strategy points Keesha gave for evicting her. In her goodbye message Michelle tells her friend she is going to get the other side of the house for what they did and that jealousy is an ugly emotion. Before she leaves, Angie tells Julie there is nothing more to her relationship with Brian than friendship, and she constantly wore his knit cap just to annoy everyone else in the house!
 America's Player! Julie announces that for one week, a single HouseGuest has been selected by viewers to get someone nominated, complete a task, and then vote the way viewers want on next week's eviction. If America's Player accomplishes this task and keeps it a secret, he or she will walk away with $20,000. So which HouseGuest did America pick? Dan!

After walking into the Diary Room, Dan finds an envelope and gets his invitation. "I'm very blown away," Dan says. He likes the idea of the money, especially considering he's a modestly paid high school teacher. After some hemming and hawing, Dan decides to take the offer. "Who am I to deny America?" he asks.

Julie reveals that this week's HoH Competition is simple: the HouseGuest who can hang on the side of a building the longest will be the new HoH. Keesha sits out, but everyone else is on the ledge for "Livin' on the Edge." Julie reminds them that since there was an earthquake this week, it's logical there will be aftershocks. Suddenly the building starts to shake, which covers the HouseGuests with piles of dust. It's going to be a long one…

Who will win the HoH Competition? And which HouseGuest will America's Player have to target for nomination? Find out on BIG BROTHER on Sunday 8 pm et/pt on CBS.