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Season 10: Episode 10 - April Wins the HoH Endurance Competition, Promises are Made When it Comes to Eviction Nominations
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am

So Who Will Hang the Longest?The goal of this week's HoH competition is simple. The last person standing on the ledge along the side of the "building" wins the title of Head of Household. Ollie admits he is "terrified" since he's no fan of heights. Ollie keeps his humor about him, though, when he tells Jessie to take his shirt off (as he did during the real earthquake!). Jessie tells him that is "real funny" before asking Renny who she will put up if she wins. When Renny says she hasn't thought about it, Jessie wonders if things are good between them. Renny says yes, but admits later she was just telling Jessie what he wanted to hear. "I just wanted to see him fall, actually," she says with a devious laugh!

As the building shakes, Jessie cracks that this will separate the "men from the boys" and informs them all the tilt is putting strain on different muscles. Jessie's talking reminds Libra she wanted to get rid of him this week, but she swallowed her desire and voted out Angie, which was then-HoH Keesha's choice for eviction. Keesha is happy the HouseGuests kept their word to vote Angie out, while Michelle is sad her friend is gone. Dan is just happy that he is going with the flow, since that will help him now that he is America's Player.

But no one can remain on the wall forever. Jerry is the first one to drop off the wall. "I'm sorry, guys," Jerry says as he falls to the safety mat below. Libra struggles, but April convinces her to hold on a little bit longer. Well, not that long. Libra drops like a rock soon after.

"My alliance is dropping like flies," a worried Ollie says. Michelle knows that she, Memphis or Jessie have to win, or someone from their alliance is going home. "I'm sure two of us are going up," she says.

Perennial competition-thrower Dan takes the next dive. He thinks he's being all stealth about his strategy to look weak and maintain a low profile, but Libra is onto him. "He threw the competition," she says. "Something is just not right."
 Thinning Out of the Women from the Boys, That Is On the sidelines, Jerry says he is proud of Renny, who holds on like a trooper. Ollie drops at the 55 minute mark, which scares April, since it is now up to her and Renny to win the competition for their side of the house. "Come on, Renny, show all these young guys what you got," Keesha yells in support.

Initially so talkative, Jessie is now making no sounds except for painful grunts. Jessie finally drops. Jessie, who earlier seemed so confident, now describes the competition as "bogus."

Memphis asks April if she wants to make a deal, which April finds amusing since she is doing just fine while Memphis struggles. He doesn't last much longer, leaving just three players, all women!

Dan, a high school football coach, gives inspirational speeches to Renny, Michelle and April that makes everyone laugh and almost cry. In a move to wake up her numb hands, Renny alternates holding herself up while she shakes one out. But this move proves fatal when she fails to grab the ledge and falls out of the competition! Keesha and the rest of the HouseGuests tell Renny she was amazing as Dan sums up the competition.

"Blond versus brunette," Dan says. "Who is going to win?"
 The Final Two Hang on for HoH Michelle and April are the last remaining HouseGuests holding on to the building. The wind and debris are starting to take their toll on the Portuguese Princess from Providence, in particular. "My feet are no longer numb, they are burning," Michelle says. April, on the other hand, makes no complaints at all. Michelle tells April she has to see pictures of her family, but all April offers her is, "Sorry, baby, I'm not going anywhere."

For Michelle, the pain increases along with the bargaining. April tells Michelle she won't put her up or nominate her if there's a veto. Michelle gets April to swear on her nephew, Boston. But wait, April has more…she says she will keep Jessie in the game too!

As the women whisper, Jessie starts to cry over how hard Michelle is working for their side of the house. He describes watching Michelle like "being restrained and watching someone you care about be beaten down."

With coaxing from April, Michelle finally takes the deal, and drops after two hours and 40 minutes on the wall. April is the new HoH!
 "Safe" Can Mean a lot of Different Things In the afterglow of her victory, April tells Libra and Keesha about the deal she cut with Michelle. Jessie may be "safe," but that doesn't mean he won't get nominated. April tells them she has another target for the week-Memphis! If Jessie has to go up on the block to ensure Memphis goes home, April, Libra and Keesha are all fine with that.
 Memphis and his New House Bestie Now that Angie is gone, Memphis needs a new pal to talk to all day. His backup is Keesha, who likes Memphis personally and sees him as a potential ally. As the pair chat it up in the Sauna Room, April tells Libra that Keesha's actions are disrespectful. "Memphis has a way with girls," April says. "I'm scared Keesha may fall into that trap."

April tells this to Libra as Renny listens. Renny finds the conversation alarming, since she is a friend of Keesha. As soon as she gets a chance, Renny pulls Keesha aside and tells her that her so-called allies are talking behind her back. "I can't let her vote Memphis out," Keesha says of April. "She said your name right in front of me," Renny warns. "She's got another side to her."
 Let's Go America's Player! Newly anointed America's Player Dan gets his first assignment of the week. "We're going to make a great team," Dan tells America, before asking for something he can work with. Dan reads his instructions: "Who should Dan try to get nominated?" Selfishly, Dan wants Libra, even though he knows it will be hard to pull off. His best scenario is to get Memphis, but he'll work with what he gets. Dan opens the envelope, and the target is-Jessie! "I will fight tooth and nail to make sure muscle man from Iowa is up on the block," Dan promises.

Dan doesn't waste any time, since he lurks in the dining room waiting for April to go into the bathroom to apply makeup. Dan quickly follows her in and gets cracking. "Don't look at me like I'm crazy," Dan says before going in for the kill. He tells her she has to put Jessie up. "I just wanted to voice that," he says. Yeah, to score twenty grand!

Immediately after her conversation with Dan, April goes into the Hippie Room and tells Libra and Keesha what just went down. "He's just weird," April says, as Libra repeats her supposition that there is more to Dan than meets the eye. April then suggests that Dan may be America's Player! "Something is not right," Libra says. Dan, did you just make yourself a target?
 Keesha Plays with Fire (a Fire Named Memphis) In direct defiance of April's wishes, Keesha keeps talking to Memphis since she doesn't care what people think. Memphis tells her he is sure he is going up, and assumes Jerry or Dan will go up with him. Keesha says nothing, which tips Memphis off that Jessie may go up. Memphis thinks there was a promise made to keep Jessie off, but Keesha insinuates that promise was only for Michelle. "The truth comes out," Memphis says.

Up in the HoH Suite, April tells her showmance, Ollie, about her issues with Keesha. "I'm a little pissed," April reveals. "I know the little bitch is going to run back to Memphis. I don't trust them, I don't."
 And the Nominees are… Keesha admits she definitely believes her friendship with Memphis could make her a target. Dan is less concerned about getting nominated and more concerned about being America's Player. Michelle can't see Keesha going back on her word, while Memphis says he was all set to put April on the block if he was HoH, "so karma, here it comes."

April calls everyone in for the nomination ceremony. Michelle gets the first key. The rest of the HouseGuests pull their keys until the two nominees are revealed: Memphis and Jessie! April tells Jessie he's a strong competitor and lets Memphis know since he won a car in the first luxury competition, he's a target.

Michelle hopes April will keep her word to keep Jessie safe. Memphis hopes he wins the Power of Veto. Jessie hopes the end of his game is not near.

Who will win the Power of Veto? Will they use it to save Jessie or Memphis from eviction? And will Dan complete his next America's Player task? Find out Tuesday at 9 pm et/pt on BIG BROTHER 10!