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Season 10: Episode 11 - The HouseGuests fight, fight and then fight some more! The Veto Competition Gets Michelle steaming mad!
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 10:30am

"I understand," Jessie says of his nomination. HoH April has put him on the block, but her target for the week is still Memphis, who sarcastically calls his nomination the "shocker of the century." He says his nomination alongside of Jessie "sucks," and notes their alliance is getting picked off one by one.

After nominations, April and Ollie try to assure Jessie, telling him they are doing everything to make sure he is safe for the week. "Who have you talked to?" Jessie asks. "Everybody," Ollie says firmly. But Jessie's ally, Michelle, isn't so sure. "Usually the pawn goes home," she states. "What is this house trying to do to me?"
 Rack another point for America's Player! America's Player, Dan, gets his second assignment from the viewers. Dan is required to hug one HouseGuest for at least 10 seconds. Who could it be? Jessie! "What are you guys thinking?" Dan asks America. Luckily, he comes up with a plan to offer up Jessie a sob story about missing his girlfriend at home. Dan corners Jessie in the Sauna Room, and asks for some man-on-man advice. Dan gets sad and a little teary eyed talking about his girlfriend, Monica, and whether she will be there for him when he gets back. Dan lays it on pretty thick, and Jessie responds by being a very supportive friend. "There's not one person here who wants you to lose your girl," Jessie says before going in for an extended hug. Dan completes the task!
 Picking Veto players seems simple, but is it? April comes out and announces it's time to pick players for the Veto Competition. Besides the HoH and two nominees, three additional players are picked at random. April draws Michelle's name out of the bag, while Jessie gets Libra and Memphis draws Jerry. Simple, right? Not so much.

In the HoH Suite, April grouses about Libra being picked, even after Libra enters the room. "Don't count me out of this competition," Libra says as April rolls her eyes. Libra gets defensive and leaves pissed. Down in the Hippie Room, Libra bitches to Keesha about April as April tells everyone else in the HoH that Libra "has excuses for everything."

Jessie tries to take a nap in the Black Bedroom, but is woken up by Keesha and Libra's complaining. He overhears Libra's bitching and Keesha's complaint that April unfairly pressures her to not hang out with her friend, Memphis. Jessie smells an opportunity and reports all this to April. "One of my naps finally paid off," Jessie says with a huge grin.
 It is on! April immediately marches downstairs to confront Libra and Keesha! Suddenly one of the strongest alliances in the house is going after itself! April enters and Libra tells her she's upset and her feelings were hurt. April says she was told what they said. As Keesha tries to defend herself, April says she will deal with her later. Keesha storms out of the Hippie Room and starts yelling to Renny and Michelle that April has gotten out of hand. Renny tells the screaming Keesha to calm down, since they are about to celebrate Keesha's birthday. Some birthday!

Keesha heads back into the Hippie Room, where she, Libra and April all go at it, much to Jessie and Memphis' delight. Libra says, "This is what they wanted," and demands to know who told April she and Keesha were talking. April spills the beans-it was Jessie! "This is why, America, you put 30 year old women in the house," Memphis says in the living room to no one in particular. "They go crazy."

Jerry comes in to tell them that Memphis is laughing at them. He and Libra get into it when Jerry interrupts her. Meanwhile, Ollie tries to get Keesha's birthday party started in the kitchen. Libra apologizes to April as Renny asks, "Who wants to come sing happy birthday?" Not yet, Renny, there's more fighting to be done!

Libra tells April that Jessie's "ass is mine, I swear to you." When Jessie hears his name, he enters the Hippie Room, where Libra lashes out at him like no tomorrow. "You don't run me," she hollers. "You don't own me. It's over with you. I'm tired of you."

Most of the house congregates in the kitchen for Keesha's birthday, but the screaming from the Hippie Room overshadows anything remotely celebratory. After giving it to Jessie, Libra comes out to run to the bathroom. When she realizes everyone is waiting to celebrate Keesha's birthday, Libra gets April. The HouseGuests then participate in what may be the most forlorn version of "Happy Birthday" ever. "No tears," Renny orders as Keesha cries over her ruined birthday. Libra apologizes for yelling, while Jessie offers a backhanded sorry when he says he is apologizing for being honest. Michelle asks everyone if they even know what they are fighting about, and Keesha says she absolutely does before going ballistic on Jessie. Keesha spews out a string of expletives before Libra piles on. Keesha calls Jessie "arrogant" as Libra marches back to the Hippie Room. On her way she turns and says, "Hey, Memphis, every day is a new day. Believe that, buddy." Not one to back down, Jessie yells, "You can't vote me out if I'm not on the block!" Wow.
 Oh yeah, the Veto Comp… The real fight begins once the HouseGuests begin the Veto Competition, "Slapshot." Host Renny explains that the six players will compete in rounds to hit a ball as close to the "Veto" mark on a hockey goal. Each round, a player will be eliminated but will collect a prize. Eliminated players can then choose to keep their prize or take the prize from a previously eliminated player. The last player can choose from all the prizes, including the Power of Veto.

Memphis is the first player ejected, and gets the Power of Veto! Michelle is eliminated next, and scores a Hawaiian Holiday as her prize! To say she is excited doesn't do Michelle justice. Jessie is eliminated next. He complains about the competition and notes he might not have done that well since his "back's too big, maybe." Jessie gets the slop surprise as a prize, and quickly trades with Memphis for the Veto.

April is eliminated next, and finds herself in possession of a very special prize: $10,000! Renny explains April wins 10 $1,000 BIG BROTHER Gold Bars, which she can dole out individually to anyone in the house. After some thought, April keeps the bars and leaves the Veto with Jessie. In the final round, Libra bests Jerry. All this after April was worried neither Libra nor Jerry would be able to compete! In agreement with April (who shares some of her gold bars), Jerry takes the Veto from Jessie in exchange for a letter from home. This leaves Libra, who pulls the prize of wearing the famed BIG BROTHER unitard for the week! Libra quickly trades the unitard for Michelle's Hawaiian vacay, devastating Michelle.

Renny explains to Memphis he now has a one-week slop pass, but part of his prize is giving someone else in the house a slop-only diet for the week. Memphis quickly picks his house enemy, Jerry, who is fine with it since he knows having some power in the house comes with a price.
 Veto aftermath, or some people don't wear a unitard all that well Michelle is furious so many people came out smelling like roses from the Veto Competition, while all she got was the unitard. "How did everybody make out and I got the shaft," she asks through tears. "They are making a fool of me," she tells Jessie, asking what kind of mother takes a vacation over a chance to get a letter from their children? As Michelle complains about the unitard, Jessie tries to cheer her up by telling her, "Your ass looks amazing, I promise." After Michelle freaks out in Diary Room about the unitard and how she is being made to look like a fool, Jessie continues to console her. He tells her he is going to do everything he can for her to win HoH so she can see her family's pictures and get a letter from home. "You will see your family, you will get your letter because of what's in your heart, what's in your head," Jessie says.
 Time for the Veto Ceremony April is unsure what Jerry will do with the Power of Veto. "I'll be nervous up until point Jerry shuts the Power of Veto box," she reveals. Jerry calls everyone into the living room and then asks the two nominees why he should use the Veto on them. Jessie tells Jerry he knows "why you wouldn't want to stick out your neck and take me off," and respects whatever he does. Memphis cops to the fact that they don't like each other and he doesn't expect to be taken off the chopping block. "We've had problems from day one," he says, but tells Jerry to do whatever "is in good favor of your game."

Jerry delivers his answer-he decides not to use the Power of Veto and puts the medallion back in its box. Memphis notes it is a long time until Thursday, so he has a chance to turn things around. Jessie is not concerned since he is convinced he has the votes to stay. April wants Memphis out, but after their big fight, Libra is more determined than ever to send Jessie packing. Who will be the next HouseGuest evicted, Jessie or Memphis? And who will America's Player Dan have to vote to evict? Find out live on Thursday at 8 pm et/pt on BIG BROTHER 10!