Season 14: Episode 18 - Episode 18
Posted on Aug 23, 2012 12:00am

After the nominations Shane says that he heard Boogie and Frank were coming after him and he had to be the first to make a move. Frank remarks he is feeling blindsided while Boogie thinks that Shane may have lost his mind. Ian is relieved that the ceremony went just as he wanted and he hopes that neither Frank nor Boogie finds out that he was the one that planted the idea for their nomination. Boogie and Frank are talking in their bedroom about who they think was behind the nominations, Boogie thinks it was Britney while Frank thinks it was Dan. They decide to head to the HOH room to try and get to the bottom of it. In the HOH room, Frank and Boogie start talking to Shane about the nominations who only says that he was influenced by a lot of people. In the diary room he makes clear that he has to keep Ian's name out of the conversation because if he is found out, Frank and Boogie will go after him. As the conversation continues, Boogie presses Shane to see if Britney had anything to do with it and Shane admits that she was one of the people to influence him. After they leave the HOH room, Shane pulls Britney in to tell her what happened. Britney is angry and upset that Shane would make it look like she was the one influencing the decision on the nominations. She feels that now she is a big target in the eyes of Frank and Boogie. Britney decides to go downstairs to do damage control with Frank and Boogie, she tells them that all she did was find out some information from a reliable source and pass that information on to Shane. Frank tries to find out if the source she is talking about is Dan but Britney refuses to give out that information. Boogie remarks that he thinks she is using Shane as a puppet; she disagrees and is annoyed that she is getting blamed for all of Shane's decisions. After the conversation with Boogie and Frank, Britney meets Shane in the game room to talk to him. Britney explains to Shane that she just got a verbal beat down from Boogie and Frank about what he said to them, Shane says he didn't want to get blood on his hands. Shane tries to make her feel better about the position she is in but does not have much luck. Meanwhile, Ian walks into the room with Frank and Boogie where they share with him their theory that Dan was responsible for nominating them. They have no idea that Ian is the one who planted the seed to nominate them and he is the wolf in sheep's clothing, not Dan.

Boogie is hanging out with Dan in the bedroom when he starts to ask him about the nominations and how things got to where they are. Dan starts to get defensive when Boogie accuses him of putting him and Frank up but then he decides to just sit there and take it from Boogie. Dan remarks that he does not want to expose Ian because of all he good information they got from him as the mole between the two alliances. Dan then stands up and says that they should go talk to Britney right now and he heads out of the room with Boogie in tow. Boogie and Dan join Frank, Shane and Britney in the HOH room Boogie asks the room again, who the source was that came to them with information leading to the nominations. Britney refuses to break the confidence in that person, in the diary room Britney remarks that Boogie is now on some kind of witch hunt to find out who this person is. She also can't believe that he can't remember telling Ian about his idea to nominate Shane before last week's live show. Frank then turns the conversation towards Dan to hear what he has to say but Dan keeps his mouth shut. He only remarks that if he was behind this kind of a big move, he would own up to it and not try and hide so his silence on the matter should say something. After Frank and Boogie leave the room Dan tells Britney that he doesn't know if she should protect Ian. Britney says that he has given them so much information, Dan remarks that he needs to make sure that Ian will stick with them or he will throw him to the wolves.

Shane enters the living room and tells all the houseguests that it is time to pick players for the veto competition. In addition to Shane, Boogie and Frank, the others players to compete are Ian, Jenn and Ashley. Boogie says that the people that ended up getting picked were who they wanted to play in the competition against. Later that day, Boogie and Frank are in the bathroom and notice that there are a lot of people hanging out in the HOH room. They then realize that Ian is up there too and for a moment they wonder if Ian was the one that exposed them. Frank brings up the point to Boogie who says no, Ian could not have done it but it would be amazing if he did. The two share a laugh before Boogie leaves the room. The house guests all head to the backyard to play 'Big Brother Candy World.' They have 5 minutes to look at candies position next to a giant sculpture made of the same candies. The house guests will be asked to estimate the weight or quantity of a series of three different candy sculptures. Once they write down a number they all read their guesses aloud and they players can choose to fold or stay for the round. If they stay, the number closest to the answer wins the round and the number farthest away is eliminated. Those that fold have to wait until the next round to play. The first player with three correct answers wins the Power of Veto. After a tough game, Frank wins the Golden Power of Veto. Shane remarks that he will now have to get more blood on his hands if he has to name a replacement nominee while Dan thinks that Frank winning is the worst case scenario.

In the game room, Boogie talks to Joe, Jenn and Ian about getting Shane to put up Dan at the veto ceremony. In the diary room, Jenn says that Boogie is making a good point, Dan is a tough player and it would make sense to get him out of the house. Boogie then heads to the HOH room to talk to Britney where he tells her he now believes that Shane has been making his own decisions and in the heat of the moment he took it out on her. He tries to gain her trust so that she can convince Shane to put Dan up. Boogie even uses fake tears to get his point across but Britney says in the diary room that she doesn't buy it. Later, Jenn heads to the game room to talk with Shane about where he is at before the veto ceremony. She tells Shane that she thinks Dan is a strong player and that it might make sense to get him out. Shane later says that he feels Jenn is showing all her cards and is doing someone else's dirty work. He feels she might be a fitting replacement nominee. Up in the HOH room, Boogie talks to Shane about replacement options. He explains that he wants Dan to go up on the block and how Dan is doing exactly what he did last time he played the game.

Frank invites all the house guests inside for the veto ceremony. He invites Boogie to make a speech to persuade Frank to use the veto on him instead of himself. While Frank remarks that the speech was a good one, he ultimately decides to save himself from the block. Shane then steps up to name a replacement nominee, after some thought he nominates Jenn. Jenn remarks that it isn't over for her, she is going to get fired up. Frank has not counted Boogie out this week but he has put Shane at the top of his list followed by Dan. Ian says that he does not want to be near Boogie when he finds out that he planted the seed to eliminate him, but he did learn from the best.

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