Big Brother
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Season 14: Episode 19 - Episode 19
Posted on Aug 24, 2012 11:25am

After the veto ceremony that put Jenn on the block along with Boogie, Dan tries to shake Boogie’s hand, and he tells Dan to save it. Jenn remarks that she is on fire being on the block and will be a force to be reckoned with while Shane remarks that he knew Boogie would be mad. Frank and Boogie talk and have a conversation together, they think Jenn might be up as a pawn and in the diary room Frank remarks that he has to keep Boogie in the house. When Ian enters the room he says that voting will be tough for him having to choose, Boogie can’t believe it and asks Ian how he can’t be sure he is voting for Boogie, Ian backpedals and comments that he was just saying it was a hard choice. In the diary room Ian says that he can’t blow his cover with Boogie, it would not be safe. Boogie confronts Shane and asks why he had to give him and Frank the run around. Shane says he is sorry that Boogie feels that way and Frank tells him to “shove his sorry’s in a sack.” The argument escalates and Boogie tells Shane he better hope that his boss Dan wins HOH or he might be in trouble. Shane asks if this is a threat from Boogie. Meanwhile, Dan is hanging out reading a book in the living room by himself. Boogie heads into the living room to join Dan and Jenn, Ian and Frank join as well. Boogie starts talking about Dan with him in the room, Dan ignores it while Boogie turns to the others in the room to talk about how good Dan is at the game. Boogie then starts predicting what he thinks Dan will do next but asks Dan to not do wrong by Ian. Dan is taking all the heat and he remarks that he hopes Ian knows what he is doing for him. Jenn tells Ian that being on the block is making her sick but that ‘Jenn City’ just arrived and she wants to go out kamikaze style. She makes the rounds to the other house guests and makes her anger known but is told that she is just on the block as a pawn. Ian is getting worried about Jenn being so angry and says that she has to chill out or she might get herself out, something that would have his plan blow up in his face.

Julie tells the house guests that tonight is a double eviction as they all sit in the living room. She also lets them know that the second guest evicted tonight will be the first one to join the jury. Julie invites Jenn to make a speech about why she should stay in the house, then Boogie does the same. After the speeches have concluded, Julie starts the vote. After a vote of 5 to 2, Mike Boogie has been evicted from the Big Brother house. Boogie heads outside of the house to sit and talk with Julie. He tells her that Ian said some things as he left the house that got him thinking he might have been playing for the other side. He also remarks that he is not ashamed of anything he did. As he watches the goodbye messages from the other house guests he can’t believe the message from Ian and tips his hat to him. He tells Julie that he is not mad at him and is amazed at the existence of the Quack Pack. The house guests are in the back yard for the new HOH competition, Shane will not be playing as the outgoing HOH. The competition is called “Before or After” and Julie will ask questions about events from the summer, contestants have to determine whether or not one event came before another. A wrong answer means elimination and a correct one keeps you in the competition. Ian and Danielle are the last standing and a tie-breaker question is asked. Ian defeats Danielle and becomes the new HOH. He now has the task of nominating two new house guests for eviction at the end of the night. Ian gathers the house guests in the living room for his nomination ceremony, he choose to put Frank and Ashley on the block. Julie tells them all that the live veto competition will be their only chance to save themselves.

The Power of Veto competition is about to begin in the backyard with Ian, Frank, Ashley, Joe and Shane. The competition is called “Somewhere Over the Veto.” In this game, players must find two clovers in the pot of gold at the end of the lane and bring them back to the podium one at a time. Then they must return to the pot of gold and grab the veto. Finally, they have to make it back to the podium with the veto to win. Frank wins the power of veto in the end of the competition. Frank calls Britney and Shane into the bedroom to talk to them after the veto competition. They try to figure out who he might put up on the block in his place when Julie calls them all into the living room. At the veto ceremony, Frank uses the veto on himself and is removed from the block. Ian names Joe as the replacement and he takes his place on the block. The second live eviction of the night will take place in moments. Back in the living room Ashley pleads her case to stay in the house stating that she chose a side and that she has heart and wants to be in the house. Joe then makes his speech by only using hand motions. The voting begins and in the end, by a vote of 5 to 1 Ashley is evicted from the Big Brother house and becomes the first member of the jury.

She heads outside to sit with Julie and talk. Ashley thinks she has been evicted because she made the house mad. She says that she didn’t have a team that she trusted and believed in and thought that Frank, Ian and Boogie would take her far in the competition. Julie thanks her for playing the game. Tune in on Sunday at 8/7c for the next episode of BIG BROTHER