Season 14: Episode 20 - Episode 20
Posted on Aug 27, 2012 10:10am

After Boogie is evicted from the house Frank remarks that he feels he has been cut off at the knees. Ian says that his heart aches as Boogie leaves but he didn’t want him to be blindsided outside when finding out what Ian did so he gave him a clue as Boogie walked out the door. Frank is angry at Ian for not giving him the vote even if it was a done deal that Boogie was going to leave, he says that Boogie deserved that from him. We then see Ian win the HOH competition and he remarks that he wants to keep the alliance with the Quack Pack. Ian is uncomfortable knowing that he has to nominate two more people to go on the block within the next two minutes. Dan talks Ian in the game room and tells him not to worry, his allies have his back whatever he does, before he can leave the room he has conversations with Frank who wants to align, Britney and Shane who want Frank put up on the block, Ashley who just wants to congratulate him and Joe who says he will not screw him over. Ian wants to do what his alliance wants and nominate Frank and Ashley but he is worried that if he puts Frank up and guarantees him a spot in the veto competition Frank will win and take himself off the block. Ian would rather backdoor Frank to make sure that he can’t save himself. At the nomination ceremony Ian stays true to his alliance and puts up Frank and Ashley. After the veto competition is played, Frank is the winner and remarks that he has been put up five times, he plans to keep pulling rabbits out of his hat. Ian says that he thinks he is screwed because Frank will now likely use the veto on himself and they cannot backdoor Frank. At the veto ceremony, Frank does pull himself off the block and Joe is the replacement nominee. As the house guests sit in the living room and wait for the voting to finish, Frank and Joe get into an argument but in the end, Joe stays and Ashley is voted out of the house. Frank is the only one who voted for Ashley to stay and he says that he has two knives in his back, both put there by Ian. After Ashley leaves the house Frank starts yelling at Ian telling him that he is a terrible person. Britney tries to defend him as Ian frantically paces around the house but Frank feels that the entire house is against him so he can say what he wants.

In the bathroom Ian talks to Dan who tries to tell Ian that he is not a terrible person, he is just playing the game. Dan tells him that he is a renegade to try and make him feel better about what he did. Frank pulls Shane and Danielle into a bedroom to talk to them, Britney then joins the conversation. Frank tries to set up an alliance with the three of them but Danielle starts to cry when he talks about putting Dan up on the block next. She doesn’t want to vote against him or stay in the house without him, Frank understands her loyalty to her former coach. Shane and Britney talk alone and they decide that if they don’t make a deal with Frank before the HOH competition Shane will likely go on the block if Frank wins. Britney heads down to the storage room to tell Frank that she and Shane have decided to align with him. She remarks in the diary room that she only plans to honor the deal if Frank becomes the new HOH, otherwise the deal is out the window. Later, Ian enters the living room and tells everyone to get ready and head to the backyard to play the new HOH competition. The competition is called ‘Pull Some Strings’ and house guests will have to pull strings connected to a rising platform with their ball on top of it. They must use the strings to control the ball and get it into the hole with the highest point value to be ranked for the next round. In the second round, the same pulley will be used to guide a ball to the highest hole and players will race each other. The fastest player is the winner and the slower one is eliminated each round. After the first round, Frank is ranked in last place and will have to play everyone else in the game. In a miraculous upset, Frank beats everyone else in the game and becomes the new HOH. Ian asks him who he would like to pick to be the sole have not for the week, without hesitation he picks Dan.

Now that Frank has won HOH, Dan remarks that there is no doubt in his mind that he will be up on the block when Frank picks his nominations. Ian is worried about going up on the block and says that he doesn’t think things are looking good because he just nominated Frank about an hour ago. Frank and Britney talk alone, she wants to make sure that their deal is still good. Frank says that he is going to put Dan and Danielle up on the block, Britney confirms that she will vote for Danielle to stay. Britney gives him her word that she will vote however he wants her to. Frank says that he trusts her more than anyone in the house right now but that it isn’t saying much because he doesn’t trust anyone else.

Frank enters the HOH room and is presented with Pandora’s Box. After reading the clue and getting a sneak peek at what is in the next room Frank decides to open the box. He finds that he will be able to pick three random cubes with a dollar amount inside and he gets to keep the money. Unfortunately, he will also be locked in the Pandora’s Box room for the next hour. Meanwhile , the other houseguests are in the yard when they find out that the box has been opened. They read that the mystery cube in the game room claw machine is actually a second veto for the week and all they need are quarters to play the game. They all start scouring the back yard for quarters and can’t find any. Then tons of plastic balls start raining down from the skies, some of which contain quarters to play the game. After searching in a frenzy the house guests all try their hand at the claw game until Ian finally wins the veto. Frank finds out what happened and pulls Ian aside to talk to him. He knows that with the veto, putting Ian up just means he will take himself off the block. He wants to put Ian up against Dan so that Ian takes himself off and Dan is forced to leave. Frank talks to Ian but can’t get any answers out of him and as a result he isn’t sure how to proceed. Ian just keeps saying that he doesn’t want to have a hand in this decision.

Later, Frank calls everyone to the table for the nomination ceremony. After all the keys have been pulled Dan and Danielle have been nominated. Frank says that he had two opportunities to go after Dan and he didn’t, so he has to take this third chance. He tells Danielle that she is just a victim of circumstance this week. She remarks in the diary room that this is the worst thing to happen to her and that she doesn’t want to be on the block with him.

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