Season 14: Episode 21 - Episode 21
Posted on Aug 30, 2012 12:00am

It is day 49 in the Big Brother house. As the Head of Household, Frank nominates Dan and Danielle for eviction. Dan has been Frank’s target for a few weeks now and Danielle is just a victim of circumstance. Danielle is devastated that she is on the block with the one person in the house that she doesn’t want to be up against. Dan is not happy to be up on the block, but in the diary room he says he has a few tricks up his sleeve and he is hoping his Quack Pack buddy, Ian, uses his Veto power on him. Frank is on a mission to remove Dan from the house and is putting a lot of faith in his alliance with Ian and Britney. Ian, on the other hand, is not quite sure of his intentions on using the Power of Veto, but he does know that the Quack Pack will certainly want him to. Britney meets with Dan to discuss their plan for the Veto competition. Britney and Dan agree that in order to save him and Danielle, Britney or Shane need to win the POV and Dan and Danielle will need to throw it. This way, Shane or Britney will remove Danielle from the block and Ian, as the secondary Veto holder, can remove Dan.

Frank announces that it is time to pick the players for the Veto competition. As HOH, Frank will play along side the nominees Dan and Danielle. Ian, however, is not eligible to play as the secondary Veto holder. The additional players picked at random draw are Britney and Shane. As houseguest’s choice, Dan chooses Jenn to participate in the competition, and Frank picks Ian to host. Even though Britney and Shane are expecting Dan to throw the competition, in diary room Dan says he has no intentions of doing so and doesn’t trust anyone in the house. Jenn and Frank meet privately, and Jenn tells Frank that he is no longer alone in this game and the two decide to pair up. Ian invites everyone outside for the Veto competition. As the houseguests make their way to the backyard, they notice television screens with the logo from the popular social media game, Draw Something, as well as a bunch of cloak-covered items. Over three million Draw Something users around the world have submitted their drawings for the players to guess. The players will have ten works of art presented to them, each worth a different amount of points. The first player to buzz in and guess the word correctly will then have the opportunity to collect those points. But, in order to collect those points, the player must accept an associated punishment. If the player decides not to take the punishment, he or she will be eliminated from the game. But, if they accept the punishment and do not win the Power of Veto, they must still carry out the punishment they’ve accepted. Players are also not allowed to help other players throughout the game or else that player will be disqualified.

The game begins and the first drawing is “avocado” and worth 2 points. Frank is the first to buzz in and guesses correctly. He accepts his punishment, which is to become a human avocado by dying himself green. The second word is “hunger” and worth 5 points. Dan is the first to buzz in. He is correct and accepts his punishment, which is to scarf down disgusting finger food. In diary room, Britney is furious that Dan is going against his plan to throw the game because if he does end up winning the POV, Britney could end up taking his place on the block. Round three is “clock” worth 4 points and Jenn is the first to buzz in with the correct answer. Jenn happily accepts her punishment, which is to strip down and burn her clothing within 90 seconds time. The next word is “shackle” worth 6 points and Britney is the first to buzz in. Her punishment is to be shackled to a houseguest of her choice for 24 straight hours. She immediately chooses Danielle. The next word is “Shower” and worth 7 points. Frank is the first to buzz in with the correct answer and accept a punishment of taking a ‘chum’ shower every hour for the next 24 hours. Frank is on a streak and is the first to buzz in for the following two words. Frank has to wear a carrot suit for an entire week worth 4 points and has to sit out on his next eligible HOH competition for 10 points. Even though not playing in the HOH is a bold move, Frank feels that Dan winning the Power of Veto is worse. Dan is feeling the heat and needs to start winning some words in order to have a chance at the Veto. Danielle guesses the next word correctly, which is “spots.” She accepts her punishment of being a human canvas and allowing the other players to splatter paint all over her. The ninth word is “trip” and worth 8 points. Dan is the first to guess the word correctly and accepts a punishment of living in solitary confinement for 24 hours. Frank is in the lead with 22 points and Dan is trailing with 13 points. The tenth word is “summer” and worth 11 points. If Frank or Dan gets this correct, that person will be crowned the winner of the POV. Britney is the first to buzz in, but cannot figure out the word. Frank whispers the correct answer to her. As a direct result, Frank is eliminated from the game and Dan has now stepped up to first place. A new picture is being drawn and is the word “ticket” for 11 points. Jenn guesses the word correctly and chooses to accept her punishment to eat slop for the remainder of the summer. Jenn is crowned the winner of the Golden POV.

After the competition, Britney is sad and feels like she let the Quack Pack down. Ian consoles her. Dan is also getting emotional, but feels solitary confinement can help him think of a way out of the mess he is in. Later, Britney shackles herself to Danielle to begin their 24-hour shift together and Frank is continuously taking ‘chum’ showers each time the alarm sounds. 24 hours later, Britney and Danielle’s shackles are removed and Dan is let out of solitary confinement. Dan exits a walking zombie and avoids conversation with everyone. Dan tells Britney that he plans on holding a meeting in the living room to address all of the houseguests.

Dan holds a meeting with all of the houseguests in the living room and begins spewing off his own eulogy. He is dressed in all black and refers to this moment as his “Big Brother funeral.” Dan expresses his gratitude and compliments each player. The houseguests are all in tears except for Frank who thinks Dan is up to something. After he gets through Joe, Shane, Jenn, and Britney, Dan starts to break down. He tells Ian about the respect he has for him as a player and a person, and apologizes to Frank for saying bad things about him. He also tells Frank that later he would like to read him a bible passage, but will talk to him separately in the HOH room. Dan then moves on to Danielle, who is completely in tears. Dan proceeds to tell Danielle that he found the person he can put 100% trust into. He says he picked her when he was a coach because they had similar qualities, however… he was wrong. Danielle’s jaw drops and she is shocked. Dan tells Danielle that in this game, she will never earn his trust back and that she is dead to him. Dan ends his speech and hugs everyone. Danielle feels heartbroken, betrayed and lied to. In the diary room, Dan says, “Did I really go crazy in solitary confinement or did I come up with a master plan to get myself out of this mess?”

Dan joins Frank in the HOH room with a bible in hand. He tells Frank that he did not bring the bible to read a passage from, but instead to swear on. Dan exposes the Quack Pack alliance and informs Frank that Ian is behind it. Frank is shocked and tells Dan that he now wants Ian out. Dan talks Frank into putting a more powerful player up on the block that is the tightest with Ian… Britney. Frank agrees and tells Dan that he will try to sway Jenn into using the Veto on him. Dan explains that his speech to Danielle was in fact a lie and now they are in a position where no one will know he and Frank are working together. Dan tells Frank that he will talk to Danielle about the plan and will get her on board.

Dan pulls Danielle into the arcade room and discloses the truth. Danielle is still heartbroken and tells Dan that she would have gone home for him. Dan explains his conversation with Frank and tells Danielle that he may have come up with a plan to save them both. She is shocked, but on board to team up with Frank and put Britney up on the block. Meanwhile, Frank meets with Jenn to tell her about the secret alliance including Ian and asks her to use the POV on Dan. Jenn is nervous this move will paint a target on her back, but she is ready to get some work done. Jenn invites the houseguests to the memory room for the Veto meeting. Both Jenn and Ian have the Power of Veto this week and have the opportunity to save a player on the block or keep the nominations the same. Ian goes first and decides not to use his POV. Ian tells Dan and Danielle that he likes them both and cannot choose between the two of them. Jenn then tells the nominees that it has been a wild few days and her decision is strictly a move for her personal game. She decides to use the Power of Veto on Dan. The houseguests are blown away and Britney cannot believe it. It is now up to Frank, the HOH, to pick a replacement nominee. Frank tells Ian that he is his #1 target, but instead of putting Ian up, he is going after his closest ally, Britney. Frank tells Britney, “To quote a not so wise man, pop-a-squat.” The meeting is adjourned and in diary room Britney says she was thrown for a loop. She was not expecting this and never expected to be sitting next to Danielle. In diary room, Ian says, “If Frank thought I was coming after him before, I am really coming after him now.” 24-hours ago Dan was a dead man walking and now his plan is take down everyone in his path.

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