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Season 14: Episode 22 - Episode 22
Posted on Aug 31, 2012 10:05am

The house is shaken up by a surprise move that removed Dan from the block and replaced him with Britney. Britney says a giant carrot put her on block next to her best friend in the house. Ian is now worried and has a strong suspicion that Frank knows he’s playing both sides. While Danielle is upset about being up against Britney, she must keep her reteaming with Dan a secret.

After the Veto ceremony, Dan celebrates in the arcade room. He is back and feels stronger than ever. Ian visits Frank and Jenn in the HOH room and starts arguing about what had just transpired. Frank tells Ian he should have never gone against him. When the argument escalates, Frank tells Ian to leave the room. Britney tries to calm Ian down, but to no success.

Britney attempts to talk to Dan in the arcade room, however, Dan is not engaging in the conversation. Britney tells Dan that he owes it to her to be honest and that she has been nothing but good to him. She tells Dan it is important how he treats people, especially as a jury member. Dan tells Britney he is not gong to treat her any different. Meanwhile, Ian is furious and tells the house that his allegiance with Frank is over and he is on a mission to avenge Britney. Shane, on the other hand, is torn by his decision between his two closest friends in the house.

Britney visits Frank and Jenn in the HOH room to tries one last effort to secure her safety. Frank tells Britney he is pushing her out so that Ian is on his own. Britney feels Frank is holding her responsible for everything, but Frank tells her he has to get people as separated as he can at this point. Britney refuses to stay down and die and tells Frank and Jenn that she will help them if they keep her in the house. Later that day, Frank and Ian start arguing in front of all the houseguests. Meanwhile, Dan is in the arcade room listening to the heated words and smiling. Ian tells the houseguests if anyone decides to take Frank to the final two, he will win 7-0. Frank ends the argument once he realizes he is shouting in a carrot costume. As Frank walks away, Ian flips him the bird.

While outside with the other houseguests, Britney tells everyone not to trust Dan. She is angry with herself for crying at Dan’s Big Brother funeral, and reminds the house that he has already won a half million dollars and is willing to slit throats to repeat. Frank is now realizing that he is not the focus anymore and the target on Dan’s back is growing. Britney attempts one last time to have a conversation with Dan, but again to no success. She tells Dan the biggest mistake she made was to believe anything he said. Meanwhile, Shane and Joe are talking in the bedroom. Shane does not know who to believe right now, but Joe swears his allegiance to Shane and promises to vote however Shane wants him to. With a pretty sure vote from Jen and Dan to keep Danielle safe and Ian to keep Britney safe, Shane is the ultimate deciding factor on who goes home.

Back to the discussion with Julie, Ian talks about the house being tenser than a few weeks prior. Jenn feels she made the most brutal game decision so far and Dan appreciates Jenn for removing him from the block.

Julie refers to Britney’s previous experience in Season 12 with the infamous Brigade alliance. Enzo, Hayden, Lane, and Matt hang out and talk about this season on Big Brother. While they blindsided Britney in the past, they still remain good friends with her today. They reflect on Britney being a massive complainer around the house, but certainly a quality they love about her. Enzo bashes the “Quack Pack” and says it is the silliest thing he’s ever heard. Matt refers to Ian as the ‘Kaiser Sose’ of the group, and Lane pokes fun at Shane’s vibrant wardrobe. They all feel Britney’s emotions are getting the best of her and Dan has the best chance of going far in the game.

It’s Frank’s last reign as HOH and he talks to Julie about the recent events in the house. Frank feels he will continue his alliance with Dan provided he could keep Dan’s trust. Frank knows Ian wants him out of the house, but at the same time he knows Ian will be lonely without Britney. Frank is hoping Ian’s loneliness can help rope him in if he wins HOH.

It is almost time for the eviction, but first each nominated houseguest pleads their case. Danielle compliments Britney and tells her she will always be her best friend. Britney stands before her housemates and advises them to make choices for their game and not anyone else’s. She closes her speech by telling Dan, “To quote an old wise man, “you’ll always be Judas to me.”

By a vote of 4 to 1, Britney is evicted from the big brother house. Britney hugs everyone and wishes them luck. After Britney exits the house, Ian stares at the memory wall and the rest of the house is very quiet. Britney joins Julie outside and relays her thoughts on being blindsided again and says Ian needs to relax if he wants to get further in this game. She then watches sincere good-bye messages from her fellow housemates Danielle, Dan, Shane, and Ian.

It is time for the HOH competition and it will be the most crucial battle yet. In a fight for power, the houseguests compete in an endurance challenge called “Soak Up The Sun.” In this challenge, each houseguest must hang on a rope while it orbits a great big Sun and the last houseguest standing on their disc will be crowned the new HOH. But the first houseguest to fall will have to open a box that contains either a punishment or a reward, determined by America’s vote. Which will it be? And who will ne the next Head of Household?

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