Season 14: Episode 23 - Episode 23
Posted on Sep 4, 2012 09:45am

The houseguests battle it out in the HOH endurance competition, “Soak Up the Sun.” Frank watches from the sidelines and knows if Ian wins, it’s almost a guarantee he will be up on the block. Jenn also knows she made a big move last week, but in the Big Brother house big moves can make you a target.

Flashback to Britney being evicted from the Big Brother house and Danielle has survived the block. Shane voted against Britney because he knew she was closer to Ian and would have taken him to the final two. He adds that he has put a lot of trust in Danielle so he needs to keep her safe. On the other hand, Ian feels awful and responsible for Britney’s eviction. And even though Dan formed alliances, he needs to stay ruthless in this game even if it means stabbing people in the back. Back in the HOH competition, Joe is the first to fall after a mere two minutes into the challenge. As the first player to go, Joe must open a box and accept either a punishment or a reward, a choice determined by America’s vote. The result is a punishment where Joe must do hula-hoop boot camp each time a bugle plays over the next 24 hours. Jenn is soon knocked out of orbit and is the next to fall. Ian realizes the stakes are huge and in order to keep the Quack Pack alliance alive, he will have to win.

Hours before the eviction, Ian meets with Dan in the arcade room. He tells Dan that he wants to work with him and reconnect the Quack Pack, regardless of which girl stays. Dan is excited about the opportunity of having two separate alliances and later passes the information of reconnecting the Quack Pack to Shane. However, in diary room, Dan says no matter how this works out his loyalty is with himself. The battle continues in the HOH competition. Danielle is fatigued, starts spinning out of control and eventually drops. Frank is hoping Dan wins since he is his best shot at surviving the next week, but Dan cannot hold onto his rope any longer and drops. It is now down to Ian and Shane. Shane is struggling and asks the houseguests to leave him and Ian alone for a private conversation. After the houseguests leave, Shane asks Ian if he will keep him and Danielle safe, and Ian firmly agrees. Shane jumps and Ian is crowned the next Head of Household. Ian sees this as an opportunity to stay safe, avenge Britney’s eviction, and hopefully gain more allies.

Later, Danielle has a little one-on-one girl talk with Jenn. Danielle expresses her frustration with Shane since he hasn’t made a move on her since the Pirate Ship HOH competition. Jenn informs Danielle that Shane had referred to her as his “girlfriend” while she was up on the block. Danielle is very giddy, but says if this relationship is moving forward, she will definitely need more kisses. Soon after, Ian invites everyone upstairs to his HOH room. Frank wishes he can rewind to a few weeks ago and be excited for Ian, but it’s difficult to get happy in his current situation. Ian is most excited about his “bismuth” rock and begins educating the houseguests on the element. They are bored out of their minds, but feel inclined to listen, as Ian is the HOH.

Later that day, the remaining Quack Pack members meet in the HOH room and discuss their plan to nominate Frank and Jenn. Dan smiles and sees this as a perfect situation for him. They do their Quack Pack chant and disperse. Moment later, Joe hears the bugle call and begins his hula-hoop boot camp. It’s a long-winded day of hula-hooping at all hours of the day and night.

Frank visits Ian in the HOH room with the goal of talking Ian out of putting him on the block. Ian informs Frank that he should be worried, but Frank reminds Ian that they each lost their closest allies in this game. Ian agrees with Frank and also feels Frank’s ineligibility to play in the next HOH competition might make sense for them to pair up. Later, Frank and Joe stare at the memory wall and reflect on the game being close to the finish line. Joe wonders who he can beat if he goes to the final two, but realizes that he will most likely have to settle for a strong second. Finally, Frank gets rid of the carrot costume and believes people will now take him more seriously.

Later, Ian enters his HOH room and is surprised by Pandora’s Box. Even though Ian’s decision can lead to a bad result, he accepts the offer. Ian enters a Christmas themed room with an abundance of gifts, all for him. Meanwhile, “Jesse Clause”, Dan’s arch nemesis from another season, visits the other houseguests. Jesse Clause enters the house in a speedo and starts stripping the house of junk food and beer. He says, “On the 12th day of Christmas, Mr. Pectacular made all of you less fat.” Up in the HOH room, Ian is opening gifts containing a volcano kit, scientific items, an inflatable alligator and $1,000. Later, Dan visits Ian in the HOH room to make sure Frank is still the target this week, but Ian is torn and doesn’t know if it’s a good move for his game. And since he cannot nominate members of the Quack Pack, it might end up being Jenn and Joe on the block this week.

It’s time for the nomination ceremony and Ian calls all houseguests inside. Even though Dan swore his allegiance to Frank on his wedding ring, his grandfather’s cross and the bible, he wants Frank out so he gets closer to the end. Frank knows he will be the target, but thinks Ian might keep him around. And Jenn doesn’t regret last week’s decision, regardless of the outcome. After all the keys are pulled, Frank and Jenn are nominated for eviction. Ian tells Frank even though he respects him, he is a huge threat. As for Jenn, she is also a threat due to her remarkable social game. Frank is on the block for a sixth time and determined to win the Power of Veto. Dan has fully completed his rise from the dead. Tune in on Wednesday at 8/7c to see the next episode of BIG BROTHER