Season 14: Episode 24 - Episode 24
Posted on Sep 6, 2012 12:00am

Ian has nominated Frank and Jenn for eviction. Frank is not happy to be on the block again but is quite used to it, and Jenn is ready to fight to stay another week. Dan, on the other hand, is amazed that the two people who saved him last week are now on the block themselves. Ian is still targeting Frank, but will settle with sending Jenn home if Frank wins the Veto competition and removes himself from the block. After the nominations, Jenn confides in Danielle about her anxiety. Danielle informs Jenn that Frank will be the one going home. Later, Frank visits Jenn and tells her that if one of them gets off the block, Joe will be the replacement nominee and they will both be golden. Meanwhile, Joe visits Ian in the HOH room to figure out the agenda moving forward. Since Ian has secretly made a deal with Shane that he and Danielle would not be nominated or become replacement nominees, Joe might have to be put up as a lack of other options.

Later, Frank talks to Dan in the storage room about the plan for the Veto competition. Frank understands that if Dan wins the POV, he will not be able to use it on Frank without giving away their alliance. Furthermore, Frank knows that if he wins the POV and removes himself from the block, Dan will most likely take his place. They both agree that in order to maintain their alliance and keep Dan safe, Frank will need to throw the competition. Frank can only hope that Dan can help pull him off the block once the replacement nominee is named. However, Frank doesn’t know that Dan actually has no intentions of keeping him safe and will do anything to push Frank out of this game.

Dan and Ian have a heart-to-heart about Ian’s ADHD and Dan compliments Ian on handling it so well in the Big Brother house. Ian embraces his ADHD and is happy to have an opportunity to open up to Dan. Later that day, Ian announces to the other houseguests that it is time to pick players for the Veto competition. As the Head of Household, Ian is first to pick a name out of the hat and ends up choosing Dan. Frank pulls out Danielle’s name and Jenn pulls out Joe’s name. Frank is excited since his entire alliance is playing in the competition. Meanwhile, Dan is happy because if he wins, he can control Frank’s fate and send him home this week.

Frank visits Jenn, who is still feeling down from being on the block against Frank and has a lack of energy since she’s been on slop. While Jenn is not feeling very optimistic about the entire situation, Frank tells her to believe and stay confident. Later, Frank visits Dan and expresses his own anxiety about throwing the competition. But ultimately, Frank agrees that throwing the competition is something he must do in order to keep Dan safe. Behind Frank’s back, Dan comments on how easy Frank is making this for him. The houseguests are hanging out in the kitchen when suddenly a loud noise is heard from the backyard. Shane announces it’s time for the Veto competition. The houseguests enter the backyard to find a spaceship that crash-landed in a cornfield, and OTEV, the absent-minded alien, introduces himself. In order to refill OTEV’s ship and send him back to Planet Veto, the players must find corncobs labeled with a specific houseguest’s name as it pertains to OTEV’s riddles. The last person to deliver the corn in each round will be eliminated and the first one to make it back to ship with the correct answer in the final round will win the golden Power of Veto. OTEV begins the riddles and the players are off, crawling through dirt and mud, sliding under barbed wire, and racing back with their corncob. After a tough battle, it all comes down to none other than Frank and Dan. Before the final riddle, Frank whispers to Dan that he is scared and not sure throwing the competition is best for his game. Frank is having difficulty in trusting Dan, so he ultimately decides to give it his all. The competition begins and after an intense struggle to find their corn, Dan is the first one back to OTEV with the correct answer. Frank is eliminated and Dan is crowned the winner of the golden Power of Veto.

Later, Dan visits Ian and tells him to prepare to earn his renegade stripes. The two form a secret alliance with a plan to ride to the final two, much like Dan did with Frank and Danielle. Dan doesn’t care who he ends up with in the final two, but is determined to get there by any means necessary. Later, Dan and Ian continue their conversation in the HOH room. Dan strategically skews Ian into agreeing with his decision of removing Jenn from the block and replacing her with Joe. Ian tells Dan he will act angry in order to hide their secret alliance. Joe visits Ian soon afterwards. Ian tells Joe that he is not sure Dan will use the POV, but if he does, Ian will need to put him up as a replacement nominee. Joe is worried about that scenario, but trusts Ian. Meanwhile, Dan meets with Jenn and tells her that his one concern is her safety. Dan then proceeds to make a final two deal with Jenn and now has a final two alliance with every houseguest except Joe.

Dan calls everyone inside for the Veto meeting. He is feeling good knowing that last week he was on his deathbed and now he holds the power. Dan tells the houseguests that you don’t make deals until you repay debts. Therefore, Dan decides to pull Jenn off the block. Ian tells Dan he continues to stir the pot and chooses Joe as Jenn’s replacement nominee. Jenn is excited to be off the block, but is now concerned for Frank. She will have to trust Dan to keep Frank alive in this game. Joe is concerned about being up on the block against Frank the tank. Meanwhile, Frank believes he is halfway through his plan and now needs to make sure that Dan upholds his word. Dan, however, comments that his own plan worked and he has sealed Frank’s fate without getting blood on his hands. Tune in on Thursday at 9/8c to see who is evicted live on the next BIG BROTHER