Season 14: Episode 25 - Episode 25
Posted on Sep 7, 2012 10:40am

It’s day 62 in the Big Brother house and the epic blindsides continue. For the sixth time this season, Frank is on the chopping block and either he or Joe will be leaving. Soon, the Power of Veto will be up for grabs and a second player will be sent packing because this week is a double eviction. Last week, Dan swore an oath of loyalty to Frank and this week, he had a covert plan to get him out.

Dan used his Veto power to pull Jenn off the block and Ian chose Joe as her replacement nominee. Joe is hoping he is just a pawn this week and while Jenn is stoked she was saved, her closest ally is still up on the block. Frank recognizes he only needs three votes and is hoping he is safe. Dan has had a good week, especially since Frank is clueless about the back dooring. Later, Frank and Dan talk in the kitchen and Dan accidentally tells Frank that they should consider putting Joe up instead of Shane or Danielle. Frank is thrown off guard since Joe can help secure the votes and now he doesn’t know if he can trust Dan. Later that night, Joe talks to Ian outside and asks is he should throw a major campaign with Jenn. Ian advises Joe to lay low and keep his mouth shut.

Dan stares at the memory wall and realizes that he’s thought of every strong position in the house except for the fact that Joe could win the HOH competition. Dan visits Joe in the bedroom and asks him whom he would send home. Joe tells Dan he would put up Shane or Danielle, even though he’s really gunning for Dan. 30 minutes later, Dan crawls back into his bed and Joe immediately mistakes him for Shane. Joe starts telling him that Dan had followed him in the room, but Dan quickly interrupts him and tells him he is, in fact, Dan. Dan is now wondering if everything he tells Joe will circulate the house and feels it might make more sense to keep Frank in the house and vote Joe out.

Julie surprises the houseguests with the double eviction news and each nominee now has a chance to plead their case. Frank goes first and wishes Boogie was still there. He congratulates the other housemates for lasting and reminds them that he cannot play in next week’s HOH competition. Joe tells everyone to vote with their heart. It’s time for the live eviction and by a vote of 3 to 1, Frank is evicted from the Big Brother house. Frank is angry and only hugs Jenn when exiting the house. Frank tells Julie he cannot believe Dan swore on a bible and still went against his word. Frank listens to sincere good-byes from his fellow housemates, but maintains hard feelings against Dan.

The houseguests are in the backyard for the HOH competition called “Make Your Case” and the goal is to identify the evicted houseguest’s plea. Each correct answer will earn them 1 point and the houseguest with the most points will win Head of Household. After a tiebreaker between Jenn, Dan, and Danielle, Dan wins HOH and is in a mad dash to strategize a plan.

The houseguests gather in the living room for the nomination ceremony and Dan nominates Joe and Ian. However, the live Veto competition will give them each an opportunity to save themselves. The houseguests enter the backyard for the Veto competition called, “Swimming with Sharks.” In this competition, houseguests must navigate their fin through a maze and the first to make it to the other end and hit their buzzer will win the golden Power of Veto. After a quick, yet difficult struggle, Ian is the first to make it through his maze and wins the POV.

Dan and Ian begin to strategize in the bedroom, but are quickly interrupted by Julie who tells them to gather in the living room. Ian uses the POV on himself and tells Joe, “I wish I had two of these jokers.” Dan chooses Danielle as the replacement nominee and each nominees pleads their case. By a vote of 3 to 0, Joe is evicted from the Big Brother house. Joe hugs everyone and exits the house. On the outside, he jokes with Julie about losing every competition and feels the biggest thing he was able to do is use his cooking skills to help him stay in the house. Tune in on Sunday at 8/7c for the next episode of Big Brother