Season 14: Episode 26 - Season 14 Episode 26
Posted on Sep 10, 2012 09:50am

By a vote of 3 to 1, Frank is evicted from the Big Brother house. Jenn is now feeling alone, but Dan and Ian are happy to lose the biggest threat. Dan comments that Frank should have back doored him when he had the chance. After the eviction, Jenn pulls Dan into a separate room to make sure she is protected with him and Danielle. Dan tells her to stay strong and get into “Kitty mode.” Soon after, Dan wins the HOH competition and with not much time to decide on his nominations. He pulls Ian into another room and tells him he’s putting him up as a pawn. Ian is not happy with this scenario because the wrong person can win the Power of Veto and send him packing. After Ian exits, Dan talks to Shane and Jenn separately to tell them he wants Ian out of the game. While Shane thinks it’s too early in the game, he will follow Dan’s lead. Ian revisits Dan to tell him he is uncomfortable with going up as a pawn, but Dan insists that Ian trusts him.

Dan nominates Joe and Ian at the nomination ceremony, but Ian pulls through with the Veto win at the Veto competition. Dan wanted Ian out, but is now gunning for the physical threat, Shane. Dan tells Jenn that he is going after Shane, which she completely agrees with. But after Jenn leaves, Danielle talks Dan out of putting Shane up on the block because he has their backs. Dan immediately grabs Shane to confirm this is true. Shane confirms and Dan tells him and Danielle that they will ride to the final three together.

At the Veto ceremony, Ian removes himself from the block and Dan chooses Danielle as the replacement nominee. Even though Dan promised her a final three deal, Danielle is in tears. Since Ian is the one that needs convincing, Dan tells Ian he will rip his face off if he votes Danielle out. Ian, however, has no intentions of booting Danielle out at this time. Later, Dan pulls Jenn into the room with he and Danielle to make sure she doesn’t vote Danielle out. Jenn tells Danielle she is safe with her, but Jenn is infuriated with Dan for going against his plan to put Shane up.

By a vote of 3 to 0, Joe is evicted from the Big Brother house. Later, Ian tells Dan it was a bad move because he wasted his HOH on Danielle when he could have used it on a bigger floater – Jenn. Meanwhile, Jenn is pacing and extremely heated by Dan’s decision. Danielle pulls Jenn into the arcade room to calm her down. Dan joins them and tells Jenn he made that move for the three of them. Jenn cannot believe her ears and storms out of the room. Dan continues his conversation with Danielle and blames her for his last minute decision and is now worried that she will rat him out to Shane or Ian. Later, Danielle tells Shane that she kept him safe, but implores Shane not to tell Dan she told him. Meanwhile, Dan visits Ian to do damage control since Ian cannot play in the next HOH competition. Ian agrees to continue to work with Dan in their ‘renegade alliance.’

It’s time for the HOH competition and it’s a trip down memory lane. Each houseguest must remember the day a specific event occurred in the house, and will roll a ball down a shaft to get there ball in or around the correct number. The further from the date, the more penalty points will be accumulated and the houseguest left with the least penalty points in the end will win the golden Power of Veto. After five rounds of game play and tiebreaker between Ian and Shane, Ian is crowned the next Head of Household. Jenn feels Frank leaving the house is bad, but Ian winning HOH is even worse, especially since he’s bound to put her up again. Dan visits Ian and talks him out of putting him up as a pawn.

Later, Ian walks into the HOH room and is surprised to see Pandora’s Box and the temptation is a video message from his parents. Even though he might be faced with a consequence, Ian decides to open Pandora’s Box. But, when Ian plays the message, it is none other than Rachel Reilly, the recognizable Big Brother contestant from previous seasons. Rachel annoys Ian with her advice on winning the game. Meanwhile, the other houseguests are given a treat in the living room – video messages from their family members. As emotional as it is for Dan to see Chelsea, he needs to focus on winning the half million-dollar prize. Later, Ian contemplates his decision in the nomination room. The houseguests wait outside and are each feeling anxious. Jenn is pretty sure she’s going up, but hoping it’s not against Dan or Danielle. Shane feels Ian might put him up as a pawn and Dan is concerned. Ian isn’t happy about putting up a member of the Quack Pack, but it’s the way it has to go. Ian invites the other houseguests inside and nominates Shane and Jenn for eviction. Shane and Jenn are both determined to win the POV to keep them safe. Ian says he couldn’t risk his ‘renegade alliance’ with Dan, yet he is completely clueless that Dan wants him out of this game.