Season 14: Episode 27 - Episode 27
Posted on Sep 13, 2012 12:00am

The houseguests are hit with a surprise, early eviction meeting followed by an HOH competition that will crown a new head of household. While the houseguests take time to prepare for the meeting, Julie takes us back to the nominations. It’s day 63 in the Big Brother house and Ian has nominated Shane and Jenn for eviction. Jenn is blown away that Dan survived another nomination and Shane believes he is merely a pawn and his fellow Quack Packers will back him up. Danielle, however, is nervous for Shane since Dan has been gunning for him. Later, Dan pulls Jenn into a room to comfort her and gain her trust. Soon after, Danielle tells Jenn that she feels Shane might be playing her and she’s about to ’play a player.’ Jenn is happy to hear this since it strengthens her chances of Danielle’s vote against Shane.

Later, the houseguests gather in the backyard for the Veto competition referred to as “Time Flies”. In this game, each houseguest must fly from a puzzle board to a button where they must tap a button to reset 20 seconds on their countdown clock. Once their 20 seconds is up, that houseguest will then have 10 additional seconds to reset their clock – but if they don’t make it back in time, that houseguest will be eliminated from the competition. The first person to complete the puzzle will win the golden Power of Veto, as well as a special luxury prize. The games begin and Shane’s strategy is to configure the pieces in his trough, then place them on the board, whereas Dan’s strategy is to place the pieces on the board and stay near the buzzer while trying to figure it out. Ian is struggling and forgets to buzz in before his time is up, which leads to his elimination. Shane is the first to complete his puzzle and wins the Power of Veto. Jenn feels her fate is no longer in her hands and Dan will do whatever to takes not to end up in the nominations chair.

Shane invites the other houseguests inside for the Veto meeting. He discloses his prize, which is to choose one other houseguest to partake in a once in a lifetime opportunity. Shane chooses Danielle and they hop in a vehicle, but have no idea where they’re headed. Shane comments that this is their first ‘official’ date. They arrive at an arena where they meet the U.S. Olympic women’s gymnastics team, otherwise known as the “Fierce Five”. Shane and Danielle watch the Fierce Five perform as a part of their tour. After the show, Shane and Danielle head back to the house, excited to tell their fellow houseguests. Shane and Danielle kiss and Danielle says this is one of the top moments in her life. Back in the house, Dan wants to make sure his ‘final two’ deal with Danielle is still in tact, but Danielle is torn – her heart says to stick with Shane, while her head tells her to stick with Dan.

Later, Shane invites the houseguests inside for the Veto meeting. He decides to use the Veto on himself and Ian chooses Danielle as the replacement nominee. Dan has once again escaped the block and will stab anyone to make sure he wins. Jenn and Danielle each plead their case before the voting begins. By a vote of 3 to 0, Jenn is evicted from the Big Brother house. Outside of the house, Jenn tells Julie that she has no regrets saving Dan a few weeks prior. And since Jenn has been on slop, Julie gifts her with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. In the backyard, the remaining houseguests face-off in one of the most important HOH competitions of the season. The competition is called, “Photographic Memories” where players must answer true or false questions. It comes down to Dan and Danielle in a tiebreaker round, and Danielle comes out victorious. Danielle is the new HOH and has earned a spot in the final three. Now, it is all up to the Veto and in one week from tonight, all houseguests will return to vote the winner of Big Brother.

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