Season 14: Episode 28 - Episode 28
Posted on Sep 14, 2012 09:15am

By a vote of 2-0, Jen is evicted from the Big Brother house. The Quack Packers survived and only lost one along the way. Ian feels it is now up to “The Couple Alliance” vs. “The Renegades”. At the HOH competition, Danielle comes out victorious, guaranteeing her a spot in the final three. But it will all come down to the Power of Veto, and Shane feels confident since he is in a final three deal with Dan and Danielle.

Later, Dan tells Danielle, “The student has beaten the teacher” and he tells Danielle to keep Shane off the block to prevent anyone from thinking they’re working together. However, in diary room, Dan is really thinking this move will make Shane feel comfortable with Danielle and he will do whatever Danielle wants him to. And since Dan has control over Danielle, he can drive Danielle’s next move. Danielle contemplates what to do with the nominations and invites the houseguests inside. She pulls Shane’s key and nominates Dan and Ian for eviction. Danielle feels it’s smarter to keep Shane safe so he can trust her, but comments that it breaks her heart to nominate her former coach. Ian, on the other hand, thinks being nominated is not the end of the world since the Veto is what really counts.

Ashley is living “zen” style at the Jury house, meditating and drawing up her ‘dream boards’. Ashley is hoping Dan will be the next one arriving at the Jury house, because she wants Frank to win the half million dollars. Ashley is caught by surprise when Britney exits the vehicle, but she is also very happy to see her. Britney fills Ashley in on what she missed and tells her about Dan’s big move of burning her. One week later, Ashley and Britney are becoming great friends and looking forward to seeing the next evicted houseguest. Frank suddenly enters the bedroom and surprises Britney and Ashley. Ashley comments that seeing Frank it bittersweet and Britney tells Frank, “The nine lives ended!” Frank fills Ashley and Britney in on what they missed, including Ian winning HOH and Dan back-dooring him. Frank and Britney agree that they should have taken Dan out when they had the chance.

Later, Joe enters the house and surprises Frank, Ashley, and Britney as the fourth to arrive at the Jury house. While relaxing on the couch, Britney talks about everyone being disloyal in the house, but Frank immediately interrupts her and says he was very loyal throughout the game. The two begin to argue as if they’re still in the game. In the diary room, Britney comments that Frank was targeted because his social game sucked.

Back in the Big Brother house, the remaining houseguests enter the backyard for the final, most important Veto competition of the summer. Danielle explains the game “Atomic Veto”, where each houseguest has a molecule puzzle with 15 clues and faces of ex-houseguests. When the horn goes off, houseguests must complete their puzzle with the correct faces matching a specific event and the first to complete their puzzle correctly will win the Power of Veto. After a difficult game and various attempts, Danielle is the first to buzz in with the correct puzzle, earning her the golden Power of Veto.

Ian sits in front of the memory wall and feels like he has a 90% chance of going home. Meanwhile, Dan talks to Danielle and tells her, “You slayed the 5’3 dragon” but adds that he doesn’t trust Shane and encourages Danielle to replace him with Shane to keep up their secret alliance. In diary room, Dan explains that Ian will bring him to final two whereas Shane might not, and if Danielle takes Dan off the block, there is a good chance he will be gunning for Shane.

Later, Danielle tells Shane that if she takes Dan off the block, he will not think the two of them have something together. Danielle tells Shane she will not send him home and informs him that Dan wants Ian out really bad. Shane tells Danielle that as long as Dan guarantees him safety, he doesn’t mind taking his place. Shane and Danielle kiss and Shane says, “Final three… looks like you’re putting me up.”

At the POV meeting, Ian and Dan plead their case to Danielle. Danielle decides to use the Power of Veto to save Dan and Shane takes his place as the only remaining houseguest. Shane pleads his case and hopes Dan gives him his vote. Ian is shocked by Danielle’s move and tells everyone he thinks the world of them. Dan casts the sole vote to evict and chooses Shane. Danielle is in complete shock and Shane is completely blindsided. While Shane talks to Julie outside of the house, Dan pulls Danielle inside the arcade room to explain to her that he did this to take her to the final two. Danielle, however, is completely devastated that she lied to Shane and trusted Dan. Danielle, Ian, and Dan are now in the final three and prepare to do battle in the final HOH of the summer.

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