Big Brother
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Season 14: Episode 29 - Episode 29
Posted on Sep 17, 2012 10:10am

Dan has evicted Shane from the Big Brother house and Danielle is completely shocked. In Diary Room, Danielle says Dan swore to her he’d keep Shane safe. Ian says it was an ugly display, but he is happy to still be in the house. On his way out the door, Shane whispers to Dan that Danielle has been playing him the entire time. Soon after, Dan pulls Danielle into the arcade room and tells her he evicted Shane to get her to the final two. Even though Danielle doesn’t forgive him, Dan has no doubt he can reel her back in. Meanwhile, Ian is pacing around the house with his heart thumping, and he cannot believe he now has a 1 in 3 shot to win. Back in the arcade room, Dan assures Danielle that there aren’t any antics left to pull, but Danielle just laughs. She smiles and goes along with it, but now must think for herself on what to do.

Dan, Danielle, and Ian enter the kitchen for a celebration brunch. As the remaining Quack Packers enjoy their mimosas, Danielle reminisces about the time they formed the Quack Pack. We flashback to earlier in the game where Ian first forms the Quack Pack with his fellow houseguests Shane, Britney, Dan, & Danielle. Back in the kitchen, Dan reminisces about picking Danielle as his player and Danielle talks about seeing the return players enter the house. It’s Day 1 in the Big Brother house and returning players enter the game as Coaches. Ian tells Boogie that he remembers being 10 years old when he first saw him. Back in the kitchen, Dan, Danielle, and Ian talk about Janelle being really good at hiding her emotions. In a flashback to earlier in the game, Janelle tells Britney that she never cries, even if she were to be taken to a stranger’s funeral. On the other hand, Britney tells Janelle that she gets emotional over everything. Back with the remaining trio, Dan talks about his bible and comments how Boogie was actually reading the bible one day. A flashback to earlier in the game shows Boogie talking to Dan about the bible and he comments that the last time he read the bible was when he was in the house with Dr. Will. Dan is astounded that Boogie is reading passages and announces to the house that hell has frozen over. Dan, Danielle, and Ian recall Britney taking out her aggression on Frank’s stuffed bear, Teddy. We flashback to Britney in the kitchen throwing random items on the ground, and Frank offers the suggestion for Britney to take her aggression out on Teddy. It’s a montage of Britney beating the crap out of Teddy, which ultimately makes her feel much better.

Back in the kitchen, Dan talks about fights and confrontations and Ian reflects on Willie’s blow up. Earlier in the game, Willie argues with Frank in the backyard while the other houseguests listen. Willie is angry that Frank would throw him in the dirt, but Frank defends himself. Willie says he just minds his own business and is going to eat his Froot Loops and salmon. Boogie interrupts and pokes fun at Willie. Back in the kitchen, Danielle talks about Willie going after Joe. Ian says he tried to break up the scuffle, but no way was that happening. Earlier in the game, Willie spirals out of control and has it out with Joe. All of the other houseguests hear the commotion and rush to see what’s happening. Ian is attempting to break up the fight, but then Willie head butts Joe and is immediately removed from the house. Ian, Dan and Danielle are now talking in the arcade room and discuss the romance in the house. Danielle says it’s harder than she though it would be to see Shane go. She reminisces on hers and Shane’s relationship. Earlier in the game, Shane and Danielle are in the bedroom and Britney is playing ‘couples counselor’. Danielle talks about Shane not wanting to get into a ‘showmance’ because it will affect his game and will put a target on both their backs. The remaining trio is now in the arcade room and Ian talks about his date with Ashley. Earlier in the game, Ian goes on a “slop date” with Ashley. Ian gives a flower to Ashley and then starts chatting about inorganic chemistry, which goes right over Ashley’s head. Back to present day, Ian reflects about yelling at Frank. Earlier in the game, Ian and Frank have it out in the living room. Meanwhile, Dan is smiling and laughing from the other room. Frank eventually ends the argument once he realizes he’s having a toe-to-toe in a carrot costume.

Dan talks about a lot of emotions coming out of the living room, and Danielle reminds Dan about hosting his own funeral and complimenting everyone except her. Earlier in the game, Dan is holding his Big Brother funeral in front of the other houseguests. Dan compliments everyone and tears are streaming on all of the houseguest’s faces except for Frank, who is not buying it. But when it’s time to compliment Danielle, Dan tells her that in this game, she is dead to him. Danielle and the other houseguests are in complete shock. Back in present day, Ian says only one Quack Packer can win, so may the best person win. Later, the three remaining houseguests enter the backyard and see a pond and fishhooks. It’s time for Part 1 of the HOH competition and the winner will single handedly choose who sits with them on finale night. It’s an endurance competition called “Hook, Swim or Sink.” The game begins and each houseguest is on a fishing line, being dumped into a pool, then slammed into a wall. Dan will do what he needs to do, even if it means stabbing someone in the back. In Diary Room, Danielle comments, “Dan better not get comfortable, it might be his turn to get blind sided.”

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