Season 14: Episode 30 - Episode 30
Posted on Sep 20, 2012 02:55pm

Danielle, Dan, and Ian swing from fishing lines and are being slammed into a wall in the first part of the HOH competition. 15 minutes before Shane's eviction, Dan tells Ian to throw the competition since he cannot beat Danielle in the second heat. Later, Dan tells Danielle that Ian is throwing the competition so he can build trust with her. Back in the game, Ian confirms that he will in fact throw the competition, and just waiting for the opportune time. After 17 minutes on the line, Ian drops and Danielle is now feeling she can trust Dan.

Dan takes a few private minutes with Danielle and tells her the only chance for it to be them in the final two is for her to drop, especially since he cannot win a puzzle in the second heat. Danielle is still worried about Dan's antics, but continues to trust Dan and drops from her line. Dan now needs to come up with a contingency plan in case Danielle doesn't win the second part of the HOH. Dan tells Danielle to get into a fake fight with him and tell Ian that she will taint the jury if he sends her packing.

It's time for part two of the HOH competition and the object is to wash windows on a building to reveal former houseguests, then arrange each houseguest in the order from which they were evicted. The houseguest with the fastest time will earn the right to battle Dan in the final HOH competition of the summer. Danielle goes first, followed by Ian. Dan reveals the scores and Ian wins with the fastest time. Ian is excited that he is guaranteed to play against Dan in the third part of the HOH competition, meanwhile Danielle is not happy and now thinking about Plan B. After the competition, Danielle overhears Dan's celebration with Ian. Danielle shouts at Dan and tells him that he is crazy if he thinks Ian will take him to the final two. Danielle also tells Ian that if she keeps Dan in the game, she will taint the jury. Ian views this as bad sportsmanship and he will not respond to threats.

The jury members meet to discuss the merits of the final three and guess which evicted houseguest will be joining them next. Shane enters and tells everyone he was blindsided by Dan and says that Danielle played him. The jury members discuss weaknesses and strengths of the remaining three and most of the jury agrees that Ian has worked hard and for the benefit of the game. Jenn, on the other hand, calls Ian a rat and ensures that will affect her vote. Britney adds, "Playing someone else's game warrants $50,000 and playing your own game warrants half a million dollars." Shane is still convinced that Danielle screwed him over, and Joe and Frank don't like the fact that Dan played unethically. Either way, they will each have an opportunity to ask the final two questions that will impact their decision as to who they sign the check to.

It's time for the final HOH competition between Ian and Dan. Julie reads the beginning of statements made by members of the jury with two possible endings, but only one correct answer. Each answer is worth one point and the person with the most points after a series of questions will win the second HOH. Ian wins Head of Household with the highest score. Back in the living room, Ian has to choose to evict either Dan or Danielle. Although it makes him ill to choose between two members of the Quack Pack, Ian honors his commitment to Dan and evicts Danielle from the Big Brother house.

The jury is in the studio, and Britney says she is hoping Danielle is the last jury member to join since Dan and Ian are the most deserving. Danielle enters the studio and joins the rest of the jury members. Julie informs the jurors that Ian won the final HOH and chose to evict Danielle. Dan and Ian face questions from the jury and things get heated. Britney asks Ian why he deserves to win over Dan, and he says he built his own destiny, whereas Dan stabbed a lot of people in the back. Danielle then asks Ian if he knew that her and Dan had a final two deal. This comes as a huge surprise to Ian and he explodes on Dan. Ian adds that Dan even gave him his grandfathers gold necklace as collateral. Ian pleads his case and delivers a dynamic speech, adding that he has played the game with probability, statistics and heart. Dan delivers his speech complimenting all the jurors and hopes that they are not too disgusted with him. One at a time, the jurors place their keys in the keyholes.

All of the original houseguests join in the studio and speak their mind about what they've witnessed throughout the season. Janelle compliments Dan's game play and tells the jurors that if he doesn't win, it would be a travesty. While Janelle feels Dan is amongst the best players of all time, Frank disagrees and comments that Dan did not play a respectful game. Boogie, on the other hand, says Dan played an amazing game but he also has a lot of respect for Ian. Shane asks Danielle if his eviction was premeditated, and Danielle swears that it wasn't. Dan defends himself by saying when he enters the house, he leaves his morals on the doorstep. Julie begins pulling the jury's keys one by one, revealing their vote. By a vote of 6 to 1, Ian is crowned the winner of Big Brother 14. Julie then reveals that Frank has been voted as America's favorite houseguest and wins the $25,000 cash prize.

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