Big Brother
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Season 10: Episode 12 - America’s Player is the Deciding Vote in this Week’s Eviction
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am

As long as April wants Memphis out of the house, “everything should be a pretty smooth ride,” Jessie says. “I’m not going anywhere.” April is happy that Veto holder Jerry honored her wishes to keep her nominations the same, and reaffirms her desire to see Memphis go home this week. “He’s a huge threat to me,” she says. Memphis sees the changing house landscape. “There is no alliance anymore,” he says. “It’s time to start from square one again.” Luckily for Memphis, his house ally, Keesha, is not happy that he has been targeted by April. In the Hippie Bedroom, Keesha tells Libra she hopes April changes her mind about the HouseGuest she wants to send home. Both of them think Jessie is coming after them if he stays in the house. They decide they need to “shake April” and let her know that at least two people in their alliance are about to be gone. April walks into the room! Libra and Keesha broach the subject of who should go home this week, but April keeps repeating Memphis is the one to go this week. “I don’t like April,” Keesha says later. “I try very hard to like her but I can’t.” Libra points out to April that voting Memphis out may be good for April’s game, but that’s not the case for her and Keesha. Out in the yard, Keesha catches up with Memphis and tells him where he stands right now. “So ridiculous,” he says. “People are promising away their game.” Keesha tells him he needs four votes to stay. But Memphis tells her Dan is not one of them. The Realignment Begins A woman on a mission, Keesha then talks to Dan, who tells her they are on the same wavelength and that he can be trusted “100 percent.” Keesha explains she wants Jessie gone, and that keeping him in the house means “our asses will be the first to go.” But where does Dan stand? Libra and Keesha talk again, and go through the votes. It is clear to Keesha that she needs Dan, since Ollie is “up April’s butt,” Jerry definitely wants his enemy Memphis out and Michelle loves Jessie. Libra notes they have to be prepared for what might come if they pull this off. “I’ve been ready,” Keesha says. “It’s going to be World War III in here,” Libra warns. Keesha brings Memphis into the Hippie Room, and Libra gives Memphis an ultimatum. “If I vote for your ass and you put me up I’ll kill you,” she announces. “I like that,” Memphis says before hugging her. Dan comes in and it is a four-way love fest when they all decide to vote to keep Memphis and work to get Jessie out. “I can’t wait to see her face,” Libra says of April. Dan is jumping up and down. But what about his America’s Player responsibilities? April Strikes Back Out in the yard April tells Jerry she got “double-teamed” over voting out Jessie. “I’m still getting Memphis out,” she says. Jerry tells her he knows Dan is with them since he brought them into their alliance. He also tells her that, “Ollie, Dan and Jerry are your boys.” Don’t speak so quickly, Jerry! Jerry decides to talk to Dan directly about his vote, and points out that Memphis is dangerous and Dan needs to be loyal to them. Dan reassures Jerry he is with them when it comes to the vote. “I’ll tell everyone we’re okay,” Dan says. A relieved Jerry goes to Jessie and tells him he’s safe. “You’re covered, big time,” he says. But because America is in charge of his vote, Dan could find himself in a lick of trouble once the votes have been cast. While hanging out in the hammock, Dan has a conversation with himself about his predicament. “These people are crazy,” he says. “I don’t want to have to lie to anyone but that may be over after this week. Who does America hate more, Jessie or Memphis? My rear is going to be under fire big time.” Dan gives America a final plea: “I gave you an 18-second hug. You can hook me up, I hope.” The Many Sides of Dan Hose Julie Chen notes that teacher and football coach Dan is in a tough position this week with his America’s Player vote, but what do his friends and family think? Cut to Deerborn, Michigan, where Dan’s high school students are cheering him on. Christian, the captain of Dan’s team, says the situation is now reversed, since he and his teammates “get to cheer him on.” His family is also cheering him on and enjoying watching him complete his tasks. His sister Kelly thinks he can survive being America’s Player, but his mother Sue worries this will cause the HouseGuests to “question a lot more of his motives.” There is a lot of questioning from the HouseGuests, since nearly everyone suspects there is something up with Dan—especially Libra and April—who tell him to his face they think he’s America’s Player! Cool as ever, Dan just smiles. Can he get away with it? Ask the HouseGuests Julie asks Michelle if she has grown to embrace the unitard. Michelle says she loves it and hates it, but since she does look great in it she can’t complain too much. Julie notes that Keesha had a very explosive birthday and the most pathetic rendition of “Happy Birthday” sung to her during a brief break in some marathon fights. Is all forgotten? “Oh, no,” Keesha says. Julie then asks Libra why in the last Veto Competition she picked a Hawaiian Holiday over a letter from home. “My husband would have killed me,” Libra answers as Michelle (who lost the vacation) rolls her eyes. “It was not a hard decision,” Libra says. Up in the HoH Suite, Julie asks April how she feels about Libra and Keesha. April admits she trusts them a lot less. Considering she won HoH this week, keeping Michelle from winning, April feels Keesha and Libra owe their safety in the house directly to her. April also says she sees Ollie as “my savior a little bit” and definitely her best friend in the house. Time for the Votes! After Memphis and Jessie’s final pleas, the HouseGuests vote. Michelle, Ollie and Jerry vote to evict Memphis, while Libra, Keesha and Renny vote to evict Jessie. This leaves Dan as the tiebreaker! Dan enters the Diary Room, and Julie tells him whom America voted to evict: Jessie. Dan returns to the Living Room and Julie reveals Jessie has been eliminated. April is in shock. Michelle is stunned. Jessie leaves with a tart “your word,” to Dan. Outside Julie asks if Jessie is surprised. He says he wasn’t surprised “it was Dan.” Julie notes that several HouseGuests called him arrogant and asks if this is unfair. “My name and arrogant should not be in the same sentence,” Jessie says. Julie then engages in a little word association with Jessie. What does he think when she says Jerry? “Really good shape,” Jessie says. Renny? “Trip the first week.” Michelle? “Very proud of her.” Libra? “Deviant person.” And Jessie? “The man.” Unwelcome wakeups If the HouseGuests look a little tired, there’s a reason. Last night the HouseGuests were woken up over a several hour period with very loud and annoying calls from viewers! As the calls go on and on, the HouseGuests toss and turn, trying their best to get some sleep. It turns out this bit of psychological stress is not for nothing. Julie explains tonight’s HoH competition is “Rude Awakening.” The players will be asked true and false questions based on their wake up calls. If they guess wrong, they will be eliminated. The last HouseGuest standing is the new Head of Household. Everyone gets the first question correct. Renny and Ollie are eliminated in the second round. The third queston eliminates Jerry, Dan, Memphis and Keesha. This leaves just two HouseGuests: Libra and Michelle! The two sides of the house are now literally fighting for power. With the fourth question, Michelle is crowned the new HoH! “That’s for you, Jessie,” Michelle screams in triumph. “Jessie, I am going to get them, don’t worry about it. It pays to stay up!” Tension in the house is already building, as Jerry starts yelling at Dan. Ollie and April cheer, as Keesha and Libra stay silent. It looks like it’s going to be a long night. Julie checks in with Michelle, who says, “The week that I had, I deserve this. Game on.” Memphis says it feels good not to be voted out, while Jerry notes he loves it here in the house. Who will Michelle nominate for eviction? And how will the current HouseGuests react when they find out HouseGuests from each of BIG BROTHER’s ten seasons will return to assist in a surprise competition? Find out Sunday at 8pm et/pt on CBS!