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Season 10: Episode 13 - Jessie’s Eviction Unleashes a Firestorm of Conflict in the House! Michelle Strikes Back with her Nominations
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am

Jessie's eviction infuriates Michelle. "I'm seeing red," she says. The eviction was such a surprise that she wishes she had a few more minutes to say some more things to him. Jessie has only a few words for Michelle, but they are meaningful. "Stay with Memphis," he says before walking out the door.

"It worked," Keesha says of the surprise eviction. "I'm so excited I could pull something like that off." April sees Jessie's boot as a personal attack on her game. "It was a low blow to me," April explains. "Jessie got caught in the middle." Libra can barely contain her excitement. "You can put me in a Bright White commercial," Libra beams. "I got mine." Dan, who cast the deciding vote to send Jessie out of the house, notes that there is so much tension in the kitchen, "if you tried to cut it with a knife, the knife would break." Dan knew it was going to be a tough evening in the house, and reveals that right before the live show he removed the cross he always wears. "It's the first time in my life I have taken that thing off," he says.

Michelle and April decide this is now war. April notes that since the lines have been drawn, she won't mind saying anything to anyone at this point. Michelle takes her anger over the eviction into the HoH competition with victorious results. April, who was so angry just moments before, is triumphant over Michelle's win. "Karma is a bitch," April says. "I'd be scared of us too."

As soon as Michelle's victory became a reality, Keesha knows she is a prime target for Michelle's elimination nominations, since she "sent Jessie back to his real girlfriend." Me-ouch!
 Let the fighting begin! It doesn't take long for that simmering tension to finally blow up in everyone's faces. Michelle is acting all triumphant with April when she mentions that Renny was laughing at her earlier in the day for trying to memorize all of the wake up calls they got last night. Renny tells Michelle she didn't say anything in a derogatory manner, which sets off a conversation that quickly degenerates into a screaming match. Michelle turns to Libra and tells her not hide. Libra yells back at Michelle and April, who she calls "best friends." Jerry joins the pile on, and screams at Libra that she is going "out the door." April and Michelle call Libra a liar, and then Jerry calls her a "dummy," which really sets off the cum laude college graduate. Dan decides to hide under a pillow way back in the Black Bedroom. The fight takes a dark turn when April says Dan is a "disgrace to my religion." Both Memphis and Libra think that is taking the game too far!
 Why, Dan, why? Post-fight, April and Michelle cry in the bathroom. "You can't trust anybody," Michelle says. "Shame on me for being naïve," April say, noting she made a mistake this past week. "I learned my lesson."

April isn't the only one to make a miscalculation. Dan says he knew people were going to be upset over his vote, but "I didn't anticipate people being this upset," he says. Dan decides he needs to be playing the sympathy card while still laying low, because Dan thinks Michelle "may overlook me" when it comes time for eviction nominations. Memphis tells Dan he appreciates his vote to keep him in the house, and both agree they are going to let other people in the house engage in unnecessary emotional outbursts.

Finally calm, Michelle goes into the Black Bedroom and asks Dan why he voted Jessie out, especially since Jessie respected him and had Dan's back. Of course, Dan can't tell Michelle he is America's Player and had no choice when it came to a vote this week, so instead says he is a weak player and had to go with the other side of the house. "Jessie did nothing but stick up for you," a confused Michelle says before leaving. But as soon as she is out of the door, Dan smiles to the camera. America's Player strikes again!

Michelle is ecstatic when she finally gets to see pictures of her family, but many of the other HouseGuests get annoyed when April lays it thick. Keesha calls April "fake, fake, fake" after she fawns over a picture of Michelle's brother. Memphis has also had enough of April's fakeness. Michelle cries when she starts reading a letter from home, which particularly moves Renny. "It was an emotional moment for me," Renny says. She cries alone in the Blue Room until Dan comes and consoles her. "Hang in there, " he tells her.
"Your family is proud of you."
 In the News? The HouseGuests come downstairs to find the living room transformed into one half of a game show set! After everyone puts on their cheesy nametags, the monitor comes on and shows the back yard, which is the other half of the set. Dressed in a polyester suit, former BIG BROTHER 10 HouseGuest Brian announces he is hosting today's food competition "In the news," and that one HouseGuest from each of the previous nine seasons of the show are competing against them for cash prizes! Brian explains the HouseGuests will be asked if a news story that has taken place since they entered the house is true or false. If they are correct they are off slop for one day next week, but if they are wrong the former HouseGuest gets $1,000.

Dan is up first, and chooses to play against Mike Boogie from BIG BROTHER: ALL STARS. Dan decides that Brett Farve leaving the Green Bay Packers is "not in the news." Dan is wrong! The house gets a day of slop and Mike Boogie gets a grand! "I'm still the king, baby," Mike Boogie says. Renny is up next, and chooses to play against Jen from season eight. When Renny is told that gas is $6 a gallon, Jen tells Renny she is her favorite and that is a ridiculous claim. Renny agrees and says that it is "not in the news." Renny is right! The house gets a day off slop and Jen gets no money. Jerry loses to season six's Janelle, but he's very happy when she calls him "cute." Memphis loses to season three's Amy, while Ollie loses to season nine's Matt. When Michelle asks where Natalie is, Matt jokes she "is in the bushes over there." Keesha loses to season two's Bunky, but Michelle beats Jase when she decides the earthquake they felt was definitely real. The HouseGuests are in for a special treat, since Michelle's win garners them a feast sometime during the week. April loses to season one's Chicken George, who is excited over the fact that after eight years playing the game he finally won something on BIG BROTHER! Keesha rounds out the game by losing to season four winner Jun, so at the end of play the HouseGuests are on slop for five of the seven days, plus the feast.
 Lobbying the HoH Memphis decides to grab a moment with Michelle up in the HoH suite to tell her 1) he is still loyal to her and 2) he is not in an alliance with Keesha, Libra and Renny. But Memphis also has some advice for Michelle when he tells her to not get into an alliance with Ollie, April and Jerry, since she will be the first one to go. Michelle says she sees the house split in two, but Memphis notes that Dan isn't in an alliance with anyone. He isn't going so far out on a limb as to overtly lobby for Dan's safety, but the always stealthy Memphis is putting up the idea that Dan may be someone they can work with. Michelle freely admits it may be a surprise to her who she ultimately nominates.

For most of the game Renny has been a very low key player, but the New Orleans salon owner starts getting into the game when she lobbies Michelle to put up April for eviction. In a conversation up in the HoH Suite, Renny reminds Michelle that April was the one who nominated Jessie for eviction in the first place. "It was so obvious it was because of her," Renny stresses, before noting that April has always found time to talk smack about Michelle behind her back. This is news to Michelle. "I seem to be out of the loop on a lot of things," Michelle says. Could one of those surprise nominees be April?
 Time for nominations Memphis doesn't feel like he is in any danger of being nominated. Keesha says she will be shocked if she doesn't end up on the block. Libra feels the same way. Renny is praying that Michelle will nominate April. "I'd make sure she go home too," Renny warns.

Michelle calls everyone into the dining room for the nomination ceremony. Renny's prayers go unanswered when Michelle pulls April's key out of the box. Ollie, Memphis, Jerry and Renny pull keys until there is only one left in the box. Renny pulls Dan's key out of the box, leaving Keesha and Libra as the nominees! Dan is relieved to have avoided the block this week, which really irritates Jerry. Keesha and Libra both know it's game on for the week.

Who will win the Veto Competition? And will the winner take Libra or Keesha off the block? Find out Tuesday at 9pm et/pt on BIG BROTHER 10!