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Season 10: Episode 14 - A Veto Win Threatens Michelle’s Eviction Nominations
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 10:30am

“It’s not a big surprise, trust me,” Keesha says of Michelle nominating her for eviction. Keesha thinks she knows who suggested to Michelle that she go up on the block. “I’m sure she had a little blonde girl in her ear,” Keesha posits, alluding to her house frenemy, April. “It sucks.” Considering she put Michelle in a unitard, took her Hawaiian vacation and helped orchestrate the eviction of her potential showmance Jessie, Libra says, “You’re damn right I’m a target.” Dan says he “dodged a bullet” by not being nominated.
After the nominations, Dan goes into the Hippie Room and checks in on a tearful Keesha, who is pissed that April’s key was the first one to come out of the box. “All of the sudden she’s her best friend,” Keesha says of April and Michelle. Libra enters and tells Keesha to hold her head up high and “ride it out.” Libra says she knows she is this week’s target, and tells them they have to focus on getting out April next week. “I need to see her behind my ass,” Libra says.
Keesha then makes her way up to the HoH Suite to say hello to Michelle, who tells Keesha her target for the week is Libra. Michelle blames Libra for Jessie’s eviction, but Keesha admits in the diary room she was the one who orchestrated the natural bodybuilder’s departure. “I’m going to keep my mouth shut,” Keesha says, as she lets Libra take the hit for Jessie’s boot.
 Picking players for the Veto Comp Dan hopes Jerry does not get to play in the Veto Competition. “If Jerry gets in there and wins it, I could be in some trouble,” Dan says. Libra feels no matter who plays, she will be competing on her own for the win. Michelle picks April’s name out of the Veto bag, while Libra and Keesha pull Memphis and Jerry! Dan’s worst-case scenario has just come true.
A little while later, Ollie, April and Jerry talk outside on the patio. Jerry enjoys seeing Libra and Keesha sweating their place in the house after what they did to Jessie. Like Michelle, April blames Libra for being the mastermind behind Jessie’s eviction and calls her a “compulsive liar.”
 One smart Grandpa! Jerry goes upstairs and tells Michelle he is very excited to play for the Veto and informs her he thinks Dan must be this season’s America’s Player. “Everything leads to him,” Jerry says of Dan. Michelle reveals she does not trust Dan, and he’s lucky he didn’t get put up for nominations. Jerry says he wants to win “very, very bad.” Talk about a man on a mission!
 Tears of joy? Not even! Tears of onions! The HouseGuests come outside for the Veto Competition and are immediately hit with a shock to the system—the intense smell of thousands of onions! “It smells like an armpit,” Dan says. “I hate onions,” Michelle adds. Veto Competition host Ollie explains for this competition, the six players have to chop up onions, carry them across the yard and deposit them in one of two bins: a personal Veto bin and a mystery prize bin. The player who has the heaviest Veto bin at the end of the competition wins the Power of Veto, while the two players with the heaviest mystery bins will get one of two mystery prizes!
Memphis decides to forgo the chance at the Veto and focus on winning the mystery prize, since he wants to “avoid having to make a decision” over the Veto. April decides to split the difference and put equal amounts in each of her boxes. There is also strategy in terms of chopping, since the players have the ability to use a knife, a mallet and a chopper to break apart the onions. Libra decides to cut her onions up with the knife, while Jerry goes for the chopper. As Keesha cries from the onions, Dan asks Ollie how bad Jerry wants him out of the house. Ollie tells Dan it is “like personal or something” for Jerry.
Ollie calls time and weighs everyone’s boxes. He notes Libra put none of her onions in the mystery box, saving everything for her chance at the Veto. Memphis has the heaviest mystery box, followed by April. Memphis chooses the green envelope, and Ollie reads him his “prize”—Memphis is required to win a necklace made of onions for 24 hours! April fares better, since she wins five custom-made outfits selected for her by a personal stylist. She’s ecstatic, since she knows it will make other girls jealous! “Being No. 1 in the BIG BROTHER house is not always the best thing,” Memphis notes.
Ollie then moves on to the Veto boxes, where he reveals Michelle has 31 pounds of onions, and Keesha only has 29. 8 pounds. Keesha cries as she realizes she has missed the chance at the veto. Libra takes the lead with 32 pounds, but then Ollie reveals Jerry’s take of nearly 37 pounds of onions! This makes him the Veto Competition winner!
“I’m done,” Libra says. “It’s a wrap.” But she’s not the only depressed HouseGuest. Dan knows Jerry wants his head on a stick, and now Jerry has a chance to achieve it. “It made me feel very uneasy,” Dan says.
 A feast and a fight Michelle tells Jerry she is proud of him, while Jerry tells her he won this for Jessie. Jerry admits that was not easy for him, and that he won the Veto so he could make Dan “suffer a bit.” Michelle is all for that, but says she would like Keesha to stay on the block to ensure Libra goes home. Jerry is out for Dan’s blood, and Michelle tells Jerry to do what he wants to do with the Veto. Is Dan headed for the block?
The conversation ends when the HouseGuests get to experience the feast Michelle won them in the previous food competition. The HouseGuests come downstairs to find an elaborately set table piled with steak and lobster (and, of course, wine). Things start off well after Keesha suggests they go around the table and say something nice about one another, but the good feelings quickly dissipate when Libra makes a crack about Keesha being nice to April just so she can wear some of those new designer clothes. “Libra, master of ruining a good time,” Michelle says.
Libra takes an opportunity to tell Ollie how hurtful he was during their fight after the live eviction ceremony, which makes for a touching moment. However, things turn when Libra tells him Keesha was the one who masterminded Jessie’s eviction. “That’s all I need to hear,” Ollie says.
Meanwhile, Michelle and Keesha fume about what Libra said at the feast. They call in April, and then Michelle brings up Libra to talk about what happened. Libra says she was just joking and what she said shouldn’t be taken seriously. Keesha doesn’t buy it and gets into a shouting match with Libra. The sniping turns to the Jessie eviction, and Libra states she didn’t canvas for votes, but “the votes came to me.” Sensing an opportunity to stick it to her house nemesis, Keesha points out April was the one whispering “sweet nothings” about Jessie in people’s ears. April stays cool and denies any involvement, which upsets Keesha even more. She storms out of the room.
An upset Keesha retreats to the Hippie Room with Michelle in tow. Michelle wants to know why she left so upset, and Keesha admits April’s fakeness is literally driving her insane. “Look at me,” Keesha cries. “I look like a crazy person. I don’t like her!” Keesha warns Michelle about April, noting that she has played all of them. “I thought you would be the one that sees it,” Keesha says to Michelle. “I can’t blame you because I didn’t see it.” Could Keesha’s pleas make Michelle see the light about April?Time for the Veto Ceremony
Jerry notes he has a “tremendous amount of scenarios” when it comes to the Power of Veto. He wants Dan out, but Jerry says everyone should “expect the unexpected” when it comes to the game. Keesha says it “sucks” to be on the block, and remains uneasy about her nomination despite everyone telling her the target this week is Libra. For her part, Libra knows people see her as the “puppet mistress” but accepts responsibility in getting rid of Jessie. Dan thinks Jerry’s odds of using the PoV are about 50/50.
After Jerry calls everyone into the living room, both Keesha and Libra say they take responsibility for their actions and don’t expect Jerry to take them off the block. Before Jerry announces his decision, he tells everyone he wants to talk a little bit about how he feels. He reveals neither Keesha or Libra would have been his choices for nomination if he was the HoH, and then tells Dan he is sorry he is not up on the block. Jerry tells Dan “he will always be Judas” to him for going back on his word to Jessie. Memphis rolls his eyes as Jerry tells Dan “this is your lucky day.” Jerry announces he is not going to use the Power of Veto and will keep Michelle’s nominations the same.
Dan says it is fine that Jerry was taking shots at him, since what was said “didn’t accomplish anything,” he explains. “I’d rather be lucky than good,” Dan admits. Keesha says her strategy is to talk to people and see where they are at with their votes. Libra is taking a harder tack, since she decides she is going to let the other HouseGuests know who gathered all the votes to get Jessie out—Keesha!
So who will be the next evicted HouseGuest, Keesha or Libra? And who will become new the new Head of Household? Find out live Thursday at 8pm et/pt on BIG BROTHER 10!