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Season 10: Episode 15 - One Less Girl who Fights as One Woman is Evicted, Another HOH is Crowned
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 10:30am

The reaction to Jerry calling Dan a "Judas" during the Veto ceremony is swift. Libra feels Jerry didn't get the memo about the show, since deception is the name of the game. "This is not the Marines," Libra says. "This is the BIG BROTHER house." Renny thinks the Colonel's statement "made him look kind of worse than Dan actually." After the Veto ceremony, Dan gets up and says someone may think he sold someone else out, but that "is not the case." Libra comes to Dan's defense and reminds everyone "it's just a game, y'all."

Up in the HoH Suite Michelle and Memphis also talk about Jerry's speech. Michelle didn't like the fact that Jerry almost used the Veto. Memphis-no fan of Jerry to begin with-notes, "It's one more thing that slipped out his fat mouth…thank God it wasn't me he was talking about-I would have flipped out on him." Michelle thinks Jerry put a huge target on his own back.

In the Sauna room, Libra apologizes to Dan for what Jerry said. Later, a seemingly depressed Dan says, "I don't know if things in this could…get any better for me!" Dan shakes off the sadness he has been faking and jumps up and down as he proclaims, "It's created so much sympathy for me I can't even contain it!"
 It's clear who is going home-or is it? In the Spa, Libra informs Keesha it is clear who is going home. "You're not going to get evicted," Libra tells her. "I could bet my last dollar on it." Keesha isn't so sure. "That's what Jessie thought too," Keesha shoots back.

Keesha's fears may not be unfounded. Outside on the patio, April tells Ollie she cannot trust Keesha, since she was as much behind Jessie's eviction as Libra was. "It makes me nauseous just to look at the bitch," April hisses, before adding that Keesha doesn't like her since she is prettier! Ollie agrees with his house main squeeze.

Well, it's a better name than the "Let's keep Keesha out of the loop" alliance

A little later, Memphis and Dan decide they should run with Keesha and Renny for the next two weeks, and then ultimately stick together. Dan admits he is already thinking names for his alliance with Memphis. The Wild Mustangs, maybe? Memphis has another suggestions. "How about the Renegades," he says. Dan loves it, but says the only thing he feels bad about is not including Keesha. Memphis agrees, but adds this is something Keesha doesn't need to know.

After some cuddling in the Pink Bedroom, Ollie and April go through the votes, and realize with their votes and Jerry's, all they need is one more vote to send Keesha home and keep Libra. The deciding vote? Dan! "It's all Dan, again," April says.
 Libra goes for broke After getting word from Ollie that she may have the votes to actually stay in the house, Libra realizes that Dan is her "defibrillator" in the game. "I need help, I'm code blue," Libra explains. The critically injured game player pulls aside Dan to tell him she might be able to stay if he votes to keep her, since he will be the fourth vote. "I am always open to communication," Dan says, adding that he will think about what Libra is telling him. Dan realizes he's in quite the position; he could very much anger Keesha by sending her home, but he'd have a very happy Libra staying in the house. Dan's week keeps getting better and better.
 The real Libra Libra knows that many people judge her for leaving her young family behind to play the game, but what does her family think? Holding down the fort is Scott, Libra's husband, who is getting lots of help with his three kids from Libra's mother. Scott says Libra's participation in BIG BROTHER is something he strongly encouraged and notes he and Libra's mother are her biggest fans. Libra's young daughter Fallon notes she really misses her mom and really loves her.

Being apart from her family is taking its toll on Libra. Late at night, Libra breaks down in the Hippie Room and cries as she tells Renny and Keesha she really needs to see her kids. Renny consoles her as she tells Libra if she had passed up this experience she would have regretted it for the rest of her life.

Back in Texas, Scott says he and Libra both believe "the risk was worth the reward." And what about that Hawaiian Holiday Libra won during the Veto Competition? Scott watches as Michelle slams Libra for taking the vacation from her and passing up a letter from home. Scott confirms taking the trip was absolutely the right choice for them as a family, and notes that Michelle's harsh reaction was "as cold as you can get…I feel it was way below the belt."

Michelle's opinion is not shared by everyone in the house. Memphis tells Libra she made the right decision with the trip, while Dan points out if Libra had taken the letter, her husband would have written, "Dear Libra, why did you not take the trip?"
 Q & A with Julie Host Julie Chen asks Dan if his Catholic faith influences how he plays this game. Dan notes the first thing he is going to do when he gets out of the house is to go to confession. "How long is that going to last?" Julie jokes! Julie then asks Jerry if some of the things he said to Dan were said in the heat of the moment. Jerry says somewhat, but he still doesn't appreciate that with Dan "religion became a prop." Dan says Jerry's comments didn't really bother him, except that Jerry did not refer to high school teacher Dan as "Mr. Judas." Dan notes the only thing he can do in this house "is forgive him." When Julie asks Memphis how he felt when Jerry went off, he says when personal attacks happen, "my instinct is to stand up for the people I like." When asked who has surprised her the most in the house, Renny says, "They have all surprised me," and stresses that everyone is unique.

Head of Household Michelle then gets her one-on-one with Julie. Michelle feels April has become more attached to her because "a lot of the girls turned on her" when they voted out Jessie. "I keep my word in the house," Michelle says.

Julie wants to know if Michelle regrets all the criticism she threw at Libra. Michelle says she does not think Libra is a bad mother, but thinks Libra could make better decisions. "I do say a lot of things without thinking," Michelle admits. "I'm trying to change that about myself."
 And this week's eviction goes to… By a unanimous vote, Libra is evicted from the BIG BROTHER house. Once outside, Julie points out that Libra's alliance was one of the most volatile in the show's history. Libra notes there are a bunch of very similar type-A women in her alliance who "push the envelope a little bit," but she thinks outside the house and outside the competition they "would get along very well." Libra also says the house gave her a lot of credit for being the mastermind behind so many evictions. Julie then broaches the subject of her family. Libra concedes it is a paradox, since she has left her family to do something for her family. She is certain that the chance of winning the $500,000 prize could have definitely helped her family in the long run.

In Libra's goodbyes, Ollie tells her she "made a selfish decision" when she went against April's wishes and voted out Jessie. April tells her she made a "bad move" that came back to get her in the game. Renny tells her mother-to-mother they had an affinity and understanding for each other that no one else in the house could understand. Keesha tells Libra she will never forget her friendship and only wishes the best for her.
 And the new HoH is… Julie tells the remaining HouseGuests they are competing in the "Diary Room Confessions" game this week. They will be read quotes made in the DR by evicted HouseGuests, and then must figure out if the quotes are from Brian, Steven, Angie or Jessie. If a HouseGuest answers correctly, they not only get to stay in the game, they get to eliminate another player.

Julie asks which HouseGuest said in DR, "One of my naps finally paid off!" Renny rings in and answers Jessie. She is correct! Renny decides to eliminate April. Dan gets the next question correct, and decides to eliminate Jerry. Ollie is eliminated when he guesses the next question wrong. Memphis and Dan are the next two to go when they both guess wrong. This leaves Keesha and Renny!

Renny guesses the last question correctly, which makes the wig-loving New Orleans hairdresser the newest Head of Household!

How will the house react to the new HoH? And who will Renny nominate for eviction? Find out Sunday at 8pm t/pt on BIG BROTHER 10!