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Season 10: Episode 16 - Renny shows her power at this Week’s HoH as a special meal gets decidedly nasty
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 10:30am

"At least I know I'm a little more liked than Libra was," Keesha says in the aftermath of Libra's eviction. April reveals she wasn't sure if she had the four votes needed to evict Keesha, so she, her showmance Ollie and Jerry all decided to go with the house and boot Libra, which still makes her pretty happy. Michelle notes that Libra didn't give her a hug on her way out. "Too bad," a satisfied Michelle says. "She deserved to go home."

Renny does not like the look of the Memory Wall, since her picture is now isolated by the black-and-white images of evicted HouseGuests. "I look like a target," she says. But Renny is hardly a target for long, since she wins the HoH competition! As she turns over the HoH key, Michelle asks Renny if she is happy. "I got a little emotional," Renny explains, since she knows being HoH means the chance to see pictures of her family, including her beloved late mother.

Keesha is ecstatic over Renny's win since "the tables are turned" and one of her allies is calling the eviction shots. April knows she is a primary target for nomination. "This is where the game begins." Memphis is as happy as Keesha. "Perfect, perfect, perfect," Memphis says. "I know I'm not going up." Memphis should be careful, since Renny sees him as a threat who can use his charm to influence Renny's closest ally Keesha. "He worries me," Renny says.
 Note to Jerry: three's a crowd After the HoH Competition, Ollie tells April this sucks. April tells him to smile and reminds him this is just a game. The moment is ruined when Jerry parks himself on the couch across from the couple. "There is absolutely not a moment with me and Ollie without Jerry appearing," April grouses.

At the same time Keesha and Memphis quietly celebrate in the Pink bedroom. "It actually couldn't have went any better," Keesha tells him. April and Ollie interrupt the conversation as they flee Jerry and head to the Black Bedroom. "Do you think they are going up?" Memphis asks. "I hope so," Keesha says.

April and Ollie get under the covers and continue to whisper about the change in the house and the risks they face this week. Jerry comes in and plops himself down. Even Jerry can't break April's focus on winning. "You just gotta play the game," April whispers, "don't let the game play you. Game on."
 Renny keeps her friend close-but is it too close? In the Hippie Bedroom Renny broaches the subject of Memphis with Keesha. Renny wants to know if Memphis has promised Keesha something in the end. Keesha says no, and Renny tells her that she doesn't think he would bring her to the final two, since he couldn't win. Keesha says the only person who would bring her to the end is Renny. And Renny tells her she feels the same about Keesha. "He is very sly," Renny says. "He is a good player."
This conversation unsettles Keesha. "Renny worries me," she says. Keesha doesn't want Memphis to go, and needs Renny to keep her nomination sights on the other side of the house, namely the alliance that is April and Ollie.

Usually HouseGuests enter their HoH Suite happy, and then break down once they see some pictures of the folks at home. Not Renny. She is so worked up about seeing images of her late parents she sobs the moment the door opens. Michelle, Keesha and April go in with her, as the men wait outside. Michelle wonders if they should all give her a moment, but Renny insists they stay. Jerry notes he's getting to see a different side of Renny, who is usually the House clown. Renny notes that if her parents were alive today they would enjoy watching her Big Brother experience.
 Renny works Michelle In a conversation with Michelle in her HoH Suite, Renny tells her she likes her and considers her a tough competitor. Renny asks her point blank if she would put her up. Michelle says absolutely not. Renny wants to know if Michelle would swear on the Bible, or on her parents. Michelle notes that swearing on her parents is a very serious thing. "You know I'm like your momma," a crafty Renny says. Renny reveals to Michelle she doesn't like the growing Keesha/Memphis friendship. While they both agree April is a primary target, Renny shows she is taking the threat of Memphis very seriously.
 Good thing there aren't a side of worms on the menu Renny comes out and announces it is time for the food competition. The house needs to break into two teams, red and blue. Dan, Michelle, April and Keesha are team red, while Ollie, Memphis and Jerry are team blue. Renny announces she will be serving team blue, while Keesha volunteers to serve for team red.

Once they are all outside, Dan knows something is up, since he sees a well-dressed table with a big silver platter. In the BIG BROTHER house, Dan knows silver platters mean there is "something nasty" about to be uncovered, and the HouseGuests will be eating it!

Renny explains there is a limited menu today, since the only choices are slop, pig ears and "freaking crickets." For this food competition, the HouseGuests are playing the BIG BROTHER version of rock, paper, scissors, where slop "drowns" pig ears, pig ears "silence" crickets, and crickets "top" slop. The teams will take on each other one-on-one and fill out on a board with their food pick. The person who wins the rock, paper, scissors part with their choice then has to eat what they wrote down. If they eat their choice, their team gets a point! The first team that gets to four points has food for the week, while the losing team gets stuck on slop.

Dan and Memphis go head-to-head first. Dan chooses crickets, which tops Memphis' choice of slop. Keesha then brings out a lovely platter of the crunchy little creatures. Dan says grace before chowing down. Despite some smack talk from the blue team, Dan garners his team a point!

Ollie and Michelle are up next, with Michelle trumping Ollie with crickets. She wolfs them down even faster than Dan, which scored the red team their second point. Jerry beats April in the second round for the privilege of eating a huge bowl of slop. Jerry has been on slop for over three weeks, so this game is important to him. Jerry struggles to wolf it down, which concerns blue teammate Memphis. "It couldn't be that hard to eat at this point. Jerry prevails and gets the blue team their first point.

Memphis bests Dan, and gets the first crack at the pig ears. He eats them in one shot, but notes there was definitely a moment when he thought they were coming back up. This ties things up for Michelle and Ollie, until Michelle pulls pig ears. A good Portuguese girl, Michelle has eaten plenty of pigs ears growing up. Dan tells her to "savor the taste" as she nibbles on them like she was eating a piece of candy.

With the score 3-2, April beats Jerry for the right to eat pigs ears. "I haven't eaten pork since I was 13," April reveals. Despite her vegetarian tendencies, April eats them right up, securing the red team a victory!

Renny announces there is a consolation for the losing team. They will be able to eat one special food selected by America earlier in the week. The HouseGuests go inside to find giant lollipops! This cheers up Ollie, who notes he can eat candy "until I'm blue in the face." As Ollie dives into his first giant lolly, he says, "Thank you, America. You're a lifesaver!"
 Can Ollie save himself? Dan makes his way up to Renny's HoH Suite to ask if he is in danger this week. Renny tells him no, but lets him know she may need a pawn. Renny wants to get someone from the Jerry, April and Ollie group to go, but doesn't want to make any more enemies than she has to. Dan, who is joined by Memphis, Keesha and Michelle, tries to tell Renny the pawn strategy often has unintended consequences. The discussion then turns to Ollie. "I want to know where he is," Renny says. Michelle brings him up, and the rest of the HouseGuests leave to let them talk. Ollie tells Renny he is in this for the game and not his showmance. Renny indicates she is thinking of putting him and April up. Ollie goes into a pitch on why one of her nominees should be Jerry, who annoys everyone and put Renny on the block the first week. Ollie makes some good arguments. Has he just dodged a nomination for himself?
 Time for nominations!
Dan notes the "darlin' from New Orleans" is unpredictable and can do anything. April says being nominated is hard to swallow for her since she is "such a nice person." Ollie feels he is at the most risk of being nominated, while Memphis says if he goes up that would be a mistake on Renny's part.

Renny reveals Dan is the first safe HouseGuest. Keesha's key comes next, followed by Ollie and Memphis. Jerry and April are this week's nominees! Renny tells April she is a "tough cookie" and a big threat, while she lets Jerry know he did put her on the block.

Keesha is disappointed Renny chose not to nominate Ollie, something that makes April very happy, even though she got put on the block. Who will win the Power of Veto? And will the Power of Veto be used on April or Jerry? Find out Tuesday at 9pm et/pt on BIG BROTHER 10!