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Season 10: Episode 17 - Big Boys Don’t Cry
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 10:30am

"Big boys don't cry," Jerry tells Renny after her nominations for eviction. Jerry is up on the block along with April, who notes she is tough but still finds it hard not to take her nomination personally. April should take it personally, since Renny sees Jerry as a pawn to make sure April goes home. The most relieved person in the house is Ollie, who convinced Renny at the last minute he should not go up on the block. "Renny heard me out," he says, "thank the Lord." Dan is befuddled by Renny's nominations. "Why is it not April and Ollie together?" he asks. "There is something strange about these nominations. It leaves me to believe Renny made a secret deal with Ollie."

In the Hippie Bedroom Dan tells Memphis he is concerned Renny has a deal with Ollie and either one of them or Keesha could go up on the block if the wrong person uses the Power of Veto. Meanwhile in the Black Bedroom April congratulates Ollie for staying off the block before Ollie tells her he doesn't think he would go up on the block even if the PoV is used. It seems Dan and Ollie are thinking the same thing!
 Picking for PoV "The one name I do not want to see come out of that bag is Ollie's," Dan says. Not surprisingly, Ollie feels as strongly as Dan about the selection for PoV competition players. "It is a necessity for my name to come out of that bag," he counters. Once Renny has rounded everyone up, she picks Dan's name out of the bag. Nominee April is up next and picks Keesha. Jerry is the last to pick. Who will it be? Jerry reaches in and picks-Ollie!

In the Sauna Room April jumps on Ollie in celebration. Ollie can't believe his was the last name to come out of the bag. Ollie and April are happy, but Memphis, Keesha and Dan are mopey. In the Hippie Bedroom Dan notes this is the worst-case scenario. Memphis thinks he or Dan will go up if the Veto is used. "Don't be so sure," Keesha shoots back. Memphis notes that he used to think he could somewhat trust Renny, but at this point she has totally lost it for him. Have fun sitting on the sidelines for the Veto Competition, Memphis!
 Creepies and Crawlies The HouseGuests come out to find the backyard transformed into a scary, gory graveyard, complete with a real live python! Even though he is upset by the bones, caskets and "outright evil" all around him, confirmed ornithobic Ollie freaks out when he sees a stuffed crow. "I was this close to wetting my pants," Ollie admits.

Veto Competition host Michelle informs the players they have five minutes to look at all the displays around them. Dan begins counting immediately while the other players check out a box of Madagascar hissing cockroaches. A few HouseGuests explore the little beasts, but Keesha refuses to put her hand in the box.

Michelle then explains the object of the game is to earn three points. The answers to the questions will always be an amount. Once the players reveal their answers, they can then choose to stay or fold. Players who fold can't get a point but will stay in the game. Only people who stay have a chance to win, but the player whose guess is furthest from the answer gets eliminated.

The first question is to guess in inches the length of the python in inches. Ollie, Dan April and Keesha all fold after seeing Jerry and Renny's guesses. Michelle announces the python is 260 inches long, which scores Jerry the point and gets Renny eliminated. April is extremely excited. "One down, three more to go," she says.

For question No. 2, Michelle shows them what a voodoo doll with 50 pins looks like. She then shows them eight voodoo dolls that look suspiciously like the Houseguests! How many pins are in all eight dolls? Ollie and Dan fold after revealing their guesses, which leaves Jerry, April and Keesha in the game. Jerry wins his second point with his guess of 1,160 pins (he was only off by 40!). Hopes are dashed for April when she hears she's the player with a guess furthest from the answer. Ollie notes the pressure "intensified immensely" with April out.

Michelle then asks the players how many cockroaches are in the big box. Keesha immediately knows she's at a disadvantage. Jerry is the only player to fold. After everyone's guess, Michelle wants to know if they want to see inside the box. Keesha immediately says no! The total number of cockroaches is 195. Jerry mutters to himself he should have stayed, since he answered 100 and the winner, Dan, guessed 68. Keesha is eliminated as Dan gets his first point.

The fourth question has the players guess how many ounces of blood are in a series of glasses and bowls on a table. Dan notes that from their body language he could tell Jerry and Ollie were both nervous about their answers, so he decides to stay as they fold. Dan is automatically the winner, putting both him and Jerry one point away from winning!

The last question involves guessing the number of nails in a large bed of nails. Jerry and Ollie guess numbers over 1,000 while Dan guesses 766. Everyone stays, and when the nail count is revealed, Dan is crowned the winner! Jerry reveals he feels "a little disheartened" for throwing the game away, while Ollie notes he let April and himself down. Dan notes that Renny "messed up nominations," and he might have to use the PoV to "finally get the job done."
 Playing the Veto April tells Ollie that despite losing the Veto, she has a way to sway Dan to use the Veto in her favor. She still has in her possession five gold bars worth $5,000 from her prize win in the hockey Power of Veto competition from a few weeks back. April can bribe Dan with some of the bars in exchange for his vote!

Dan decides to talk to Jerry about the Veto, since he wants to figure out where Jerry is before deciding whether or not to use the medallion and shake up the nominations. In a big change in attitude from last week when Jerry called Dan "Judas," Jerry is now apologetic, telling Dan he took a nasty shot at him that was uncalled for. Jerry also promises him his loyalty "will be to those who help me stay." He also adds that he hopes he can count on Dan and Memphis this week when it comes time to vote.

Dan sees the meeting as a successful one and wonders if using the Veto to save Jerry would be a good move. "It's a great chance to turn an enemy into a friend," Dan explains. "I would have zero enemies in the house." So use the Veto or lose it? Dan tells Memphis, "I'd rather make a move and lose than sit back and wait until something is done to me."
 "I'll buy Dan for up to $5,000" April decides to suss Dan out by the pool. "Where's your head at," she asks him, noting she is frustrated that she is the target when Jerry is the one that almost won three PoV's in a row. April says she doesn't know what Jerry offered him, and DAN offers up the lie that Jerry has given him nothing. April tells Dan if she stays, neither she nor Ollie will come after him. She also throws out the offer of their word plus a "a little cash or something." After some more chit-chat, April once again indirectly holds up the gold bars, telling Dan if there is anything she can give him or tell him he should let her know. Dan keeps it open and tells her to let him think about it. The offer has been made!
 Dan goes fact finding In a conversation in the HoH Suite, Dan brings up using the Veto to Renny. "If Jerry comes off who do you put up," he asks. "When?" Renny asks back. "The block," Dan says, "if I take Jerry off." Renny seems surprised by the question. "I'd have to think about that," she says, before adding she will probably look at him "as a traitor" if he uses the Veto. Dan talks about how the game is getting crazy as it builds to the big finish. He notes they all have to decide who to trust. "Oh I trust you," Renny tells him. "I think you'd keep them the same."
 Time for the Veto Ceremony Dan says using this Veto is about "dealing with risk and reward" and deciding "what's worth it to me to get to the $500,000 at the end." Once everyone is assembled in the living room, Jerry offers a public apology to Dan and congratulates him on his win. April does the same, minus the apology. Dan tells them he respects them both and appreciates that both of them came to talk to him. Dan also notes that one of them brought the offer of money along with their pitch to stay, which surprises Michelle and Renny. Despite the monetary offer, DAN decides not use the PoV. Jerry notes this game is going to get "pretty violent" soon, while Ollie realizes it's time to go to Plan B and scrape up some votes for April to stay. April calls herself a "realist" about her chances of staying and warns that if she knows she is going, she will become a "bitch" to everyone in the house!

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