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Season 10: Episode 19 - “If you’re going to be a monkey, be a gorilla.”
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 10:30am

"If you're going to be a monkey, be a gorilla," Dan says as the HouseGuests endure the King of the Jungle HoH competition. The rules are simple: whoever hangs on to his or her vine the longest will be the new Head of Household. But it turns out Dan, Keesha, Ollie, Jerry, Michelle and Memphis have to do more than hang, since the vines also have a habit of swinging down and slamming the players into a padded wall!

Memphis is in it to win it, but feels if either his secret alliance partner, Dan (they call themselves the Renegades), or his closest friend in the house Keesha wins, it is unlikely he would go up on the chopping block. "It's me against the world," Ollie says, who describes himself as "distraught" over his girlfriend April's eviction. His only ally left is Michelle, who notes, "We both want to get vengeance for April."

Keesha is happy to see April go, but the person most pleased is Renny. "As far as I was concerned my HOH reign was a success," she says after seeing April go out the door. Dan notes April offered him some of her gold bars as a bribe to stay in the house, but he states he's not here to win five grand, but $500,000. Keesha wonders how Ollie will play now that April is no longer there to support him, but Ollie realizes he has to take his game to the next level so he can win the HoH competition "for her and myself."

The HouseGuests soon realize the wall is more than just something to be slammed against, since they can grab balloons filled with a mystery liquid and throw them at one another. DAN describes the competition as a "carnival ride from hell" since they are "not getting off anytime soon." Jerry struggles when the vine cuts into his groin, but Dan figures out that straightening his legs helps him relieve strain.

After about 40 minutes on the vine, Jerry lets the pain take over and drops out of the competition. Jerry says things start to hurt quick when you're 75, but Renny notes that everyone else up there looks like they are hurting too.

Michelle considers herself an innocent bystander when Memphis throws a balloon at Ollie and it slams into her, covering her in the liquid. Memphis isn't too sympathetic to Michelle's complaints. "It's a water balloon," he says. "Chill out." Despite getting slammed with the balloon, Michelle is not the next one to drop. That honor goes to Keesha, who is going numb in the legs. "I hate losing," she says, explaining that she is praying Ollie and Michelle are the next two to fall.

The repetitive body slams into the wall finally take their toll on Michelle, who drops after two hours on the vine. Ollie realizes he has to win this if he wants to stay safe, since he is now competing against Memphis and Dan for the HoH. Memphis notes it is now the Renegades against Ollie. Jerry tells Keesha and Renny that Ollie is determined this time while Renny notes it won't be much longer for Memphis.

Turns out Renny is right, since Memphis finally drops after just over three hours of hang time. Dan just wants to stay one second longer than Ollie. But guess what? Ollie wants to stay up there, too!
 It's Ollie vs. Dan With just two players left in the HoH competition, the wheeling and dealing between Ollie and Dan begins. Dan tells Ollie the only reason he is still in it is to see a picture of his girlfriend Monica. "I won't last another day if I don't see her," Dan tells Ollie. Dan then asks Ollie what he wants. Ollie tells him he wants to win. But it becomes clear Ollie wants more than protection. "That's when the wheels in my head started spinning," Dan says, since he wants to stick to his plan to seem like a weak player. Besides safety for the week, Dan offers Ollie the choice of one of his two nominations plus the ability to pick a replacement nominee if the veto is used. Ollie is delighted with the offer. "Ladies and gentlemen, you're looking at the HoH," Ollie says, explaining that despite not having the private suite and pictures from home, "I'm calling the shots." Dan calls it the worst deal in BIG BROTHER history, but is very confident it will work out or he wouldn't have done it. Keesha can't hear the conversation between Ollie and Dan, but knows there is some sort of deal going down.

Suddenly Ollie drops, and Dan finds himself the new HoH. Keesha and Memphis should be happy their guy won the competition, but they worry Dan made some "funky assed" deal that may come back to haunt them. Meanwhile Ollie tells Michelle he hit the jackpot this week in terms of what he secured from Dan. Michelle wants to know if Dan asked for safety next week; Ollie tells her no. "I got a steal," he tells a shocked Michelle. "This is the best case scenario for me. That's three deals in one."
 HoH Aftermath When Memphis goes to talk to Dan in the Pink Bedroom, he tells Memphis things may get sticky this week. Meanwhile in the Hippie Bedroom, Renny and Keesha worry about what Dan may have done. When Memphis comes in and tells them none of this makes sense. None of them want to think Dan made a really bad deal that might harm their game, but Memphis catches on that something is up. "It sucks," Memphis says. "I thought I could trust him to make a decision. I'm going to have to take this game into my own hands."
 Another fine performance by Dan During his HoH Suite move in, Dan is excited to show the other HouseGuests pictures of his parents, his football team, and his girlfriend Monica. Everyone notices the black shirt emblazoned with "taken" on it, clearly a gift from Monica. Memphis notes Monica has Dan on a tight leash. "You wouldn't catch me dead in a 'taken' t-shirt," Memphis mutters. After some prodding, Dan reads his letter from home, where he decides he should play up the emotions a bit to give the impression he is a bit of a softie. Everyone seems to buy Dan's soap opera acting. Renny says she thinks a man's best asset is to show his emotion, but after everyone leaves the HoH Suite Dan wipes away his fake tears and says to himself, "game on."
 Ollie reseals the deal In their first post-HoH Suite conversation Ollie asks Dan if his choice for nominations is Jerry. Dan says it is, and notes that Jerry is a no-brainer since they have had conflict in the past. Dan is disappointed to find out Ollie wants to nominate Memphis. Dan says nothing, since he doesn't want Ollie to know he has an alliance with Memphis. Dan hopes Memphis doesn't blow his top, and sees this move as a huge risk.
 An unhappy Memphis Memphis goes to Dan and asks him point blank if Ollie is trying to put him on the block. Dan says he made a deal where he gave up a lot. Memphis raises the issue of who exactly has the HoH this week, but Dan tells him he has to trust him. Memphis notes it's not about trusting him, it's about trusting everyone else in the house who will actually vote on who goes home.

After this conversation, Dan decides to make sure he has the votes to keep Memphis in the house. He approaches Keesha with the idea of a final four that would include the two of them plus Memphis and Renny. Keesha is fine with it, but tells him her concern is loose cannon Renny. As if on cue, Renny comes up to the HoH Suite and Dan broaches the subject with her. Renny says she can't trust Memphis since she thinks he is a dog. Keesha and Dan seem to have convinced Renny, but Dan can't believe he's putting his entire game in the hands from a woman who wears boas and wigs.

Memphis is still unsure about the plan, and tells Dan he doesn't see how a two-person alliance wins by putting one of the two people up on the block. He drives it home when he tells Dan that he would be the last person he would ever put up on the block. In a conversation with himself in his HoH Suite, Dan struggles with his nominations. So who is going up on the block?
 And the nominees are… Jerry hopes there are no sour grapes with Dan. Ollie notes that Dan better follow through with his promises, or he will be revealed as a liar. Memphis is steamed he's even in a position to wonder if he is going up on the block. Dan brings everyone into the house, and reveals (thanks to his deal with Ollie) one of his nominees is not his. Dan then announces Ollie is safe. Ollie pulls Renny's key. Keesha is revealed as safe, followed by Michelle. Jerry and Memphis are on the block!

Dan gives Memphis a coded message in his explanations when he tells Memphis, "some people may say vagabond, I say you're a Renegade." Memphis is not impressed. Jerry says it doesn't feel good to be nominated but he plans on taking it in stride. Ollie notes that everyone will be shocked to find out he also has control over the Veto. Memphis rejects a handshake from Dan, who still feels his risky plan is on track. Memphis says the plan doesn't make any sense. "If my faith lies with Father Dan, God help us all."

Who will win the Power of Veto? And will the winner use it to save Jerry or Memphis? Find out on Tuesday at 9pm et/pt on BIG BROTHER 10!