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Season 15: Episode 1 - A House Like No Other
Posted on Jun 27, 2013 02:30pm

Welcome back to the biggest season of BIG BROTHER ever! Sixteen brand new HouseGuests are moving into the house in the hopes of winning the coveted $500,000 prize, but in the classic “expect the unexpected” spirit of BIG BROTHER, the biggest change to the rules in 15 seasons is going to shake up how everyone is playing the game!

This summer the BIG BROTHER house takes on a Mid-Century, Golden Age of Flight feel, with New Orleans pediatric speech therapist Candice, Staten Island pageant coordinator GinaMarie, Tennessee property appraiser Judd and Chicago professor Andy entering the front door first. The second group of HouseGuests to enter features North Carolina yoga instructor Elissa, Texas boat shop associate Jeremy, Minneapolis bartender Kaitlin and Minnesota pizza delivery boy McCrae. If Elissa looks familiar, she should—her sister is none other than BIG BROTHER season 13 winner Rachel!

Next up is Mississippi family counselor Howard, New York entrepreneur Nick, unemployed Texan Jessie and Chicago political consultant Helen, who calls entering the BIG BROTHER house the equivalent of “meeting your favorite celebrity of all time.” The final group is made up of Texas college student Aaryn, Florida realtor Amanda, Arkansas train conductor Spencer and San Diego surfer David. Spencer notes everyone is all smiles, but he admits his attitude is, “nice to meet you, can’t wait until you’re gone.”

After the bubbly is popped, GinaMarie gets the meet and greet started. After David’s brief introduction, Judd is less worried that he will be considered the dumbest guy in the house. Jessie thinks Jeremy looks like “that guy out of that Twilight movie,” and wonders if he will turn into a werewolf during competitions. Helen introduces herself as a mom, and deliberately omits political consultant from her resume. Kaitlin is excited for a “gaymance” with Andy, but Jeremy wants more than that from Kaitlin. Spencer gets irritated by GinaMarie’s laugh, while several HouseGuests wonder if McCrae is really just a pizza boy. Elissa neglects to mention her famous sister, but Judd’s sure there’s something suspicious about her.

The game gets moving quick when Jeremy, Howard and Spencer form a secret alliance, but Jeremy is shocked when Jessie and David pull him aside to start another partnership. Before Jeremy can find himself in a third alliance, host Julie Chen chimes into the living room. She tells the HouseGuests the first big twist of the summer—for season 15, there will not be two nominees for eviction every week; there will be three! “I was definitely not expecting that, “Andy says. Julie further explains the third nominee will not be chosen by the Head of Household, but stops short of telling the HouseGuests any more details.

There’s no time for questions, because the HouseGuests hustle outside for the first HoH competition of the summer, “Popsicle Factory.” Julie explains the rules: each HouseGuest will climb onto their own giant popsicle and be lifted off the ground. The last HouseGuest hanging on will be crowned the first HoH of the summer. McCrae already feels like an outcast, so he’s playing hard, but so is Elissa, who feels she has a sisterly target on her back. Things get difficult when the HouseGuests get sprayed with cold water and whacked by a giant tongue. Candice tells Judd that Elissa looks like BIG BROTHER winner Rachel, and the light bulb goes off in his head—they’re related! For the time being, Judd decides to keep this revelation to himself.

As HouseGuests drop, Nick commits to staying on his popsicle for the HoH win. After three hours up there, Jeremy notes “gravity is not my friend.” Nick isn’t surprised to see muscly Jeremy and surfer David holding on for so long, but pizza boy McCrae? Who knew?

Julie chimes in to spice the competition up. She points out two lunch pails. One contains a “Never Not Pass,” which means the holder would never be a Have Not for the entire summer—no cold showers, no uncomfortable bed, and no slop. The first person to drop gets to pick first. After some goading from Jeremy, David drops and picks the empty lunch pail. “Total freakin’ bummer,” he says. Almost immediately Jeremy drops and snags the Never Not Pass, which irritates Jeremy’s alliance partner Howard. It comes down to Nick and McCrae left in the competition. Nick gets McCrae to assure him he won’t be voted out and then drops from his popsicle. McCrae is crowned the first HoH of the summer! Julie calls everyone into the living room and congratulates McCrae on his win before further explaining the rules pertaining to the third nominee.

This summer America will vote every week on the HouseGuest who they think is playing the best game. That person will then be named the BIG BROTHER Most Valuable Player, and they will make the third nomination. This “BB MVP” will be informed of their status in secret, and he or she will make their nomination in secret, with no obligation to reveal his or her identity. The BB MVP’s nomination will be revealed weekly during the player selection ceremony for the Power of Veto competition. Nick likes the twist—it’s completely anonymous, so you can nominate someone for eviction without getting blood on your hands. Aaryn admits this is the last thing she expected, while McCrae realizes neither of his nominees could go home this week. “It’s gonna be a crazy summer,” Howard predicts.

Who will McCrae nominate for eviction? And who will be the first Have Nots of the summer? Tune in Sunday, June 30 at 8pm ET/PT for BIG BROTHER on CBS!