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Season 15: Episode 2 - Episode 2
Posted on Jul 1, 2013 12:00am

“Such a crazy twist,” Andy says about the BIG BROTHER Most Valuable Player revelation. Nick notes getting named MVP by America gives one lucky HouseGuest a lot of anonymous power in naming a third eviction nominee. Head of Household McCrae realizes that he can now tick off two HouseGuests with his nominations, and have both those embittered players in the House after his week in power is over. Aaryn thinks the MVP is “awesome,” because she is confident America will give her this new power.

Later in the parlour room, Jeremy and Judd talk about the women of the house and how they are likely to get the MVP over the men. Jeremy jokes Kaitlin would be his personal MVP, while Judd talks about his attraction for GinaMarie and a host of other female HouseGuests. Jeremy notes his strategy going forward may me to schedule snuggle sessions with all of them.

In the bathroom, Kaitlin, Jessie and Aaryn give code names to some of the single men in the house they find attractive. David gets the moniker “Ken” (as in Barbie), Nick gets “Big,” and Jeremy gets “Sailor.” Soon the House is all back together when McCrae shows everyone this season’s HoH Suite. GinaMarie and Candice are both impressed by the swanky penthouse feel, but McCrae promises he won’t get “HoH-itis,” a disease that knocked out several former HouseGuests. This gets everyone joking about former HouseGuest Rachel. There’s one exception, however--Elissa. She is still hiding the fact that Rachel is her sister, and does her best to play down any awkwardness. “That definitely puts a target on my back,” she explains.

Moving up, or out?
Later that night during a game of hacky sack, Nick proposes an alliance to Jeremy. He thinks the two of them plus Spencer, Howard and McCrae would be a formidable team. Jeremy is excited Nick wants to work with him and two other people he is already aligned with, so Jeremy quickly accepts. Nick then goes around the house offering out invitations, which culminates in the five men meeting in McCrae’s HoH Suite and agreeing to a name suggested by Spencer- -the Moving Company. Nick thinks they have to watch out for David, who is building an alliance of his own, even if it is less strategic and more emotional.

David is sidling up to Aaryn, who likes David for his game play but also his looks. David is all in when he reveals he’s hoping for a showmance this summer. “I’m ready for some action, yo,” he explains. David isn’t the only one scoping out potential love. Jessie finds several guys cute, which annoys Amanda, who compares Jessie to a “little girl at a Justin Bieber concert.” In the meantime Judd tells McCrae a suspicion he’s been working since the meet and greet; Elissa is probably Rachel’s sister! McCrae is quickly convinced, and predicts the whole house will be talking about it soon. With Judd leading the charge, everyone starts whispering about the likelihood of Elissa’s family connections. Aaryn is 100 percent convinced, and notes this makes Elissa a shady player. “What else is she hiding at this point,” Aaryn asks.

The Elissa gossip stops when McCrae announces its time for the first Have/ HaveNot competition of the summer! The HouseGuests split into three teams of five before going out to the back yard, which has been transformed into a summer camp complete with a pond! McCrae explains they are playing “Cooler and the Gang,” where one member of each team will have to traverse the pond in an inner tube, dive into an ice-cold beer chest, and retrieve cans of soda. The cans are then built into a pyramid on a plank being held up by the four remaining team members. Each team member rotates out until they have completed a pyramid of 15 balanced cans. Playing for the red team, Howard has a rough start, while Jeremy dominates for the blue team. Candice gets impatient and cranky with her yellow team members, but lifeguard David quickly makes up for it with his fast work in the pond. Red team faces a setback wen their pyramid collapses, but they get a break when yellow has the same mishap. Blue team takes first place, but yellow team quickly recovers, leaving the red team— Howard, Helen, Andy, Judd and Elissa—the Have Nots for the week.

Fasten those seat belts

Besides being on a forced Slop diet and stuck with cold showers, the unlucky quintet also have to sleep in the Have Not room, which is reconfigured as the airline flight from hell! The beds have all been replaced with non-reclining coach aircraft seats, but Amanda sees a silver lining—by the end of the week, they all might be able to join the mile high club.

In a post-competition post mortem, Kaitlin rags on Candice for her bad teammate behavior, which doesn’t go unnoticed by HoH McCrae. Later that night, Amanda goes to McCrae and suggests the annoying Jessie for eviction. A delegation led by Aaryn approaches McCrae and brings up Elissa for the chopping block, while the Moving Company wonders if David is a good candidate. Sensing trouble, Elissa goes to McCrae and outs herself as Rachel’s sister. As a super fan, McCrae wants to work with Elissa, but doesn’t want to go against the wishes of a growing number of HouseGuests who want her out.

Before he knows it, McCrae finds himself at the nomination ceremony. After all the keys are pulled, Jessie and Candice are on the block. McCrae calls Candice “very strong” and complements Jessie on being “socially savvy.” Jessie is angry, Candice is teary, and Elissa is pleasantly surprised. McCrae hopes he didn’t make any enemies, and looks forward to the MVP putting up a power player. So who will be the first MVP of the season? And the third eviction nominee? And the Power of Veto winner? Find out Tuesday, July 2 at 9pm ET/PT on BIG BROTHER on CBS!