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Season 15: Episode 3 - Episode 3
Posted on Jul 3, 2013 12:00am

Head of Household McCrae is very satisfied with his nominees for eviction, Candice and Jessie. In the kitchen Candice tells the house she isn’t going to cry over her nomination because BIG BROTHER is just a game, but when she gets into the Diary Room the tears start rolling because she doesn’t want to be the first person to go home. Meanwhile Nick and Jeremy celebrate in the storage room. Their alliance, the Moving Company, is in a prime position in the house because their ally McCrae is the HoH and none of their alliance members are up on the block. Nick doesn’t care who goes home, as long as it is not himself, Jeremy, Howard, Spencer or McCrae.

One of the big topics in the house is who will be named the season’s first MVP. The general consensus is Elissa—who everyone assumes is the sister of BIG BROTHER winner Rachel—will get the honor because of her sister’s fan base. Jeremy is particularly irritated about this possibility, because the MVP gets the power of naming a third eviction nominee. Elissa is still trying to prevent the whole house from knowing who she is, so she playfully suggests in one HoH suite conversation that her sister is the supermodel Gisele Bundchen. A few HouseGuests laugh, but Jeremy, who doesn’t know who Gisele Bundchen is, thinks it’s another example of Elissa’s dishonesty.

In Diary Room Elissa finds out she is the MVP for the week. She can keep this power a secret, but immediately after learning of her honor, she tells her sometime ally HoH McCrae. She wants some advice on who to nominate, and McCrae quickly steers her away from the idea of nominating Nick, and pushes her towards non-Moving Company member David. The conversation goes well until McCrae drops a bomb—if there is a change up in his two nominations, he might be compelled to nominate Elissa as his replacement!

Blondes in the Hammock

Outside on the hammock David hangs with Aaryn. It turns out the pair are starting a bit of a showmance. The flirting comes to an abrupt halt when McCrae announces it is time to pick players for the Veto competition. Before players can be picked, however, the HouseGuests learn whom the MVP selected as the third eviction nominee. Aaryn is stunned when David goes on the block! Aaryn tries to console David, who is mopey and wonders if he is alone in the house. When Aayrn tries to remind him he’s got her, David doesn’t seem to understand and wanders off for a trip to the bathroom. Rejected by her showmance, Aaryn goes off for a cry in the parlour room. David comes to find her, and when Aaryn expresses her frustrations, David doesn’t get it, and says in Diary Room he doesn’t understand why Aaryn is so upset, considering he’s the one up on the block.

Meanwhile Jeremy tells Elissa he’s jealous he’s not getting the chance to compete, and points out she’s the likely MVP thanks to her famous model sister. Elissa then denies she ever said that, which further infuriates Jeremy.

Model Behavior?
Upstairs in the HoH room, Amanda tells McCrae he needs to throw the Veto competition. It turns out Amanda and McCrae are developing their own side alliance. To show he means business, McCrae reveals to Amanda that Elissa is the MVP. This solidifies their relationship, but it also confirms for Amanda that Elissa is someone to target for eviction. Unannounced, Elissa comes into the HoH room and Amanda takes off. Before the door even closes McCrae admits he spilled the beans to Amanda. Downstairs, Amanda gathers some HouseGuests to break up the conversation, including Jeremy, who confronts Elissa on her supermodel tall tales. Elissa notes she was joking, and thinks it’s absurd anyone would believe she was actually related to Gisele Bundchen. Jeremy taunts Elissa, who suggests Jeremy should save his bullying for the male members of the house.

The tension breaks when the the HouseGuests learn this week’s Veto competition is being guest hosted by Marcela Valladolid, a judge on THE AMERICAN BAKING COMPETITION on CBS. The backyard is transformed into a huge kitchen for “BIG BROTHER Baking Competition,” where the six Veto players must crawl under a giant rolling pin to pop open “blueberries” that contain letters. The player who correctly spells the longest word wins the Power of Veto. Elissa is eliminated with the two-word entry “pot roast,” and HoH McCrae racks up another win with the very apt word “delivery.” Post competition, Nick heads up to the HoH suite and encourages McCrae to keep his nominations the same. Nick thinks this may be a great opportunity to get the strong David out of the house, and thinks Elissa could be valuable if she wins MVP again.

It’s time for the Veto Meeting! McCrae gathers everyone to the living room, where he uses the Veto to save Candice and names Elissa his new nominee. He tells Elissa she has “created a lot of waves” and it would be “better for the harmony of the house” if she went home this week. David is still “not too thrilled” to be on the block, but thinks the two women sitting next to him are more likely to go home. Elissa is sad because McCrae betrayed her trust, but in Diary Room McCrae reveals his real target isn’t Elissa! Who will be the first evicted HouseGuest of the season? And how will the power change in the house when a new HoH is crowned? Find out live Wednesday, June 3 at 8pm ET/PT on BIG BROTHER on CBS!