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Season 15: Episode 4 - Episode 4
Posted on Jul 8, 2013 12:15pm

Eviction nominee David is confident he will survive the week, but Nick reveals in Diary Room it is his personal mission to save Elissa from going home. Elissa feels betrayed by Head of Household McCrae, but this wake up call tells her it’s time to play a different game. In the HoH Suite, Elissa comes out to Andy and Amanda about being BIG BROTHER winner Rachel’s sister and being this week’s MVP. Andy says this is a “game changing moment” for him, and thinks Elissa is now someone he can work with.

It turns out David and Aaryn aren’t the only showmance in the house. Jeremy and Kaitlin are also spending a lot of flirt time together, with Jeremy heating things up when he rips his shirt off to impress her. Meanwhile the Have Nots for the week—Elissa, Helen, Judd, Howard and Andy—are very excited that their food and shower restrictions are about to expire. Amanda suggests the entire house wait until midnight to open the communal bottle of wine, so everyone can enjoy the expiration together. At about 11pm, Aaryn and Jeremy open the bottle early. Jeremy grabs the bottle from the storage room, and pours a huge glass for Aaryn. “I just wanted to have a drink,” she explains, noting she doesn’t care about anyone else in the house.

At the stroke of midnight, Helen, Elissa and Andy hug each other before the house starts asking where the wine is. Amanda suggests they look at people’s teeth, because any wine stain will be readily apparent. Aaryn walks through the kitchen and feels she is getting “death stares” from the Have Nots. Outside by the hot tub Aaryn tells Jeremy there is confusion in the kitchen over the bottle of wine, and then exaggerates what Amanda said to imply there was more overt anger about the vino. “I know I’m stirring the pot, but they deserve a smack down,” Aaryn explains in Diary Room. This riles up Jeremy, who goes inside and cops to drinking the wine while aggressively suggesting everyone in the kitchen was blaming others for his actions. “I’m really confused, “Helen says, as Elissa points out who was standing next to him, enjoying the exchange the whole time—Aaryn! Andy feels that Aaryn is the head of the snake in this, and Jeremy is nothing more than the snake’s “hulking ridiculous large body.”

Amanda goes outside and gets into it with Jeremy, who initially tells Amanda to “shut up.” Inside a tearful Helen feels bad that Amanda is taking a verbal attack from Jeremy. “It doesn’t need to be like this,” she cries as Elissa comforts her. Jeremy and Amanda got at it until she finally breaks down and cries out that she is sick of the drama. “If you think it’s bad wait a few weeks,” Jeremy warns her.

Unexpected Romance

After things calm down, another house showmance is revealed. Up in the HoH suite, McCrae welcomes someone to share his bed with him—Amanda! “Crazier things have happened,” she notes. Meanwhile Aaryn and David consult in the storage room. They both feel he is safe for the week, and agree that Elissa is going home this week. But outside in the hammock, Amanda, Judd and Spencer start speculating. If Elissa is so popular because of her sister, is she likely to get the power of MVP consistently? If that’s the case, she should be kept on and used “as a weapon,” Spencer suggests.

Later in Diary Room, Spencer notes this is a good start, but the people he needs to talk to are all in the Moving Company, his secret alliance. Nick is already all in, while Howard and McCrae quickly agree. The only hesitant member is Jeremy, who ultimately tells Nick he’s good with the plan. With the live studio audience watching, host Julie Chen chimes into the living room and asks Andy what the mood of the house is right now. Andy reveals it is “kinda weird” and there is something odd in the air today. Helen tells Julie she didn’t’ realize it at first, but the third nominee twist has completely changed the game. “anything is up for grabs,” she explains, even for the HoH. In her final statement before eviction, Elissa gives her sister a shout out before declaring “no one comes between me and my BIG BROTHER game, not even you, McCrae!” The HouseGuests then go into the Diary Room to vote for eviction, where Jeremy secretly goes against his alliance and votes to evict Elissa. Jeremy’s vote can’t change the momentum in the house, however. Julie tells Jessie she is safe with no votes for eviction, while a 7-5 vote means David is the first evicted HouseGuest. A shocked Aaryn tearfully bids David farewell as the house remains almost totally silent.

The Moving Company’s First Victim
Outside with Julie, David argues he is a “likable guy” and “pretty smart.” David reaffirms he came for fun and a showmance, and hopes Aaryn didn’t vote to evict him (she didn’t!). In good-bye videos, Nick explains David was the Moving Company’s first victim. Amanda tells him this is what happens when you “hook up with the biggest bitch on the show,” but Aaryn reveals “it’s gonna suck without you here.”

With David’s eviction comes this week’s Head of Household competition, BIG BROTHER BBQ. After being paired up randomly, the HouseGuests work in teams of two to slide across the slippery back yard and fill up a huge jug with BBQ sauce using two small cups. The team that fills their big jug first will then have to decide which one of them will be the HoH for the week. So who will be the second HoH of the season? And which two HouseGuests will the HoH chose for nomination? Find out Sunday, July 7 at 8pm ET/PT on BIG BROTHER on CBS!