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Season 15: Episode 5 - Episode 5
Posted on Jul 8, 2013 05:50pm

The HouseGuests, randomly paired up into teams of two, slide across the slippery back yard for this week’s Head of Household competition, BIG BROTHER BBQ. The goal is to fill up your big jug with BBQ sauce using just two small scoops. The first team who can float a ping pong ball to the top of their jug and retrieve it wins the competition. MVP Elissa is feeling the heat, because she knows she is likely to be nominated. Aaryn is ecstatic to be paired with power player Jeremy, because she is out for blood after the eviction of her showmance David. McCrae—who can’t compete as the outgoing HoH—gets a little hot and bothered watching his showmance Amanda slipping and sliding across the backyard. Aaryn and Jeremy are motoring through the competition, followed closely by Elissa and her partner, Andy.

But Elissa’s worst nightmare comes true when Jeremy scoops his ping pong ball out of his jug, and wins the competition. After McCrae explains the winning pair must decide which of them will be the HoH for the week, Jeremy graciously bows out and lets Aaryn take the crown. Jeremy is fine stepping aside; he figures he will be a strong influence over Aaryn’s nomination choices, which keeps him and the members of his secret alliance The Moving Company safe from eviction, plus this allows him to compete again for HoH next week. When McCrae explains Aaryn must now pick the four Have Nots for the week, she demands by a show of hands who voted out David. Elissa is shocked by this demand, and is quickly made a Have Not, along with Helen, Andy and Candice, who tells Aaryn she didn’t vote out “her boyfriend.”

“He’s not my boyfriend,” Aaryn responds coolly. Andy notes this week is likely to be a “reign of terror” with Aaryn running the house, while Elissa calls the HoH “not a nice girl.” Post competition, Aayrn is on a mission to figure out who voted out David. Spencer volunteers up that he approached Candice two hours before the live vote and told her he was voting out Elissa. Candice confirms this, but in Diary Room Spencer reveals he actually voted out David, but set up Candice so he would have cover if Aayrn came back later to sort out the votes.

Surviving the HoH
In the Have Not room, Elissa and Helen tearfully commiserate over being denied food and hot showers for another week. Helen notes they shouldn’t be thinking immediate revenge against Aaryn, and points out no one said winning a half million dollars would be easy. In the side bedroom, Andy comes clean to Aaryn about voting for David’s eviction, which Aaryn finds respectful. Andy notes in Diary Room all he is doing is keeping his friends close, and “his Aaryn’s closer.”

At Aaryn’s HoH room reveal, Elissa and Helen could not be less enthusiastic, but they make a show of it. Besides pictures form home, Aayrn gets her beloved stuffed childhood toy, “Clowney,” which Amanda finds similar to Aaryn, because Clowney is “cute on the outside, but really scary.” Later that night Jeremy exerts his influence when he suggests Helen and Elissa for the chopping block, even as Aaryn continues to obsess over the missing David votes.

Aayrn somewhat jokingly threatens Nick with destruction if she finds out he or Jeremy was involved in David’s ouster. The two Moving Company members smile and say nothing. Later Amanda, Judd, Andy, Howard and McCrae gather and discuss this week’s HoH. It turns out they are all uncomfortable with what Aaryn sometimes says behind people’s back. Howard explains he has overheard Aaryn making insensitive comments. He finds these comments disrespectful, but he is not responding to them and is keeping his focus on his own game. Amanda wonders if these completely inappropriate outbursts will hurt Aaryn both inside and outside the game.

Meanwhile Candice and Helen discuss the elimination votes and how they just don’t add up. Candice wonders why Spencer would tell her he was voting for Elissa—was it part of some bigger plan? And could Spencer be working with Jeremy, or Nick, Helen wonders? Candice goes even further when she suggests McCrae and even their buddy Howard might be in some kind of guys alliance. Candice isn’t 100 percent sure, but she thinks there is something there.

How about a no-mance?
Poor Jessie! She desperately wants a showmance, but her intended target, Nick, has no desire for a summer fling. Jessie brings new meaning to the word “clingy” when she follows Nick all over the house. Helen also wants to spend time with someone, but it’s a much more unexpected partner—Aaryn! She tells the HoH that it’s possible they could work together going forward, and help each other eliminate people they are close to in the game. Aaryn notes this idea “kind of offends” her, but it could be good for her game. Meanwhile Moving Company members Spencer, Nick and Jeremy discuss the potential nominations.

Jeremy is good with Elissa and Helen, but Spencer suggests they put up Amanda, who he finds divisive, especially now that she is in a showmance with McCrae. Jeremy likes the idea, and quickly goes up to the HoH and tells Aaryn that Amanda was the one behind David’s ouster! Time for the eviction ceremony! To no one’s surprise, including her own, Elissa is one of Aaryn’s nominees for eviction. Aaryn then explains because her best friend David got put up last week , she is nominating Elissa’s bestie Helen this week. Jeremy is fine with this arrangement, because he was always out to get Elissa evicted anyway. Helen hopes whoever is this week’s MVP puts up someone who will take the heat off her and Elissa. So who did America pick as MVP for the week? And who will be the third nominee for eviction? And who will win the Power of Veto? Find out on Wednesday, July 10 at 8pm ET/PT on BIG BROTHER on CBS!