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Season 15: Episode 6 - Episode 6
Posted on Jul 9, 2013 10:55am

Head of Household Aaryn is very clear her target for eviction this week is Elissa. “She is the reason for David going home,” Aaryn explains. Elissa fully expected the nomination, but finds it “vindictive” that Aaryn also put up Elissa’s bestie in the house, Helen. In the Have Not bedroom, Helen and Elissa cry over their dual nominations. Elissa can’t understand why everyone is so mean, while Helen notes they have to “act cool” and they aren’t likely to win the whole game unless the go on the block a few times. Helen’s continued pep talk inspires Elissa, who realizes she needs to play hard in the upcoming Power of Veto competition. Candice tries to cheer up her house allies, but privately in Diary Room she is concerned; Candice is suspicious of an all-guy alliance, and having two women up on the chopping block is bad for her. She wonders if the men got Aaryn ”to do their dirty work” with her nominations.

In the storage room, Jeremy, McCrae and Nick all celebrate another week where their secret all-guy alliance, The Moving Company, has escaped nominations unscathed. Nick notes “the girls are going crazy,” while Jeremy explains he can’t wait until the house is only “full of champions,” presumably just like himself.

Helen then gets a private moment with Aaryn. Helen tells the HoH she doesn’t have a problem with Aaryn for putting her on the block, and the two of them secretly aligning would shake up the game. Aaryn doesn’t want Helen to go home, and thinks it would be “cool” to work with someone the house assumes is her enemy.

And the MVP is…

For the second week in a row, Elissa is awarded the MVP by America! The rules are the same; she can secretly nominate a third eviction nominee, and can tell other HouseGuests she is the MVP, but is not obligated to do so. Elissa opts to immediately tell Helen, who is ecstatic. They quickly start honing in on potential nominees. Elissa’s target is Jeremy, but Helen wonders if they should put up Jeremy’s showmance Kaitlin, and then throw the Veto competition so Kaitlin wins. That way when Kaitlin pulls herself off, Elissa can put up Jeremy as her MVP replacement nominee. Helen then suggests they play more aggressively, and just put up their intended target, Jeremy.

Aaryn soon calls everyone into the living room to pick players for the Veto competition. Candice isn’t sure who the MVP is, but hopes that HouseGuest picks a strong male player. Candice’s prayers are answered when Jeremy’s face comes up on the living room monitor, however, a cocky Jeremy revels in the nomination. Aaryn then picks Nick and Amanda as players by random draw. After seeing Jeremy’s response, Elissa immediately questions her decision. Up in the HoH room, Kaitlin, GinaMarie and Aaryn also question the choice. Doesn’t Elissa know what a strong competitor Jeremy is? Aaryn thinks this shows Elissa may not be that smart of a player after all. Elissa goes into damage mode, and pulls aside Nick, who is delighted to play so he can help protect his secret ally Jeremy. Elissa offers Nick a deal—if he throws the competition, she will keep him safe for two weeks. Elissa also lets it slip she is the MVP, and tells Nick if Jeremy comes down, Nick goes up if he doesn’t play ball with her. In Diary Room Nick says he is going to tell Elissa whatever she wants to hear, because with this deal he’s golden—if he wins the Veto is protected, and if he loses Elissa says she will keep him safe.

Cry Like a Baby

Veto competition host GinaMarie calls everyone into the living room before the start of the Veto competition, where the HouseGuests get a surprise message from BIG BROTHER 12 and 14 player Britney. She has an announcement—she’s pregnant! She then explains they need to head out to the back yard where the players will help her get her nursery ready. GinaMarie explains the players must complete a giant baby mobile using ten stuffed animals from their individual toy boxes. The goal is to balance the differently weighted stuffed animals on their mobile beams without any of the animals touching the ground. The first player to complete their balanced mobile and turns on their night light wins the Veto. Everyone struggles with the balancing, but Jeremy ultimately edges out Helen for the win.

Post competition, Kaitlin is happy for her showmance Jeremy, but is very concerned she is destined to go up on the block as the MVP replacement nomination. Jeremy promises her he will do everything he can to keep her safe, and promptly goes around the house to the Moving Company members and lobbies hard on Kaitlin’s behalf. The consensus is Elissa is their target for the week, but Jeremy’s strong pitch makes the alliance wonder why Jeremy feels the need to be so bossy about it.

Candice finally gets a minute with Elissa, and campaigns to put up a guy so the girls will not be outnumbered. Elissa is open to the idea, but when Candice reveals her belief that Nick and Jeremy may be working together, Elissa realizes she has some serious thinking to do—should she put up Jeremy’s showmance or his potentially secret ally? At the Veto ceremony, Jeremy surprises no one when he removes himself from the chopping block. Elissa ultimately takes Candice’s advice, and the monitor reveals the MVP’s choice for the replacement nominee—Nick. Helen hopes "mom power" will beat Nick, but the “CEO of the Moving Company” feels confident he will stay.

So who will be the second evicted HouseGuest of the season? And who will be the next Head of Household? Find out live Thursday, July 11 at 9pm ET/PT on BIG BROTHER on CBS!