Season 15: Episode 7 - Episode 7
Posted on Jul 11, 2013 11:20am

Jeremy is very satisfied with himself for getting off the chopping block, but argues it doesn’t matter that his secret Moving Company ally Nick is up for eviction, because his house adversary Elissa is going home. Elissa knows she’s up for the second time in two weeks, but she is hopeful that her fellow HouseGuests recognize Nick as a huge threat. Nick, meanwhile, is in a happy place because he is certain The Moving Company will keep him safe for another week.

Third eviction nominee Helen explains this week it’s going to come down to Nick and Elissa for eviction, and Helen is going to do everything she can to scare up votes and keep her best friend in the house. Candice, who is suspicious of an all-guy alliance, talks to Amanda about her concerns that another season will go by where the men trump the feuding but unsuspecting women. Amanda realizes now may be the time to get rid of Nick.

Elissa and Helen Get to work

Helen seems to be lining up voters for her side, but she knows she’s still a few votes short of an Elissa victory. Spencer is a huge question mark, but Helen makes sure to solidify the vote of her second-closest ally in the house, Andy, who worries keeping Elissa will make him and Helen targets. Helen notes that the longer Elissa stays, the longer Elissa is the bigger target. Andy reveals in Diary Room he is ready to make the kind of big move that sends Nick packing.

Elissa does some lobbying of her own when she initiates a lights-out, late night whisper with Jessie, who up until now has been securely aligned with Jeremy, his showmance Kaitlin, and this week’s Head of Household, Aaryn. Elissa explains what a threat Nick is, and how now is the opportunity to get him out before he runs away with the game. The next morning Helen continues to work on Jessie, and warns her if she keeps working with Jeremy and his crew, Jessie will always be the least important person in that alliance. “Nick can offer you two pairs,” Helen explains. “We can offer you a royal flush.”

While Helen works, The Moving Company worries. Howard and Spencer express to Nick their concerns about their supposed ally McCrae’s showmance, Amanda. Nick is worried that if the girls suspect an alliance among the guys, he could go home this week. Spencer is aware that McCrae has assured them Amanda will vote out Elissa, but he isn’t sure about McCrae, and has no faith in Amanda. In the front bedroom Howard and Spencer drill McCrae about Amanda, which puts the former HoH on edge. He swears they are 100 percent solid in the Moving Company, and if Amanda becomes aware of their alliance he will cut her immediately.

Later in a parlour room one-on-one with McCrae, Amanda corners her showmance, and says, “I feel like you’re not telling me something.” McCrae can’t tell her what’s really bothering him—if he votes out Elissa, that will ruin his relationship with Amanda, but if he votes out of Nick, that causes huge problems with The Moving Company. “So what do you want to do,” Amanda asks. McCrae doesn’t know.

Host Julie Chen chimes into the living room, where she asks Jeremy why he wasn’t worried when he became the third eviction nominee. “I came to play,” he explains. “I didn’t come to sit around and watch.” Jessie says there are so many showmances because it’s the type of environment where it “helps to have companion.” When Julie asks Amanda if there is a point where you forget the cameras are recording you, Amanda notes she forgets “all the time.” When Julie asks Aaryn the same question, the outgoing HoH says both the HouseGuests and America know “a lot about me.”

Amanda Broaches an Uncomfortable Subject

A group of HouseGuests who know Aaryn are definitely concerned. In a late night patio conversation, Howard, Candice Amanda, Helen and a few others discuss Aaryn’s continued use of racially derogatory remarks. Howard feels there is an “element of dislike” in her comments, and that Aaryn is “not joking.” Amanda is willing to chalk it up to Aaryn “not being educated,” but Candice says Aaryn’s behavior is “vindictive.”

Amanda feels that being accused of racism is a “serious, serious deal,” and decides to go up to the HoH room to give Aaryn some friendly advice. Amanda tells Aaryn that some of her comments have been taken “offensively” by several HouseGuests, and asks her to be more “mindful” of what she says. Aaryn says that is “the most obnoxious, annoying thing I’ve ever heard,” and decides not to acknowledge it, because it is “the biggest joke.” Aaryn then notes some HouseGuests call her “Barbie,” and talk about her being blonde. “What’s the difference,” she asks Amanda. “I wish I cared more, but I don’t,” she adds. Amanda notes in Diary Room that Aaryn’s lack of remorse “kind of shows her character.”

It’s time for the live eviction vote! With McCrae and Spencer voting against their Moving Company ally, Nick is the second evicted HouseGuest with a 7-4-0 vote. GinaMarie sobs uncontrollably as a stunned Nick walks out the door. Outside with Julie, Nick thinks Spencer was the mastermind his eviction, but in his goodbye messages, Nick learns Helen was one of the main architects of his demise.

Meanwhile the remaining HouseGuests go into the back yard for this week’s Head of Household competition, OVERNIGHT DELIVERY, where the players are asked true and false questions based on a series of items that were running on a conveyor belt in the back yard all night. After two tiebreakers, Helen becomes the newest Head of Household. So whom will Helen nominate for eviction? And how will a stunned Jeremy react to the loss of his Moving Company ally? Find out Sunday, July 14 at 8pm ET/PT on BIG BROTHER on CBS!