Season 15: Episode 8 - Episode 8
Posted on Jul 15, 2013 12:35pm

"My heart is in pieces," Gina Marie sobs after Nick's eviction. Jeremy thought with his secret alliance, the Moving Company, plus GinaMarie and Kaitlin's votes, Nick should have been safe, but clearly Jeremy's alliance isn't as strong as he thought. Aaryn is irritated she is now in the house "minority," while Helen loves she was able to keep her strong ally Elissa safe for the week. "I love this game," Helen yells happily. As everyone prepares to go outside for the Head of Household competition, Kaitlin grills Jessie on her vote as GinaMarie begins yelling at the other HouseGuests, most of who are chilling in the side bedroom. GinaMarie's tirade goes on and on, which annoys Judd but amuses Amanda, who notes GinaMarie is going "bat-bleep-crazy." In Diary Room McCrae explains after The Moving Company pressured him to choose between them and Amanda, he chose Amanda. Spencer also has an explanation for his flipped vote to oust his former ally Nick; after a last-minute conversation with Helen and then a follow up with Howard, Spencer felt aligning with perennial MVP Elissa and her gang was his best move. A wavering Howard decided to stick with the Moving Company plan to support Nick, but notes his decision gave him "wiggle room and cast mystery on the vote."

In response to Helen's Head of Household win, Jeremy admits it is a "miserable moment" in the house for him but the game isn't over yet. As Elissa, Helen and Candice celebrate in the Have Not bedroom, Jeremy comes in and tells Helen he is there to "applaud your gameplay." Demoted from the HoH room, Aaryn must now find a new bed, and decides the side bedroom is the place to be. Aaryn and Kaitlin pick on Jessie over her vote, which starts a verbal volley of vitriol aimed at Jessie that is finally broken up by Judd. After Jessie and Judd leave, Aaryn flips Candice's mattress, tossing Candice's pillows and clothes on the floor. "Why did you move my bed," Candice asks when she enters. Aaryn then taunts Candice to her face "whatcha gonna do, gurl!" before saying she wouldn't get in Candice's bed anyway because of the "crabs."

This starts a back and forth between Aaryn and Candice, with GinaMarie as Aaryn's assist. As things get heated Howard comes in and physically removes Candice from the room. In the Have Not bedroom, Candice and Howard have an intense conversation about the ongoing negative behavior in the house, controlling their tempers, rising above the hateful actions of others, and the difficult maneuvers required to make it through BIG BROTHER while keeping their integrity intact. Candice breaks down, and Howard notes when he sees Candice cry he thinks of his sister and mother. Ultimately, Candice says she will listen to Howard, and remember they are all playing a game.

Amanda Shuts It Down

Meanwhile in the side bedroom, Aaryn and Kaitlin continue to badger Jessie for abandoning them in the eviction vote. Amanda listens outside the door and bursts in. Amanda calls out Aaryn and Kaitlin for talking behind everyone's back and bullying people, and then focuses in on Aaryn's racist comments. Aaryn denies making the comments, and tries to deflect the blame, but Amanda is having none of it, and reminds Aaryn she tried to help her, which Aaryn also denies. "What game are you playing," Amanda asks incredulously.

By this point Candice is upstairs in the HoH bathroom, devastated. As Andy and Elissa try to console her, Helen notes that once again who is at the center of all this drama? Aaryn. Andy promises Candice the mean HouseGuests will be out of there soon.

Once things have calmed down, McCrae tells Amanda his big secret-he reveals he was in a secret alliance, and outs the Moving Company to his showmance. As opposed to being upset, Amanda is impressed with McCrae's good game. McCrae is quick to note he has chosen his side, and going forward he is fully aligned with his "queen."

GinaMarie is still despondent over Nick's sudden departure, and continues to sob in the living room. Even though she was so rudely mistreated by her, Candice is compelled to comfort GinaMarie. Aaryn and Candice take this moment to apologize to each other, but Aaryn makes it clear in Diary Room she apologized because Candice mistook her comments. While Candice notes Aaryn's apology is "like dirt."

The Education of HoH Helen

Everyone's emotions cool long enough for a Have Not competition, Scary Dairy, where the HouseGuests must work in teams of four to toss buckets of sour milk across the backyard in order to fill their team's jug. The bed controversy is temporarily solved when Jessie, Judd, McCrae and Amanda find themselves Have Nots for the week.

Post competition, Jeremy approaches Helen for a talk. Helen is receptive because she wants to learn as much as she can about what's been going on in the house behind her back. Like McCrae, Jeremy outs the Moving Company and reveals how he, McCrae, Spencer, Howard and Nick were working together. Helen wants to know what would happen if she put Kaitlin up for eviction, and Jeremy notes he didn't come to BIG BROTHER "to make a wife."

Howard comes in next, and Helen grills him on the eviction vote-by her count there should have been eight votes to evict Nick but there were only seven. Howard, a self-professed terrible liar, cops to voting out Elissa, which causes Helen to burst into tears. Helen then asks Howard if he was ever part of "this secret guy alliance." Howard says no, which disappoints Helen; she gave him a shot to come clean, and he blew it.

It's time for nominations! Helen decides to let Howard off the hook, and puts up Kaitlin and Aaryn. Kaitlin says she will fight hard, while Aaryn notes she expected to be put up every week she wasn't the HoH. "I'm the only one who doesn't want to kiss their butts," Aaryn says, referring to Elissa, Helen and the growing number of HouseGuests aligned with them.

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