Season 15: Episode 9 - Episode 9
Posted on Jul 18, 2013 10:20am

Head of Household Helen knows that eviction nominee Aaryn is a natural target because she is so disliked, but is Aaryn so hated that it now makes it worthwhile to keep her in the house? Fellow eviction nominee Kaitlin isn’t feeling all the stupid sympathy hugs, but she knows she needs to put the awkwardness aside and get her head in the game for the Veto competition.

Kaitlin and her showmance Jeremy regroup in the front bedroom, where they both fear Jeremy wasn’t nominated because Helen wants to backdoor him. But Kaitlin points out everyone wants Aaryn out of the house, so if Jeremy gets a chance to play in the Veto, he could save them both for the week.

Turns out Jeremy and Kaitlin’s fears are justified. In a conversation with Amanda and McCrae, Helen reveals her goal this week is to get Jeremy out. She didn’t nominate him because she didn’t want a repeat of last week, where Jeremy got nominated but promptly pulled himself off the block after a Veto win. Amanda and McCrae are on board, and note that Elissa—who they feel is most likely this week’s MVP—should pick a strong player like Howard as her third nominee so he can beat Jeremy if he is chosen to play in the Veto competition by random draw. Helen was thinking Spencer, but wants to talk to him first.

Helen wants to know all the details about the now defunct Moving Company alliance, and has Spencer fill her in on all the missing pieces, thanks in part to her manipulative crying. Spencer tells her everything, including the fact that Howard was a member, something Howard denied when Helen previously confronted Howard about it. Spencer heads down to the bathroom and tells Howard his lie is out in the open, and Helen could be using it against either of them. Howard realizes he made an error by not coming clean about the Moving Company when he was telling Helen about his vote to evict Elissa.

Pressuring the MVP

In the meantime, Elissa gets awarded her third consecutive MVP, which is no surprise to anyone in the house, especially McCrae and Amanda, who corner Elissa in the storage room and tell her Howard must be the third nominee. Elissa wonders why she’s hearing about this for the first time, and asks them why she has to be the one to always nominate the strong men in the house. Elissa goes upstairs to talk to Helen and runs right into a big Howard apology about his involvement with the Moving Company. Helen cries before she and Howard hug it out, but Elissa moves everyone along so she can talk to Helen one-on-one.

Once alone, Elissa makes sure she is okay with Helen, and expresses confusion over why she wasn’t consulted on this week’s nominations. Helen tells Elissa she’s basically the co-HoH, and the pair starts discussing the third nomination should be. When Elissa suggests Spencer, Helen warns her Amanda and McCrae want Howard up. Helen proposes a meeting to resolve the issue. But the group meeting devolves into a shouting match as Amanda demands Howard go up to ensure Jeremy’s demise. The conversation gets so heated it ends with Elissa in tears.

Time for picking veto competition players! The wall monitor informs the House Guests that Spencer is the third nominee. Elissa admits in Diary Room she’s playing her own game and is not going to buckle under pressure from anyone. Spencer says he expected this, and notes Howard did a better job of smoothing things out with the house than he did. GinaMarie and Candice are chosen as players by random draw, which devastates Jeremy and excites Helen—her backdoor target is one step closer to going on the block.

Kaitlin pleads with GinaMarie to not use the Veto if she wins the competition. Kaitlin feels bad for Aaryn, but she explains to GinaMarie that if Aaryn comes down, Jeremy goes up and goes home. This puts GinaMarie in a tough spot. If she wins, who gets saved?

A (Not So) Friendly Warning

Right before the competition Amanda gives Kaitlin a piece of “advice;” if Kaitlin wins the Veto, she better use it on herself, because if she tries to protect Jeremy, the house will send Kaitlin home over Aaryn. This stuns Kaitlin, who thought a win would keep both her and Jeremy safe. Kaitlin doesn’t have much time to absorb the news before the Veto competition, KEEPING UP WITH THE JONES’S, begins. The players individually go out into the back yard and jump on a trampoline looking into the back yard of their BIG BROTHER “neighbors,” the Jones’s. The Jones’s have an art collection that the players must duplicate on their own wall. The player who gets all the artwork sorted correctly in the shortest amount of time wins the Power of Veto. After all six players jump and sort, Kaitlin wins the PoV.

Jeremy gets hot and bothered from Kaitlin’s win, but Jeremy doesn’t let that get in the way of gameplay. They decide Kaitlin needs to convince Helen there’s another target in the house—Howard! Kaitlin says she can work her emotions to get the job done, and works her way up to the HoH room for the pitch. Helen agrees with Kaitlin that Howard is a candidate for eviction, but notes Jeremy’s b ehavior has made him the house consensus for eviction. Kaitlin breaks down into real tears when she realizes she has one tough decision to make.

Kaitlin knows she is in a lose-lose situation, but ultimately decides she needs to protect her own game, and opts to take herself off the block. Helen follows through on her plan and names her “dude” Jeremy her replacement nominee. Howard is relieved, Aaryn is cautiously optimistic, and Jeremy is defiant. So who will be the next evicted HouseGuest? And who will be the new HoH? Find out live, Thursday, July 18 at 9pm ET/PT on BIG BROTHER on CBS!