Season 15: Episode 10 - Episode 10
Posted on Jul 18, 2013 10:20am

Head of Household Helen couldn’t be more excited that eviction nominee Kaitlin used the Veto to save herself, because that paved the way for Helen to put Jeremy on the chopping block. Fellow nominee Aaryn notes she is not ready to go home yet, and knows she has to swallow her pride “and kiss butts.” Kaitlin should be thrilled she just saved herself from possible eviction, but she is upset her showmance Jeremy was nominated in her place.

Aaryn hates “how people hate people who are good at things,” and even suggests Jeremy is being discriminated because he is a “winner.” Jeremy has no problem swallowing his pride in an effort to stay, and goes so far as to dress up as a big baby to entertain the HouseGuests. Amanda, McCrae and Judd all laugh at Jeremy’s antics, but the eviction nominee quickly changes from giving them a comedy routine to offering up a serious pitch to stay. He promises if he wins HoH, he will keep them off the block. “Give me one more week, I’ll give you the rest of my game,” he pleads. Amanda, McCrae and Judd tell him they are open to the idea.

Meanwhile Aaryn gets her charm offensive into full gear, as she jokes around with Andy, compliments Helen, and apologizes to Howard for anything insensitive she might have said. Judd tells Aaryn she’s been so well behaved this week, and Aaryn admits it’s been a struggle. “I deserve to be acknowledged for that,” she replies. Later Aaryn joins McCrae, Amanda and Andy in the parlour room, where they discuss GinaMarie’s increasingly erratic behavior. Since the departure of Nick, GinaMarie has created a shrine from his left behind items, including a hat, cup and box of cereal. They all decide to pull a prank on GinaMarie, and Amanda sneaks into the side bedroom and steals a couple of the items from the shrine. GinaMarie gets very upset, and begs Aaryn to tell her if she’s joking. Aaryn remains firm, and GinaMarie leaves heartbroken. Amanda’s sense of decency kicks in when she notes the joke has gone too far, but Aaryn tells her not to end the gag. Amanda doesn’t listen, and finds GinaMarie and comforts her. As Amanda brings GinaMarie into the parlour room to show her the missing items, Aaryn blurts out, “I didn’t do it!” In the kitchen McCrae tells Aaryn she is a “little instigator,” but Aaryn notes that GinaMarie has “ruined the joke.”

Afterwards McCrae and Amanda talk in the parlour room by themselves. Amanda is glad she helped GinaMarie, while McCrae notes Aaryn wanted Amanda to take the blame for the prank gone wrong. Amanda notes Aaryn is “mean spirited,” and McCrae tells his showmance he definitely wants Aaryn to go.

Jeremy’s Last Stand

Up in the HoH room, Jeremy lobbies Helen and Elissa. He cops to his bad behavior, and assures the two moms they’re safe for the rest of the game. Jeremy goes so far as to promise he’d vote out his showmance Kaitlin before them! Helen notes she would consider it, but Jeremy’s attitude would have to change. Jeremy says he is on board, and Helen reveals in the Diary Room this kind of offer is hard to pass up.

Host Julie Chen chimes into the living room and asks Elissa what it’s like to finally not be on the block, and Elissa notes she can finally enjoy herself. Candice explains “in the true spirit of forgiveness” she has moved on from Aaryn’s bed flipping incident and explains everyone is doing better in the house. Kaitlin explains it’s been a tough week, but “this too shall pass.” Howard reveals he is relieved to be playing the game differently from when he started, because he is now “conscience free” and playing more in line with his strong religious beliefs.

Julie notes one unexpected twist of the summer has been the showmance between McCrae and Amanda, but explains that their respective parents have been especially amused by the unlikely couple. In Minnesota, McCrae’s dad Tim thinks Amanda “wears the pants,” while McCrae’s mom Kim notes she is as “surprised as anyone” by the relationship. In Boca Raton, Florida, Amanda’s mom Marilyn explains Amanda usually dates successful, prominent men, while her dad Robert reveals Amanda is “persuasive” and usually gets what she wants. Marilyn says she is secretly wishing McCrae is actually the CEO of a software company. “A mother can hope,” she sighs.

A Goodbye, and a Twist!

By a 9-1 vote, Jeremy is evicted from the house. Everyone comforts Kaitlin as Jeremy tells Julie he knew not to come in guns hot, but “I am what I am” and that he’s a “winner.” Jeremy also notes he is walking out a different man because of his relationship with Kaitlin, and ensures Julie he is not a bully. Jeremy says he hopes there will be something with Kaitlin after the summer. After she says goodbye to Jeremy, Julie explains this week the MVP will not be a HouseGuest, but America! For the first time this season, votes collected by text and online will be for the third nominee, so America will have a direct hand on who gets nominated for eviction!

Big Brother royalty—king of klutz—maiden of mischief—which HG’s fit the royal titles—two HG’s names—A or B who America feels is more deserving. It’s time for the HoH competition, BIG BROTHER ROYALTY, where the HouseGuests are asked which of them better fit the royal titles assigned to them by America.

After several rounds of elimination, Judd is named the new HoH! Julie chimes back into the House, and notes an MVP will once again put one of them on the block as a third nominee, but warns them to “expect the unexpected.”

So who will be the next two HouseGuests nominated for eviction? And how will the HouseGuests react to Julie’s warning? Find out Sunday, July 21 at PT/ET on BIG BROTHER on CBS!