Season 15: Episode 11 - Episode 11
Posted on Jul 18, 2013 10:20am

Kaitlin feels it is her fault that her showmance Jeremy went home, but believes with the quality of her game she deserves to be in the house another week. Aaryn is disappointed with Jeremy’s departure as well, but realizes she’s here to stay as long as she can and is more than happy to be in the house. Outgoing Head of Household Helen delights in Jeremy’s exit, but notes she can’t get cocky, because that could ultimately blow up in her face. Spencer feels it’s awesome he survived another week, but notes of the first three evictees, all of them have been men, which means he’s a likely target of what he sees as the “powerhouse girl alliance.”

Judd’s HoH win excites Jessie and Helen, but GinaMarie knows this means she and her allies Kaitlin and Aaryn need to persuade Judd to come to their side and “get the scrubs out of the house.” In the immediate aftermath of Judd’s win, Aaryn tells Kaitlin she should be happy she is still in the house, which prompts Kaitlin to reveal that she now feels she has a better chance of getting farther in the game without Jeremy.

Meanwhile McCrae and Amanda discuss the news host Julie Chen gave them during the live eviction show on Thursday—she warned them to “expect the unexpected” with the MVP twist. McCrae notes when he thinks about all the possibilities, his “mind begins to spiral.” When it comes to Judd’s nominations, McCrae suggests Kaitlin and GinaMarie, but Amanda wants to push hard for Howard to go up on the chopping block. When Judd enters, Amanda starts working him immediately, noting in Diary Room it’s her job to keep Judd “in check,” but Judd reveals in Diary Room that while Amanda might run McCrae, she doesn't run “J. U. double D!”

Howard talks nominations with Candice, who feels Judd’s targets will be Kaitlin and Aaryn, because they have made life difficult for Judd’s friend Jessie. Howard is nervous Judd will get strong armed this week, but feels he and Spencer have enough influence with the new HoH to keep themselves safe. “I’ve got to make sure I’m in his back pocket,” Howard says in Diary Room.

After the reveal of his HoH room and a touching letter from his parents at home, Judd tells Elissa, Howard and Spencer he’s thinking of nominating GinaMarie. Spencer is fine with this, because Judd isn’t thinking him or Howard, but Elissa suggests Aaryn, while Howard suggests Kaitlin. Elissa then warns Judd not to waste his HoH on getting out a weaker player like GinaMarie. When they discuss the potential of an MVP twist, Howard implores Judd not to overthink and make his nominations count from the start.

Howard has other things developing in the house—namely, a budding intimate friendship with Candice! Although neither of them calls it a showmance, Candice notes they are both from the south and religious, so they share similar backgrounds, plus they have dealt with the racial conflicts in the house together. Candice explains they have come together as ”really great friends.”

In the Have Not bedroom Aaryn makes her own nominee suggestion to Judd—Howard! She also tells Judd that if she goes up without a strong player next to her, she’s gone. Judd explains being HoH is a “terrible time,” but Aaryn says in Diary Room it’s also a terrible time for her dealing with the chopping block every week. She hopes Judd doesn’t do “anything stupid.”

Aaryn heads into the side bedroom where she recaps Kaitlin and GinaMarie. When they start talking about nominations, GinaMarie tells Aaryn to stop thinking so negatively, which gets Aaryn going. The two start bickering, and the simmering tensions between them become apparent. The consequences of being a house minority are taking a toll on their friendship! Judd gathers everyone for the Have/Have Not competition, BIG BROTHER FROYO SHOP. In teams of three the HouseGuests compete to see who can gain the most weight from eating vanilla/chocolate and anchovy/habanero froyo, and at the end of the competition Spencer, Jessie, Andy and Candice find themselves on slop for the week.

In the parlour room Amanda gets her chance to lobby Judd, and goes for Howard as a potential nominee, warning Judd he’s strong. Elissa keeps up with the Aaryn suggestion, but he notes Aaryn is all alone in the game. Amanda corners Judd along with McCrae and Andy, and once again McCrae’s showmance hits Judd hard on why Howard is the strong move to make this week. Judd has been resisting Amanda’s hard sell, and even Andy starts to notice that Amanda is starting to rub people the wrong way with her aggressive game play.

Before Judd knows it, decision time is on him. Howard feels comfortable he’s not going home, but notes this time of the week is always “a bit scary.” It turns out Howard is right to feel comfortable—after all the keys are pulled, Aaryn and Kaitlin end up on the block. Judd tells Kaitlin he doesn't think anyone will vote her out, while he tells an incredulous Aaryn she’s a “Texas tornado” and accuses her of twisting his words. Aaryn is angry Judd came up with a wild accusation during the nomination ceremony, while Judd admits he made that up just as a cover for himself. Amanda is not upset at Judd because she is hoping this is the week Howard gets backdoored. So who will America nominate as the third nominee? And who will win the Power of Veto? Find out Wednesday, July 24 at 8pmET/PT on BIG BROTHER on CBS!