Season 15: Episode 12 - Episode 12
Posted on Jul 25, 2013 12:00am

Head of Household Judd doesn't care who goes home, as long as he walks away from the week without any enemies. Howard is nervous, because all the strong males are leaving. Aaryn has no idea what Judd was talking about when he called her a “Texas Tornado,” so she goes up to the HoH room, where Judd explains he didn’t mean anything by it, and plans to take her off the block as long as she doesn't tell anybody. Down in the front bedroom, Amanda assures Kaitlin she’s not the one going home, and reveals in Diary Room she is still on her mission to back door Howard.

Later that night, Elissa is nervous. Usually by this time she has found out that she’s the MVP. Elissa goes up to the HoH room where she acts strange in front of Amanda and Judd. Judd, the HoH, somewhat jokingly says her behavior will compel him to backdoor her. Elissa is afraid if she doesn’t win MVP, she will be “discarded.” It turns out Elissa’s concerns are valid. Amanda goes downstairs and relays Elissa’s strange behavior to McCrae, who notes if Elissa isn’t careful Judd will in fact nominate her for eviction if the HoH gets the chance.

Outside at the pool table, Spencer and Howard talk about how they don't feel comfortable with the alliance between McCranda, Helen and Elissa. But the former Moving Company members have a plan—if they gather all the “outsider” players together—Judd, Kaitlin and GinaMarie—they will have a formidable voting alliance. Spencer and Howard head up to the HoH room, where they test the waters with Judd and the two female players. All three are quickly on board. Helen gathers in the parlour room with Andy, Candice and Jessie. She shares with them her suspicion that America could be this week’s MVP. She thinks this prospect is “scarier than anything else.” Judd gathers the HouseGuests in the living room, and announces it’s time to see whom the MVP picked as their third nominee. Everyone is shocked when Elissa is chosen!

GinaMarie’s Biblical Truth
After McCrae and Helen are randomly picked to play in the Veto Competition, GinaMarie tries to console Elissa, but Elissa is having none of it. Elissa accuses GinaMarie of being the MVP, but GinaMarie swears on the Bible she did not put Elissa up. Elissa gets upset and tells everyone to vote her out. As Elissa cries in the side bedroom, Candice implores Elissa to think about what her sister would do. “Fight,” she says.

Several HouseGuests start to wonder if Elissa self nominated to make people think she didn’t get MVP for the week. The conversations end when everyone goes outside for the Veto competition. This week, the six players have to crawl through mud to collect ballots with votes on them. The HouseGuest who collects the four ballots with the most votes wins the Veto. But there’s a catch; some ballots come with good and bad consequences. At the end of the competition, Elissa wins the Power of Veto, but also takes a big punishment; she cannot play in next week’s Veto competition! McCrae wins five thousand dollars, while Helen gets a forced 8pm curfew for two days. The biggest loser is Judd, who competes hard but gets stuck with 24-hour solitary confinement!

After the competition, Judd comes out of Diary Room and heads straight for the parlour room, which has been transformed into his solitary confinement cell. He’s isolated from the HouseGuests with nothing more than water, bread, slop, a portable toilet and a huge alarm clock that goes off every nine minutes! By the end of the night he admits having to constantly wake up and turn off the alarm has made him “delirious.” Helen has her own punishment to deal with. She has to be in bed by 8pm, and can’t talk to anyone until 5am! Helen notes she feels like her kids, and goes so far as to beg BIG BROTHER to let her stay up a little longer. Like her children’s pleas, Helen’s request for a reprieve goes unanswered.

Elissa’s Birthday Offense
As Helen and Judd suffer through their Veto punishments, Howard, Spencer and Candice have an idea for McCrae’s 24th birthday. At the stroke of midnight the HouseGuests will “tie up” McCrae, so a sexy Amanda can deliver her own form of “punishment.” Amanda comes out in a black one-piece bathing suit, which appalls Elissa. “Who are you,” Elissa asks as Amanda gets ready in the downstairs bathroom, before adding, “you look like you work in a strip club.” Amanda tells Elissa whatever she says she will take as a compliment.

Everyone heads upstairs for the big ambush, with Howard, Spencer and Jessie restraining McCrae as Amanda makes a big, sexy entrance. When Amanda delivers 24 whacks to her showmance, McCrae notes during his birthday last year he was watching the live feeds from home. This year he’s on the feeds! “Best birthday ever,” he says with a big smile. Elissa, however, is not smiling. She is embarrassed. Elissa then tells Amanda she is “not trying to be mean,” but reveals she wants to “vomit,” and finds this whole exercise “pretty freaking gross.” Amanda has had enough, and goes to the downstairs bathroom, where she cries. McCrae finds Amanda and consoles her. “We protected her,” Amanda sobs, “she has no understanding what loyalty is.” McCrae hugs Amanda and warns, “She is digging her own grave.”

After Judd is finally released from solitary, the HouseGuests gather for the Veto ceremony. Everyone is still wondering who the MVP is, particularly Howard. After Elissa takes herself off the block, the wall monitor reveals the replacement nominee—GinaMarie! Howard is relieved, Aaryn is stunned, and GinaMarie is ready to go. So who will be the next evicted HouseGuest? And who will be the next HoH? Find out live Thursday, July 25 at 9pm ET/PT on BIG BROTHER on CBS!