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Season 15: Episode 13 - Episode 13
Posted on Jul 26, 2013 10:20am

Third eviction nominee GinaMarie has no idea who the MVP is, but it’s obvious “the MVP doesn’t like me,” she says. Kaitlin doesn’t like being up on the block with two friends, but she knows she’s a pawn this week, so if she scrambled too hard for votes, she figures that’s not good for her game. Perennial target Aaryn knows the only way she can stay is if she starts to “pull off magic tricks” and “make deals.”

Aaryn gets to work immediately when she heads up to the HoH room to lobby Head of Household Judd and his ally Jessie. Aaryn argues she will be loyal going forward, and now that she is on her best behavior she’s not as negative as GinaMarie. Aaryn also notes Kaitlin is a very strong player when it comes to competitions. Helen interrupts the conversation, and Aaryn quickly takes off before Elissa can join. Helen wants to know what Judd thinks, and he argues that A) Aaryn will go up every week, and B) because of Aaryn’s comments “no one wants to be attached to her gameplay.” Elissa pipes up and lets it be known her target is definitely Aaryn, because she affects Elissa’s game and because of all the terrible things Aaryn has said. Jessie notes Aaryn is not as dangerous as Kaitlin, because people have “seen Aaryn’s master plan, and she lost.”

Judd then goes downstairs and touches base with Howard and Candice, and broaches the idea of ditching Kaitlin and keeping Aaryn. Judd fully admits it’s “disgusting,” but it may be better for their game. Candice is nauseated by the idea, but a very conflicted Howard notes in Dairy Room he is torn “50/50.”

Aaryn then corners Helen in the bathroom and promises if she stays she will throw the HoH competition or put up whomever Helen wants for eviction. Helen thinks this is too good a deal to pass up, and approaches Elissa about the prospect of working with Aaryn for the week. Elissa brings up Aaryn’s repeated racial comments, and Helen notes as a minority in the house she’s offended by Aaryn’s transgressions, but she is thinking about her game right now. Elissa says she doesn’t support mean girls and warns Aaryn is “trouble “ that “needs to go home.”

The next day out in the yard Judd comes clean to Helen about the “no-name” alliance he recently made with Spencer, Howard, Kaitlin and GinaMarie. Judd decides to come clean with Helen because she is someone he wants to work with going forward. To Helen, this means Kaitlin definitely is the one to go home this week.

Elissa Goes Rogue

Helen recaps Judd’s revelation to Amanda and Elissa, and implores them not to tell anyone, especially Howard and Spencer. Elissa has other plans, however. In the kitchen Elissa sidles up to Kaitlin, and asks her if she made a deal with Howard and Spencer. Kaitlin denies it, but Elissa warns Kaitlin this information is getting around the house, so Kaitlin shouldn’t expect to be just a pawn. Unbeknownst to Elissa, Aaryn hears the conversation from the bathroom! In the parlour room Aaryn tells Helen what Elissa said. “Elissa, why are you creating drama,” Helen asks in the Diary Room. “This is not the way to win BIG BROTHER!”

Meanwhile Kaitlin tells Howard and Spencer what Elissa told her, including Elissa’s suggestion that Kaitlin call a meeting to confront them in front of the whole house. “If it happens, it happens,” Howard responds.

Helen goes to Elissa and wants to know what’s up. Elissa denies the conversation, and chalks it up to Aaryn’s shadiness. Aaryn enters and confronts Elissa, who suggests they get Spencer and Howard. When all the key players are in attendance, Elissa and Aaryn go off on each other as Spencer and Kaitlin deny an alliance. “I’m so sick of you making up things about me,” Aaryn says. “Get a life,” Elissa retorts. Howard observes the exchange and notes once again all the drama in the house stems from one person—Aaryn.

Host Julie Chen chimes into the living room and asks Judd about his shirt, congratulates McCrae on his birthday, and regales the HouseGuests with clips from the FroYo competition. After the three nominees deliver their final pleas, Kaitlin is evicted by a 9-0-0 vote.

Really? I’m a Mean Girl?

Outside with Julie, Kaitlin says it “kinda hurts” to know people think she was in a “mean girl” alliance, but admits she aligned with ”some catty girls” and definitely picked “the wrong side of the house.” Kaitlin says she has “no clue” about a future with her showmance Jeremy, and explains she is moving to Las Vegas. “He can do what he wants,” she notes, but she will be excited to see him at the finale.

Julie then reveals that once again America will be the secret MVP, which means online and text votes will pick the third eviction nominee for the week! Meanwhile, the remaining HouseGuests head to the back yard for this week’s HoH competition, “Roulette Me Win.” The HouseGuest who roles their ball into the highest slot on a giant roulette wheel wins HoH for the week. In a perfect example of how fortunes can change quickly, Aaryn wins the competition and is named this week’s HoH! Julie then welcomes back to the studio fan favorite Jeff Schroeder. Jeff doubts Aaryn will hold up the deal she made with Helen. Jeff likes this year’s MVP twist and suggests a few players take the game into their hands, because at this point just a handful of HouseGuests can successfully eliminate a nominee. Jeff also reveals McCrae just might have what it takes to win the game. When it comes to an impending engagement with former BIG BROTHER winner Jordan, Jeff is not as certain, noting he is “almost there.”

Will Aaryn stay true to the deal she made with Helen? And whom will she nominate for eviction? Find out Sunday, July 28 at 8pm ET/PT on BIG BROTHER on CBS!