Season 15: Episode 14 - Episode 14
Posted on Jul 29, 2013 10:20am

Aaryn is extremely proud of herself for figuring out a way “to get a majority of people in the house on my side.” Helen is happy Aaryn wasn’t evicted, but she hopes Aaryn will keep her side of their deal, even if Helen knows full well she made “a deal with the devil.” Elissa, who voted Kaitlin out and Aaryn to stay, explains she felt pressured into the vote, but did “what was best for my game.” Howard is disappointed in Kaitlin’s departure, because he thought Kaitlin “would have the guts” to go against the people currently running the house. But Aaryn? “I’m not sure she would do that,” Howard worries.

With her surprise Head of Household win, Aaryn crows that she went from “the bottom of the barrel to the tip top of the mountain.” Elissa is speechless, while Helen explains her deal with Aaryn; two days before the live eviction, Helen said she could keep Aaryn in the house if Aaryn agreed to turn over her nominations in the event she won HoH. But now that Aaryn has power, will she stick to it? In the Have Not bedroom, a disappointed Candice warns Howard that if “Aaryn goes back to being Aaryn” then Candice and Elissa are going on the chopping block. It turns out Candice knows all about Aaryn’s deal, because 17 hours before the live eviction, Jessie pulled Candice aside and spilled the beans! Candice warns that this could be a bad week for her and Howard, and she has to be smart about moving forward.

Meanwhile Spencer schmoozes the new HoH. Aaryn explains the game has turned into “something else,” and because she has no alliance she is a “slave to the house.” In Diary Room Spencer reveals he is unhappy with Aaryn, noting she’s the HoH and she shouldn’t be giving him that kind of song and dance. Helen has concerns of her own. It turns out just 26 minutes before the live eviction, Candice confronted her about the deal Helen made with Aaryn! Helen gets a moment with Aaryn and tells her the bad news, and how Candice is lobbying for Spencer and GinaMarie as nominees. Helen is angry, and feels the only possible suspect for giving up the secret is Elissa! Aaryn pounces, and notes they have the votes to send Elissa home this week for the infraction. Helen says she can’t personally vote out to her biggest house ally, but she sure is mad.

Dealing With the new HoH

In the kitchen Candice and Elissa whisper as Aaryn approaches. Candice does her best to make nice, but Elissa creates an awkward silence that puts everyone on edge. Aaryn notes Elissa is “her own worst enemy.” Aaryn is the HoH, after all! During her HoH room reveal and the return of Aaryn’s somewhat disturbing childhood stuffed toy Clowney, Aaryn uses the word “axed” instead of “asked,” and immediately turns to Candice and tells her Candice got her saying that word. A speech therapist, Candice says she knows how to speak, but decides not to get into it with the HoH over this infuriating slight. Later in the parlour room Helen tells Judd, Amanda and McCrae about Candice confronting her over the Aaryn deal and how Elissa is most likely the responsible party. “I hate to say this, but we have to get her out,” Helen announces. Meanwhile, Spencer and Howard individually work Aaryn, who tells both of them she is in a bind because of deals she had to make in order to stay for the week. Howard goes in for a more strategic pitch, noting she is in a position to really shake things up in the game. Aaryn also explains to Howard that Candice knows about the Helen deal and lobbied to keep him off the block. Aaryn thinks Howard is a good man and tells him straight up she doesn’t want him to go home. “Don't let anybody else control what you do,” Howard tells Aaryn.

An Unforgettable Have/Have Not Competition

Everyone is hanging out when an alarm goes off and draws them to the living room. Suddenly Poppy Montgomery, the star of CBS’s new drama series UNFORGETTABLE comes on screen and explains in honor of her show’s premiere after BIG BROTHER tonight, the HouseGuests will be playing an “Unforgettable” themed Have/Have Not competition! After the HouseGuests break into three teams of four and play a balance and memory game, GinaMarie, Judd, Amanda and three-time Have Not Candice are the losers. After a pep talk from Howard where he reminds Candice of the bed-flipping incident, Candice goes the HoH bathroom, compliments Aaryn, and offers up Amanda and McCrae as the power nominations of the week. Aaryn is polite, but admits in Diary Room she has an “off switch” when it comes to listening to Candice, and shoots down the idea. Candice is soon back in the Have Not bedroom, and wonders if this move just made it more likely that she put herself up on the block. Candice becomes uncharacteristically cold to Howard, and even stuns him when she tells him to “have a nice life” and leave her alone. Up in the HoH room, Aaryn goes over her options with Jessie, Andy and GinaMarie.

Andy pushes for a Howard/Spencer nomination pair, while Jessie says she would support Elissa going up on the chopping block if that’s what Aaryn wants. But GinaMarie warns going with Elissa could have Aaryn back up on the block next week. Time for nominations! After all the keys are pulled, Spencer and Howard are the nominees. Aaryn tells them it’s “nothing personal,” but it’s best for her game, and even adds an apology. Howard says he saw this coming, Elissa says she is shocked she’s safe, while Spencer notes Aaryn is a “puppet.” Helen is relieved Aaryn stuck with their deal, but worries the MVP’s nomination will change things up. So who will be the third nominee? And who will win the Power of Veto? Find out Wednesday, July 31 at 8pm ET/PT on BIG BROTHER on CBS!