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Season 15: Episode 15 - Episode 15
Posted on Aug 1, 2013 12:00am

Head of Household Aaryn is perfectly fine with her nominations, because Howard is the target for many people in the house, and his buddy Spencer is of no concern to anyone if he leaves. Howard knew he was going on the block, and fumes that once again players like Amanda and maybe even Helen are putting up a player “who isn’t controlling anything.”

Up in the HoH room, Aaryn is congratulated by Amanda, GinaMarie and even Elissa, who is “super shocked” she wasn’t nominated. Elissa wonders if there is now potential for the two enemies to work together. Amanda enters and also offers Aaryn congratulations. She compliments Aaryn on doing what Amanda has been trying to do for weeks—get Howard on the block. Spencer asks McCrae in the side bedroom if Howard is the target this week regardless of who is nominated, and McCrae tells him that’s absolutely the case. McCrae lies to Spencer and says he tried to get Elissa and GinaMarie nominated.

McCrae hopes this will build trust between them, but Spencer says in Diary Room he “isn’t buying anything the pizza boy is saying.” Later in the back yard, Spencer fumes everyone acts like they have leprosy, but Howard thinks it will all still work out for him. Howard decides to take a stand and goes into the kitchen, where a majority of the HouseGuests have congregated. Howard wants to address the house with “facts” and “realness,” but everyone is left confused by Howard’s rambling and quixotic speech. Amanda, Judd, Andy and McCrae go upstairs where they try to figure out what Howard just said. Andy thinks the speech was directed at him, while Judd thought he was the target. McCrae thinks he was the reason for Howard’s speech. Amanda loves this, because Howard, in trying to save himself, has only alienated more people.

Once Again, an MVP Mystery

McCrae thinks things are going great for him and Amanda, but the MVP has them worried. Who will the third nominee be? Elissa comes over to them in the hammock and suggests Andy may be this week’s MVP, which they all agree would be great. But when Elissa runs off, Amanda and McCrae decide there’s no way Andy got it. McCrae’s biggest worry is Howard is this week’s MVP. At the picking players ceremony, McCrae’s worst fear comes true when Amanda is revealed to be the MVP’s nominee. “Somebody up there loves me,” Howard says in Diary Room. With Amanda up on the block, Howard hopes he can now lobby the house to go after the stronger player. Jessie and Candice are also picked to play by Aaryn’s random draw.

Immediately after picking players, McCrae tells Spencer he was played by his buddy Howard, because it is totally obvious Howard is the MVP. Spencer is just as adamant that Howard is most certainly not the MVP. McCrae tries to scare Spencer into aligning with him, but Spencer knows McCrae is really shaken now that his showmance is on the chopping block, and calls McCrae a “scared little punk.” Amanda decides to deal with her paranoia head on, and goes directly to Howard and asks him if he is the MVP. Howard gives Amanda a roundabout answer, which only unsettles her further. Amanda wants to know who put her on the block, but is not getting anywhere.

Helen, dressed as a mad scientist, announces it is time for the Veto competition, BACK IN TIME. The HouseGuests come outside and find the back yard transformed into a futuristic lab, where Helen explains the players must go “back in time” to recreate the Veto, which was lost in a wrinkle in time. The players enter the “time transporter,” and find themselves in a dinosaur and volcano-filled landscape. Each of the players must put together a huge puzzle to recreate the Veto. The player who finishes their puzzle first wins the Veto. Amanda is moving fast with her puzzle, but stumbles when she realizes she is missing a few pieces. Spencer also has a missing piece, but barrels ahead of Amanda for the Veto competition win!

Candice Calls Helen Out

In a post Veto competition conversation up in the HoH room, Aaryn tells McCrae, Amanda, Andy and Helen she wants Candice to be the replacement nominee because of all the “painful things” Candice has subjected her to. Helen says she will go with the group, but wants to tell Candice she tried to talk to them all about Howard’s nomination. In the parlour room with Helen, Candice makes a pitch for Howard, and tries to make a deal, calling out Helen’s loyalty. Helen says it is too tough of a deal to make because the house has already decided. Candice keeps pushing, and accuses Helen of running the house along with Elissa, Amanda and McCrae. She also tells Helen that Aaryn is “clearly” in Helen’s back pocket. Helen gets upset and storms off, noting that if Candice thinks Helen is the source of power in the house, that is very bad for her game going forward. Helen goes into the HoH room and decides to do a “preemptive strike” against Candice. Helen plays up what Candice said to her, and even suggests to the assembled group that Candice “threatened” her. Both Amanda and GinaMarie note when you are a possible replacement nominee, you shouldn’t be going around issuing threats. “It’s just dumb,” Amanda says.

Time for the Veto Ceremony!

To no one’s surprise, Spencer takes himself off the block. “Candice, saddle up,” Aaryn orders, making Howard’s biggest ally the replacement nominee. Candice is irritated Aaryn nominated her, but thinks her “good friends Helen and Elissa” had a hand in this move, and vows to go after them. Amanda is happy the focus is still on Howard and Candice, while Howard strives to keep fighting. Who will be the next evicted HouseGuest? And who will be the next HoH? Find out live Thursday, August 1 at 9pm ET/PT on BIG BROTHER on CBS!