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Season 15: Episode 18 - Episode 18
Posted on Aug 7, 2013 11:00pm

Head of Household GinaMarie admits Candice is her target for the week because Candice is a “little bit of a drama queen.” Jessie is “bummed out” by her nomination, but up in the HoH room GinaMarie tells Jessie she is safe this week. Meanwhile Judd and Amanda are cracking up over GinaMarie’s nomination speech, where she called Candice a “rat” and a “Tattletale.” Amanda feels GinaMarie is a “cartoon version of herself” in the house.

A few hours later Jessie joins a big group in the HoH room, including Amanda, McCrae, Aaryn and Spencer. Jessie sits down on the couch next to McCrae, which bothers Amanda. When Amanda playfully asks McCrae to come sit by her, he refuses. Amanda leaves in a huff, which McCrae finds ridiculous. Amanda is under the covers in the side bedroom when McCrae finds her. Amanda complains about how embarrassed she was, which McCrae finds silly.

McCrae then follows Amanda into the shower to follow up. Amanda wants to know if McCrae understands why she is irritated, but McCrae says there isn’t really a point. When Amanda keeps pressing McCrae on whether he wants to still be with her, McCrae hems and haws. He notes hell hath no fury like a woman scored, and Amanda has fury.

GinaMarie gathers everyone in the living room for picking players for the Veto competition, but first the MVP is revealed. The unlucky HouseGuest is—Amanda! “Someone really wants me gone,” Amanda says as she sits with the other nominees. Spencer and Judd are then randomly picked to play in the Veto competition. In the parlour room, Amanda tells Candice, Helen and Elissa she thinks Judd is the MVP. She then quickly lobbies Judd and Spencer to play for her, but neither of them is enthusiastic. Amanda goes into the HoH room where she asks GinaMarie if she will play to take her off the block. Aaryn storms out, and notes in Diary Room that Amanda is being selfish, especially considering Aaryn spent all last week getting Howard out of the house for Amanda.

All Not Well With McCranda?

After talking to Andy in the storage room, McCrae goes back up to the HoH and tells GinaMarie she shouldn't use the Veto, because they shouldn’t risk another one of their allies (most likely Aaryn) going up on the block as the MVP replacement nominee. Amanda enters and asks McCrae why he’s not helping her get off the block before storming off to the Have Not bedroom. McCrae follows her. Amanda rails on McCrae for not being loyal, while McCrae tries to convince Amanda she is not playing a good political game.

The conflict comes to a halt when everyone goes outside for the Veto competition, which requires the players to toss a stuffed frog onto lily pads that are valued by points. The player with the least amount of points gets eliminated every round, and must retrieve a “prize” from a worm-filled bucket. Each round a player can choose to keep their prize or trade with another player. The Veto competition comes to a halt when Candice whispers to Judd that Amanda thinks he is the MVP. When Amanda overhears Candice, she starts getting into it with her. Candice snaps back, but Amanda shocks the HouseGuests when she tells Candice “the Shaniqua is coming out.” Elissa finds this inappropriate, while McCrae is furious at Amanda for making herself the subject of so much attention. At the end of the game, Judd takes a $5,000 prize, which leaves Jessie holding the Power of Veto! After the competition Amanda sulks in the Have Not room before McCrae comes storming in. he yells at Amanda for making a spectacle of herself. Amanda doesn't think she is to blame, but McCrae is furious Amanda can’t just keep her mouth shut. “Is it that tough or something,” he asks. “What are you trying to prove?”

Orange You Glad to See Me?

Meanwhile in the kitchen, Candice plays it cool. She jokes about her “prize”—a “clownitard” costume she must wear for the week. She and Elissa laugh about how funny it will be, but Aaryn, who is watching this exchange, isn’t laughing. She doesn’t like how chummy Elissa and Candice are, and decides to go up to the HoH room and tell GinaMarie that Elissa is working to keep Candice this week. GinaMarie falls right into Aaryn’s hands when she volunteers that she may put Elissa up as her replacement nominee.

Spencer is excited, because he walked away with a Bahamas vacation as his Veto competition prize, but he’s also excited to see Candice in her clownitard. Candice comes out and rocks her crazy look, but she’s not the only HouseGuest forced to change her appearance. GinaMarie is forced to wear a “cone of shame” around her neck for the week, while Amanda is stuck with the “50 Shades of Orange” prize, which requires her to visit a tanning booth at frequent intervals. By the next day Amanda notes she looks like “Snooki” or a “raccoon.” Helen goes up to the HoH to touch base with the collared GinaMarie. Helen wants to know who the HoH’s replacement nominee might be, and is keen to keep any of her allies off the chopping block. When GinaMarie reveals that she heard Elissa is campaigning for Candice, Helen goes into damage control, and notes how she and Elissa have GinaMarie’s back.

Time for the Veto ceremony! To no one’s surprise Jessie takes herself off the chopping block. Helen’s lobbying works when GinaMarie opts to put up Spencer as her replacement nominee. Spencer is fine with the nomination, because he feels he is the smallest target out there. An orange Amanda thinks this helps her game, while a clowned up Candice feels the same, because they both feel the house wants the other out. So who will be evicted? And how will the HouseGuests react when they realize it’s a special double eviction episode? Find out live Thursday, August 8 at 9pm ET/PT on BIG BROTHER on CBS!