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Season 15: Episode 19 - Episode 19
Posted on Aug 9, 2013 09:55am

Everything eviction nominee Spencer is hearing tells him that Candice is going home this week. Candice is hoping MVP nominee Amanda makes a more attractive target than her, while Amanda notes that since she is still on the block, it’s time for her to be nice. Amanda sits outside with Jessie and tells her she wants them to be friends. Amanda apologizes for tearing her apart last week, and assures Jessie that she had no part in Head of Household GinaMarie putting her on the block. In Diary Room Jessie says she isn’t buying this “fake apology” for a minute, and still wants Amanda to leave this week.

Later in the parlour room, Amanda, McCrae, Andy and Judd talk about how Amanda needs to control her emotions while she is on the block. In a flashback to two weeks ago, a four-way alliance among them is revealed. Judd is all in, but Amanda notes in Dairy Room she still doesn't trust Judd, because she thinks he is the MVP that has been putting her up on the block.

In the side bedroom Candice tells Jessie and Elissa she doesn't know how she became a bigger threat than Amanda or Spencer. Jessie notes the only thing that will change who is going home is if “Andy and Judd wise up.” Jessie then corners Helen in the bathroom, and broaches the idea of a big move this week—voting out Amanda. Jessie then reaches out to Judd. “If we don't do this we are giving Amanda the game,” she warns. Judd notes he needs to cover all his bases, and with a kiss notes he doesn't want Jessie going anywhere.

In the storage room Helen approaches Andy about dumping Amanda, but he hesitates, noting Amanda and McCrae have never done anything to make him think they don’t deserve his trust. Unbeknownst to Helen, Andy is dead set against this play because of his secret alliance with McCranda.

Later on in the chaise lounge, Candice and Jessie continue to lobby Helen hard. When Helen wonders why Jessie isn’t targeting other people for their votes, Jessie notes there’s no point if Helen’s not on board. Helen says she will do it when “the house wants it,” which frustrates Jessie. Helen reveals in Diary Room the real reason she is hesitant about shaking up the votes—with Amanda gone, does this make Helen the biggest target in the house?

The Big News is Revealed!

Host Julie Chen chimes into the living room with a big piece of game changing news. This season, the jury will grow from seven members to nine, which means whoever is evicted tonight is the first juror. The second bomb Julie drops is the revelation that tonight is the first double eviction of the season. While the HouseGuests react to the news, Julie leaves them with one more piece of information—just because someone is on the jury doesn't necessarily mean they are out of the game. It's time for the final pleas. Candice avoids the usual shout outs and thank you’s when she lashes out at GinaMarie for calling her a tattletale. The two get into it, yelling back and forth so much Julie has to tell them to stop. By a unanimous 7- 0-0 vote, Candice is eliminated, but not before some more smack talk between Candice and GinaMarie.

Outside with Julie, Candice apologizes noting “it gets rough” in the house. Candice says she doesn't let people say “awful things” about her, and notes the power player in the house is Amanda. When Julie asks Candice about dealing with all the racial comments made in the house, Candice admits it was “difficult,” but she took Howard’s advice to keep cool while feeling she still stayed true to herself. The remaining HouseGuests go outside for the HoH competition, BACK TO SCHOOL, where the players have to answer a series of questions about the house by choosing either “more” or “less.” After just a few rounds Aaryn is crowned the HoH!

Andy and McCrae speak to Aaryn in the Parlour Room before Spencer enters. “If you put me up there’s a chance I’m going home,” Spencer warns. “I know,” Aaryn says. Julie calls everyone back to the living room, where she drops another bomb—the MVP twist is officially over for the season, which means there will only be two eviction nominees going forward. Aaryn gets up and announces Spencer and Jessie are her nominees are eviction!

Win One, And Then Another…

Everyone goes outside for the Veto competition, NAILED IT, where Aaryn, the two nominees and randomly picked players Amanda, Andy and Judd must put six colored nails into their workbench and retrieve a final gold Veto nail to win the game. It must be Aaryn’s night, because she promptly wins the Veto! Helen pulls Aaryn aside and whispers to her that she is “amazing.” Julie calls everyone out to the living room, and Aaryn stands up and removes Jessie from the block, replacing her with a stunned Judd! “I will go home if I don't do this,” Aaryn tells Judd before apologizing. The HouseGuests then unanimously vote to evict Judd, who tells Julie outside he got “a good old blindside tonight.” Judd thinks Amanda and Helen are pretty much running the house, but admits he doesn’t really understand what just happened to him. “I’m more confused than anybody,” he admits. So who will be the next HoH? And whom will the new HoH nominate for eviction? Find out Sunday, August 11 at 8pm ET/PT on BIG BROTHER on CBS!