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Season 15: Episode 21 - Episode 21
Posted on Aug 15, 2013 12:00am

Four-time nominee Jessie is hoping she can win the Veto to not only ensure her safety but also maneuver Amanda up on the block as her replacement. Spencer’s plan for the week is to be “cool, friendly and likeable” to ensure he doesn't go home. Amanda is delighted Head of Household Andy nominated her two targets, but Helen is disappointed Andy didn’t make a bigger move. In the parlour room Andy tells Spencer he is totally safe and assures him everyone will back the HoH up. Spencer tells Andy he completely trusts him, but in Diary Room Spencer reveals he has no trust in anyone in the house. Up in the HoH room Andy tells Jessie he wants to come through the week with no blood on his hands and that she is safe, but in Diary Room he admits he is totally lying. Later in the Have Not room Amanda confers with Aaryn, McCrae and Andy.

Amanda notes now that Aaryn has proven her trust over the past two weeks, they can make a real alliance with her. Aaryn notes a four-way alliance with McCranda and Andy is too good of an opportunity for her to pass up, even if it means walking away from Helen. Like all great alliances, they know they need a name! After tossing around a few ideas, Aaryn suggests 3AM, which everyone loves. Helen gets some alone time with Andy in the HoH room and tells him he just made a safe decision with his nominations. Andy argues it’s not the week to make a big move in the hopes of placating Helen, but she finds Andy’s behavior suspicious. Andy knows he is in a tricky spot right now because if Helen finds out he is working with Amanda and McCrae, he’s in trouble.

Punking Helen

Andy goes outside to confer with McCrae and Amanda and warns them Helen is “sharpening her sword” when it comes to nominations. In order to calm Helen down, Amanda suggests McCrae and Andy make a fake alliance with Helen, where they would tell Helen they are moving forward in the game without Amanda. The next day McCrae pulls Helen into the parlour room and broaches the subject of a three-person alliance between himself, Helen and Andy. McCrae suggests Amanda has a stronger game than all of them. Helen says she is very open to the idea, and notes in Diary Room she is pleased McCrae has woken up to the realization he needs to cut Amanda loose. With the MVP twist gone, three players are randomly picked to play in the Veto— Helen, Elissa and Amanda. Afterwards Helen pulls aside Andy and has McCrae pitch the three-person alliance. Andy notes in Diary Room that Helen is buying this fake alliance hook, line and sinker, but he’s still nervous this will blow up in his face. Amanda walks in and kills the conversation, but Andy gets through the awkwardness by talking about the upcoming Veto and how they have to make sure Jessie doesn't win. Andy thinks its imperative that Jessie and Spencer stay on the block. As a super fan, McCrae thinks it could be a counting game where everyone holds or folds, and notes if they all work together they can throw the game so Jessie doesn't win.

McCrae explains they should pick one person to play hard, with everyone else folding. Amanda suggests Helen as the targeted winner, which Helen quickly agrees to. In Diary Room, Amanda notes she is letting Helen win to increase trust between them so that Helen is lulled into an even bigger sense of false security. Andy and McCrae then go to Spencer, and ask him to throw the competition. Spencer says all the right things, but reveals in Diary Room he will win if he gets the chance. The HouseGuests come outside and find the backyard transformed into a Hollywood horror movie-themed theater. McCrae’s hunch turns out to be right— the Veto competition is a version of the fold or hold counting game! For the first two rounds everything goes right with the plan, with Helen quickly earning two movie tickets towards the win. But when Spencer sees an opportunity to go for the Veto win himself, Helen is quickly eliminated, which infuriates Amanda. Spencer’s big play is ultimately unsuccessful after Andy rallies and wins the Veto.

Failed Plan Aftermath

After the competition, Andy comes upstairs and finds Amanda and McCrae waiting for him. Amanda says she is pissed that Spencer didn’t stick with the plan to continuously fold. Andy suggests they keep things open this week, because he feels Spencer is much more likely to trick them than the easily readable Jessie. Spencer then ambles into the HoH room, and calls out Amanda on being pissed. Amanda denies it, and notes as long as Jessie didn't get it she doesn't care. After Spencer leaves Amanda tells Andy they need to keep an eye on the inherently untrustworthy Spencer. Jessie makes a last-minute pitch to Andy to use the Veto and put up Amanda as a replacement nominee, but Andy is noncommittal. Meanwhile in the storage room, Helen suggests to McCrae they move up their plan to drop Amanda. Helen thinks Amanda should be out by the final six, not the final four. McCrae realizes he’s got a problem on his hands, and tells Amanda what Helen is thinking.

Amanda quietly gathers the 3AM alliance in the HoH room and tells them what Helen tried to pitch McCrae, and suggests Helen needs to go soon. Andy is in a bind—does he keep his nominations the same or does he make his first big power move? At the nomination ceremony Andy ultimately chooses not to use the Veto. Jessie notes she’s not giving up, while Amanda is happy her nominations are both still on the block. Helen explains she still has her sights firmly on Amanda. Who will be the next evicted HouseGuest? And who will be the next HoH? Find out live Thursday, August 15 at 9pm ET/PT on BIG BROTHER on CBS!