Season 15: Episode 22 - Episode 22
Posted on Aug 16, 2013 11:15am

Head of Household Andy explains that everyone in the house is in on the plan to get rid of Jessie this week, and he’s hoping Jessie stays ignorant so things stay calm. Jessie is optimistic that this week will be like the several other weeks she has been on the block and remained in the house. Outside after the Veto ceremony, Jessie checks in with McCranda, who lie to her face and tell her she is “absolutely” staying. Jessie’s suspicions build when she realizes her former friends Helen and Elissa are “acting distant.”

When Jessie checks in with Andy, he tells her Helen is spending time with eviction nominee Spencer to make it easier to blindside him. Andy quickly rounds up Helen and Elissa, and warns them to get better “poker faces.” Helen is annoyed Jessie needs “more affirmation,” but they both tell Andy they will be Jessie’s besties. Later, Jessie enters the HoH room, where Andy, Helen and Aaryn are hanging out. As they talk about Judd’s demise in the game, Helen casually insinuates Jessie as the person who was trying to get Amanda out last week. Jessie is furious, and calls out Helen when they are in a one-on-one down by the pool table. Helen apologizes but says she is just repeating what everyone else has been saying. Helen then reminds Jessie she told her to wait when it came to going after Amanda, but Helen heard Jessie was still going forward with the plan. “Not true,” Jessie protests as Helen shuts her down. Jessie knows Helen is lying to her, and in Diary Room vows to “blow up” Helen’s game.

Jessie Stands Firm

Jessie goes to Amanda and McCrae and tells them Helen was one of the powers that was behind a possible Amanda coup last week. Amanda acts surprised, but in Diary Room reveals she is well aware Helen has been maneuvering against her. Amanda sees this as an opportunity to put Helen on the defensive, and goes upstairs and tells Helen that Jessie is talking smack about her. Helen is irritated that Jessie is talking, and feels this is a huge threat to her game. Goaded by Amanda, Helen and Elissa corner Jessie in the bathroom, asking her why she is telling people they were trying to get Amanda out. “Because you were,” Jessie says.

Helen and Jessie continue their conversation upstairs at the chessboard, where Jessie reminds Helen that she was the one that started the “get Amanda out” conversation. Helen says she doesn't remember doing that, but a flashback proves Jessie right. As the two continue their conversation, everyone in the house listens. Andy knows Helen is “totally backpedalling,” while Amanda calls the fight “glorious,” and notes that Helen’s shadiness is now out in the open. After commiserating with Aaryn, Jessie eavesdrops on her when she tells McCranda and Helen what they were talking about. Jessie then overhears that she is the target for the week, and vows to bring the house down with her. When Andy asks Jessie what’s wrong she calls him out for lying to her about her status for the week. Andy tells Elissa, Helen and Aaryn that Jessie now knows, which makes Aaryn feel bad. “Don’t feel bad,” Helen tells her. Jessie then tells Spencer and GinaMarie what’s been going on. Spencer acts sympathetic, but is secretly relieved to know that everyone has been telling him the truth about being this week’s pawn. As part of her plan to stir up trouble, Jessie tells GinaMarie that Aaryn has been talking about her behind her back. GinaMarie says she knows this, but later in the HoH GinaMarie lays into Aaryn when Aaryn warns GinaMarie not to tell her to get upset about what Jessie has been saying.

Calling it All Out

Aaryn gets irritated, and GinaMarie gets in her face, shadowing Aaryn as she tries to walk down the stairs. “Leave me alone,” Aaryn pleads. GinaMarie refuses to let up and calls Jessie, McCrae and Amanda up to the HoH to call out Aaryn, who mostly sits and rolls her eyes at GinaMarie’s antics. “Now that we’re all here would you like to say anything about me,” GinaMarie asks. “I’m fine,” Aaryn seethes. Host Julie Chen chimes into the living room and asks Aaryn about this week’s confrontations. Aaryn notes it’s “getting scary” but this is bound to happen now that “not many people are left.” Andy explains everyone was so emotional over Judd’s eviction because he was a “big presence in the house.” Amanda tells Julie “if you feel safe in this house, that's your first mistake.”

Despite her plea to be loyal to everyone, Jessie is eliminated by a 6-0 vote. Outside Julie asks Jessie why she got confrontational and Jessie explains she wanted to try and “mix things up.” Jessie says she “adores” Helen personally but is hoping for a Helen vs. Amanda conflict in the next few weeks. Jessie reveals she is disappointed she never had a house “friend, buddy or showmance,” but has “no regrets” with her game. The remaining HouseGuests go outside for this week’s Head of Household competition, a face-off game where they must identify songs that describe three competitions they have done—HoH, Have-Have Not, or Veto. A player who wins a round then chooses the next two players to face off against each other. If a player rings in incorrectly, he or she is automatically eliminated. After a series of wins, Aaryn wins her fourth HoH! In the living room post-competition, Aaryn tells Julie it’s great to be safe for the week, but notes it will be “very hard” to come up with two nominees for the week. So whom will Aaryn nominate for eviction? Find out Sunday, August 18, at 8pm ET/PT on BIG BROTHER on CBS!