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Season 15: Episode 23 - Episode 23
Posted on Aug 19, 2013 10:45am

Amanda boasts she has had a hand in everyone evicted, and hopes she will have a hand in evicting everyone else for the course of the entire game. Spencer notes he’s been on the block five times, and has come down five times, but from now on he wants to avoid the nomination chair entirely. After Jessie’s eviction, Aaryn consoles a tearful Andy, who reveals Jessie’s nomination was not a “personal vendetta,” but strictly game.

Aaryn explains that winning Head of Household for the fourth time is “great,” but also scary. She knows that if big moves need to be made, she is the go-to HoH in the house, which means there is “blood on her hands.” GinaMarie is happy for Aaryn’s win, despite their recent fight. She chalks up her relationship to Aaryn as sister-like. “At the end of the day we still love each other,” she notes, adding that she couldn't be happier for Aaryn’s HoH win. Amanda, however, is sad. She has yet to win a competition, and cries about it to McCrae in the Parlour Room. When McCrae tries to cheer Amanda up, she takes his words as a personal attack. “You don't need to rub it in,” she yells. McCrae notes in Diary room Amanda lost a competition he “handed her on a silver platter,” but notes it’s all good because his ally Aaryn won. Meanwhile in the kitchen GinaMarie and Spencer quietly discuss the most recent McCranda spat, and agree Amanda is a “sore loser” and that Amanda is likely to “ruin McCrae’s life.”

An Early, Unexpected Exit?

Later that night Elissa and Helen assess the situation. Elissa knows Aaryn’s win is not good for their game, and worries they will go on the block together. Helen says they need to talk to her, but Elissa resists. On her own Helen goes to Aaryn in the side bedroom and congratulates Aaryn and builds her up. Aaryn is appreciative and in Diary Room reveals she thinks Helen is a “great person.” While Helen is all smiles, Amanda is so distraught she hides behind a garbage can in the storage room and cries! McCrae has other business, and grabs Aaryn for a one-one one, where she tells him she’s thinking Spencer and Elissa for nominees. McCrae advises against this, and suggests Helen goes up for Spencer. Amanda eventually gets out of her funk and joins them, and keeps pushing Helen as a nominee. Andy joins and the entire secret 3AM alliance push for Aaryn to make another big move during her HoH. After the 3AM alliance playfully assigns names to themselves (with McCrae confusingly named “the enforcer”) Aaryn has her HoH room reveal, where Elissa is clearly uninterested and Amanda is clearly jealous. Downstairs Helen again encourages Elissa to talk to Aaryn, but Elissa continues to resist before dropping a bomb—if Elissa gets voted out before the final two, she will skip the jury house and go right home! Helen is stunned, and tells her she can’t believe Elissa wouldn't stay and vote for her.

Helen quickly breaks from Elissa and sobs by herself on the upstairs landing. Helen then enters the HoH room, and tells most of the rest of the HouseGuests what Elissa said. Helen sobs as she explains how much she has done for Elissa. Andy and GinaMarie are appalled Elissa would throw away an opportunity so many other would kill for, and Aaryn notes this shows how selfish Elissa is. Not everyone is sympathetic, however. In Diary Room Amanda sarcastically tells Helen not to cry about Elissa’s vote, because Helen is the target this week!

Elissa Bites the Bullet

After a Have Not competition where the HouseGuests must maneuver their way through a huge pitch-black box in the back yard, Elissa, Helen, Amada and GinaMarie are have not’s. Helen worries this is another setback that could add to Elissa’s already deteriorating game, but Elissa bites the bullet and has an awkward conversation in the HoH room with Aaryn about this week’s nominations. Aaryn tells Elissa she’s not the target, and Elissa leaves hoping the conversation was fruitful. Helen makes her own pilgrimage to the HoH room, and tells Aaryn she realizes Elissa is going up. Aaryn notes that either Elissa or Spencer going home is fine by her. Helen then tells Aaryn if she got the Veto, she wouldn’t necessarily use it to save Elissa! Helen also swears she won’t ruin her own game for Elissa. Aaryn notes in Diary Room Helen is one of “the greatest people I have met,” but from a game point of view Helen is still a huge threat to 3AM.

It’s time for the nominations, and Aaryn ultimately decides to put Helen and Elissa on the block. Aaryn calls them a “power duo” in the house that has to be dealt with. Spencer is delighted not to be nominated, while Helen notes she will work hard to get herself off the block. Amanda is pleased that once again everything went her way, and that there is nothing better than a “good old fashioned blindside.” So who will win the Power of Veto? And will they use it to save Helen or Elissa? Find out Wednesday, August 21 at 8pm ET/PT on BIG BROTHER on CBS!