Season 15: Episode 24 - Episode 24
Posted on Aug 22, 2013 12:00am

“My speech was strategic,” Head of Household Aaryn explains. Aaryn doesn’t want Helen to know she’s in a secret alliance with Amanda, McCrae and Helen’s close friend Andy. Helen is also unaware she’s the target, while fellow nominee Elissa is the pawn. Helen knows her safety isn’t assured, but she feels comfortable because she thinks she has a final three alliance with Andy and McCrae. After the nomination ceremony, Helen and Elissa realize one of them needs to win the Veto this week, because if they can get off the block, they assume Spencer becomes the replacement nominee and the target.

In a conversation with Andy in the cockpit, Helen gets emotional over her recent conflict with Elissa. Andy comforts and cries along with her, but in Diary Room Andy says he feels terrible because Helen has no idea he is working against her this week. He lies when he tells Helen he will “see what he can do” when it comes to getting Helen off the block and Spencer up as the replacement. Meanwhile Elissa approaches a canoodling McCrae and Amanda and asks them what they think about her chances this week. Amanda senses a rift between Elissa and Helen, and does her best to fan the flames by suggesting Helen was hurting Elissa’s game. Elissa knows Amanda is manipulative, but wonders if Amanda is telling the truth. Amanda is playing a long game, because she wants to control Elissa once Helen is gone.

Andy Walks a Fine Line

Andy grabs Spencer and warns him Helen is targeting him as a replacement if there’s a change in the nominations. This only drives Spencer to vow if he gets a chance, he will fight hard for the Veto. Spencer’s dream comes true when he’s chosen to play in the Veto competition, but Andy’s suffers his worst nightmare when he is selected as well. Helen immediately approaches Andy to shore up his support in the competition, and Andy says exactly what Helen wants to hear. But up in the HoH room he frets with Amanda, who tells him this is a game and he’ll do what he has to do and keep Helen and Elissa from winning.

The HouseGuests go outside to find the back yard transformed into a wooded paradise, complete with a huge beaver dam. Superfan McCrae realizes the HouseGuests will be playing the OTEV challenge, which is a very physical form of musical chairs that leaves one fast and aggressive player standing tall with the Veto. After five rounds of searching for lost love letters, Elissa pushes and shoves her way to a Veto win! Helen is ecstatic for her friend, but Amanda notes in Diary Room Helen shouldn't be cheering so much, because this victory has sealed Helen’s fate for the week.

Helen and Elissa celebrate Elissa’s triumph in the Have Not bedroom with a happy dance. But when Andy comes in, things get awkward as Helen halfheartedly thanks Andy for playing for them in the Veto competition. In Diary Room Helen reveals she is now suspicious of Andy, who didn't look like he was working very hard to win the Veto comp at all. Later in the kitchen, Elissa tries to savor her victory when Amanda hits her hard with a dose of house reality. In a move to make Elissa more dependent on her in the game, Amanda informs her likely replacement nominee Spencer is safe and Helen’s eviction is a done deal. Amanda also warns her to keep this information to herself. Elissa is taken aback, but in Diary Room notes that she doesn't appreciate Amanda talking so brazenly about her biggest ally in the house. The next morning Elissa and Helen do some early morning cleaning in the bathroom. Without directly saying it, Elissa tips off to Helen that the target this week isn’t Spencer. Helen and Elissa dance around the subject for a while, but Helen gets the message loud and clear—Amanda has said something to Elissa, and Elissa is scared if it gets back to Amanda it wouldn't be good for either her or Helen. “Amanda pretty much threatened her,” Helen posits in Diary Room.

Battle of the Wine, or Whine?

Helen finally gets a minute alone with Aaryn in the HoH room, and reveals her fear her life in the house is on the line this week. Helen then pitches a fourway alliance between the two of them and their respective besties, GinaMarie and Elissa. Aaryn is open to this idea, because she’s always wanted to forge a stronger relationship with Helen. When Helen admits her disappointment in Andy at the Veto comp, Aaryn grouses about Andy’s penchant for telling McCranda everything. Helen warns if the two of them don't act, Amanda could walk away with the game. That night Aaryn and Andy relax with some vino, which invariably brings up the most infamous event in the house, Jeremy’s missing bottle of wine tirade. As Aaryn recaps her recollection of what happened, Amanda chimes in with hers. Aaryn takes offense at Amanda’s behavior, and Amanda gives it back, reminding Aaryn she was being selfish by playing the victim when she stole wine from other players. This starts a huge shouting match that ends with Aaryn storming off to the HoH room. Andy follows her and tries to calm things between his secret alliance members, but when Amanda enters it starts the conflict up again. Amanda exits in a huff, leaving a tearful Aaryn to tell Andy if Amanda is not careful, she could be the replacement nominee.

It’s time for the Veto Ceremony. Elissa apologizes to Helen and promises her vote after she takes herself off the chopping block. Despite her conversation with Helen, Aaryn opts to make Spencer her replacement nominee. Aaryn admits the reason she didn’t nominated Amanda is because she’s afraid of her wrath. Meanwhile Amanda is happy her alliance is still controlling the house. So who will be evicted this week? And which evicted player will return to the game? Find out Thursday, August 22 at 9pm ET/PT on BIG BROTHER on CBS!