Season 15: Episode 25 - Episode 25
Posted on Aug 23, 2013 10:55am

“So here we are again,” replacement nominee Spencer says, noting he is not really sweating his nomination this time because he is sure he has more allies in the house than his fellow nominee Helen. Head of Household Aaryn wanted to put up Amanda but once again she felt pressured to put up players that others want eliminated. Helen senses this, and heads up to the HoH bathroom where she and Elissa lobby Aaryn and GinaMarie hard to boot Spencer.

Andy enters and a tearful Helen implores him to vote for her this week. Andy acts offended and tells an emotional Helen he’s shocked she would even think he’d do otherwise. Helen admits in Diary Room she is working the tears, but Andy notes he is offended Helen is calling his vote a “good vs. evil” proposition. Aaryn is worried that Amanda and McCrae will find out about this conversation but Helen says there is no worries as long as none of them talk. The moment he leaves the HoH room, Andy high tails it to the Have Not bedroom and spills the beans to Amanda, who says she is not threatened by Helen and encourages Andy not to worry. Helen then takes McCrae into the cockpit and asks him for his vote, but McCrae shrugs it off, only saying he wishes Amanda would change her mind. Helen then gives McCrae a load of unsolicited advice about his relationship with Amanda, noting Amanda is pushy and demanding in the way she orders McCrae around. McCrae reveals in Dairy Room he finds Helen the “same kind of pushy” as Amanda, and her unsolicited advice “off putting.”

Andy Gets a Not-So-Subtle Threat

Amanda enters the cockpit and inadvertently breaks up the conversation. After Helen scurries and McCranda heads outside, McCrae tells his showmance everything Helen said. Amanda is none too pleased with Helen’s take on the relationship, and takes the conversation up to the HoH room with Spencer and Andy. When Amanda asks McCrae if she thinks she is bossy, McCrae says “maybe.” “Who am I bullying,” Amanda asks Andy, who says nothing. “You’re assertively honest,” Spencer replies. Amanda chalks up the criticism as merely Helen reacting to the fact that Amanda beat her at her own game.

Meanwhile Helen and Elissa work GinaMarie outside at the hot tub. GinaMarie has no love for Spencer, but without Andy (who Helen feels is now beholden to Amanda) they all know this conversation is pointless. Elissa tells them they need to do something about it, and as a group they once again corner Andy. This time Helen is much more pointed and is joined by an equally aggressive Elissa, who warns Andy he is going to be the target next week if Helen goes home. “You vote me out and you will have targets you’ve never had before,” Helen adds.

Host Julie Chen chimes into the living room and shows the HouseGuests clips from both the black box Have-Have Not and the OTEV Veto competitions before getting the live vote started. With Elissa the outlier, the HouseGuests vote 4- 1 to evict Helen from the game. Outside with Julie, Helen admits she has been questioning Andy’s loyalty for weeks. Helen then explains she didn't target Amanda earlier in the game because she thought Judd was a bigger threat after he started winning competitions and the house began assuming he was the MVP. If she could go back and play the game differently, Helen says she would definitely have kept Howard and targeted Amanda. Julie then finally drops the bomb—she tells Helen she has a chance to go back into the game as part of a competition for a juror to return!

Bitter, Party of Three

So what’s been going on in the jury house? Both Candice and Judd are shocked that he was a victim of the double eviction, but the next week they are even more flabbergasted when Jessie walks through the door. Jessie then recaps how Helen and Elissa worked hard to get Judd out. But the biggest surprise in the jury house comes when they walk into the kitchen for breakfast to find a note informing them they will get a chance to get back into the game! Judd says he is going after Elissa and Amanda, while Candice vows to take down GinaMarie. Julie once again chimes into the house, and informs the remaining HouseGuests all four members will compete in the upcoming HoH competition to reenter the house. The jurors enter to hugs and tears before moving out to the back yard for the baseball-themed HoH competition, OFF THE WALL. Julie explains the playing field is divided into two sections with two competitions—one for the jurors and one for everyone. During the course of OFF THE WALL, balls are thrown at all the players, with either the first juror or HouseGuest to catch 10 baseballs without falling off becoming the new HoH.

Lined up on a wall on individual tilting platforms, everyone reacts when Jessie catches the first ball. Julie then informs them that there is a malfunction in the sprinkler system, which means everyone is going to be repeatedly sprayed down with water! So which juror gets back into the game? And will that juror be the new Head of Household? Find out Sunday, August 25 at 8pm ET/PT on BIG BROTHER on CBS!