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Season 15: Episode 26 - Episode 26
Posted on Aug 26, 2013 10:25am

Juror Candice describes being back in the game and competing in this week’s Head of Household baseball-themed endurance competition as “really nerve wracking.” Fellow juror Judd is excited for a second chance after getting blindsided during the double eviction, and warns that Amanda and McCrae better “watch their backs” if he gets back into the game because he doesn't trust them at all. Elissa is happy to see Helen back in the house so soon after the most recent eviction, but also knows she can’t rely on her biggest ally and has to win this week’s HoH for herself.

Both Andy and Amanda are not happy to see the jurors competing for a chance to return. While Andy is worried that any of the returners will be vengeful towards him, Amanda notes they were all “evicted for a reason.” From the HoH competition sidelines, outgoing HoH Aaryn is also sweating it, because she feels she is “bathing in blood” from all the evictions she helped orchestrate. She needs her secret 3AM alliance or her bestie GinaMarie to come through for her.

With baseballs flying at their faces, Jessie and Elissa take the early lead, while Helen tells the other jurors what’s been going on in the house over the past week. This particularly worries Andy, because he feels he has the most to lose from Helen’s interpretation of things. McCrae and Spencer fall from their perches, and are soon joined by Andy, which annoys Amanda, because she is the only player standing from her secret 3AM alliance. Jessie is the first juror out, and leaves the field with a swear aimed at Amanda. Elissa is disappointed when Helen falls, but she notes this just makes her more driven to win. When Candice’s knee gives out, Judd is the last juror in the competition, which means he has earned a place back in the house! Aaryn initially freaks out over the idea of Judd being this week’s HoH, but is relieved when Judd falls and loses the second part of the competition. In the meantime, Elissa has been focusing on catching the ten balls she needs to ace the competition. As Amanda and GinaMarie struggle to keep up, Elissa scores HoH for the week!

Amanda Loses Control

Amanda has been adept at getting past HoH’s to do her dirty work, but she worries that controlling Elissa is “not an easy task.” Aaryn is “100 percent sure” Elissa is gunning for her. Elissa reveals in Diary Room that even though she told Andy she would put him up this week if she had the chance, now that she’s HoH she is going after “bigger targets.” Post competition Judd and Elissa do a little bonding in the main bathroom. They both bury the hatchet, and talk about going forward with a clean slate. Judd hopes the new HoH can look past “any rough patches” there may have been between them, particularly when he left the house in a huff and was cold to Elissa. As Aaryn worries in the side bedroom, Amanda makes her first foray to Elissa, who reveals she is “obviously” targeting Aaryn this week. Amanda suggests GinaMarie as the pawn, but in Diary Room Elissa notes just because she wants Aaryn out doesn't mean she is working with Amanda, and suggests creating turbulence between Amanda and McCrae “sounds like a win-win.”

After Elissa’s HoH room reveal and listening to Elissa read a letter from her BIG BROTHER champion sister Rachel, Amanda retires to the front bedroom where she cries about her inability to control the nominations this week. McCrae consoles her and stresses they have to make sure they don't end up on the block together.

Elissa’s Got an Agenda

Back up in the HoH, Amanda and McCrae lobby Elissa hard on GinaMarie, and suggest it is a bad idea if either of them goes up. Elissa is having none of it, and notes McCrae put her up on the block. Elissa notes in Diary Room that Amanda doesn't realize that after Aaryn, her biggest target is Amanda! Amanda starts to cry and accuses Elissa of making people scared. “I want people to feel scared,” she replies calmly. “That’s how I feel every week.” After McCranda leave, Judd and Elissa get a one-on-one in the HoH where they agree to work together for the rest of the game. But before Elissa can make her nominations, she gets a final plea from Aaryn, who promises Elissa the world if she gets the chance to stay. “The fact that I’m begging and groveling makes me want to punch myself in the face,” Aaryn reveals in Diary Room, but notes even though she feels like a loser, grabbing the half million dollar prize at the end of the game would make her feel like a winner. Aaryn lays out why Elissa should be putting up McCranda, and argues the last showmance in the house has been able to skate through this game.

Elissa has a big choice to make, and when all the keys are pulled during the nomination ceremony, Aaryn and McCrae find themselves on the block. Elissa tells McCrae he is “an awesome player” and hopes he wins Veto, but then tells Aaryn she knows Aaryn has been targeting her. Amanda says it “sucks” not being in control, and worries that “something fishy” is going on. Aaryn cries about how overwhelming the game is, while Elissa vows she will do whatever it takes to get to the end. So who will win the Power of Veto? And will they use it to save McCrae or Aaryn? Find out Wednesday August 28 at 8pm ET/PT on BIG BROTHER on CBS!