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Season 15: Episode 27 - Episode 27
Posted on Aug 29, 2013 12:00am

Head of Household Elissa explains she nominated Aaryn and McCrae because she sees the two of them as the forces behind Helen’s eviction last week. Between Aaryn and McCranda. Aaryn finds her nomination “devastating,” especially after the weeks she spent doing everyone else’s dirty work. First-time nominee McCrae is scared, and notes it’s weird having no control in the game.

In the kitchen Elissa asks Amanda if she is going to retaliate against her next week because of the McCrae nomination, but Amanda assures her if McCrae comes off they won’t care, unless Elissa puts Amanda on the block. Amanda asks Elissa repeatedly if she will go up as a replacement nominee, but Elissa’s half-hearted answers concern Amanda. Elissa heads to the Diary Room and has a revelation—maybe this is the week to get out Amanda! She can’t believe she is thinking it, but Elissa decides to approach Aaryn about a secret backdoor plan for the week that ends with Amanda going home. Aaryn asks whom she should pick to play the Veto if she gets to choose, and Elissa suggests Judd.

At the picking players ceremony, ESA “feels sick” when she randomly chooses Amanda’s chip. McCrae is “immediately pissed off” when he picks GinaMarie, because he knows she is likely to use the Veto on Aaryn. Amanda is stunned when Aaryn uses her HouseGuest choice chip to choose Judd. Amanda immediately corners Aaryn, and asks why she would pick Judd over their 3AM alliance member, Andy. Aaryn gives Amanda a half-baked answer, which further confounds Amanda. The conversation continues in the bathroom, where Aaryn realizes she needs to do some damage control. Amanda, however, isn’t buying anything Aaryn is selling. “I thought that would be the last person you would choose,” Amanda says. Aaryn is irritated that once again Amanda is making it all about her game. GinaMarie tells a frustrated Aaryn she told her so. “Don't let that bitch get into your head,” GinaMarie tells Aaryn. The two blondes then pull Elissa aside and vent. Elissa calms Aaryn down and tells her Amanda is going up and Aaryn is safe for the week, as long as Elissa has anything to do with it.

One Spat, and Then Plenty of Zings

A little later GinaMarie and Elissa whisper in the kitchen about Amanda, but when Amanda walks in and out of the kitchen, she gets suspicious as Elissa and GinaMarie awkwardly clam up. When Amanda finally calls them on it, she accuses GinaMarie of being shady. GinaMarie says she is not shady, which begins a conflict between her and Amanda. The two get into it, as McCrae and Elissa pull them apart. “Bring it on bitch,” GinaMarie yells. “Come say it to my face,” Amanda yells back. McCrae tells Amanda that was not a good decision because it doesn’t help his chances of staying this week. After prompting from McCrae, Amanda goes to do damage control with Elissa in the HoH. Amanda cries because she’s afraid Elissa is holding Helen’s eviction against her. Amanda hopes Elissa wouldn't put her up, but Elissa lies and says she hasn't even thought about it.

The HouseGuests are all sleeping peacefully early in the morning when a familiar figure enters the House—Zingbot! The insult-throwing robot is back for this week’s Veto competition. In his typical fashion, Zingbot throws zingers at each of the HouseGuests, including a crack about Amanda’s tramp stamp, Andy’s floater-like game tendencies and GinaMarie’s obsession with Nick. Being HoH doesn’t spare Elissa, who Zingbot calls a cheap imitation of her sister Rachel! Outside the players find a robot-themed first birthday party for Baby Zingbot.

The elder Zingbot explains for the Veto competition the players must charge “batteries” for Baby Zingbot, using a “charging station,” where they must get a ball up and down a ramp 250 times without the ball dropping to the ground. If a ball hits the ground, a player’s score goes back to zero. With a slow and steady approach, Amanda racks up her score as GinaMarie, Elissa and Aaryn drop their balls. McCrae suffers a couple fumbles when he realizes it is a race between Amanda and Judd. A surprise last-minute dash by GinaMarie almost brings her the victory, but not before Amanda hits 250 and wins the Veto! In the front bedroom McCrae and Amanda celebrate their win as a nervous Andy comes in. He worries Elissa will stick to her threat from last week, where she promised to put Andy up if Helen went home. Amanda tells him she is sure GinaMarie is the one going home. Upstairs Elissa cries to Judd now that her backdoor plans are dashed. She knows Amanda, who she calls “the grossest person,” will strike back as soon as she can. Judd suggests she put up Andy. Aaryn comes in and asks Elissa what she is going to do. Elissa isn’t sure, but reveals in Diary Room she wants to use the replacement nomination to ensure it has a “huge impact” on McCranda’s game.

Attack Mode

Downstairs Elissa puts on a happy face as she changes her clothes. She tells Amanda she did what she could to help Amanda win the competition. Amanda calls out Elissa’s lie, and McCrae notes Elissa seemed to be rooting for GinaMarie. Amanda, who feels Elissa is trying to push her buttons, goes on the attack, telling Elissa her HoH has been a waste this week. Elissa cooks in the kitchen as Amanda rails at Elissa’s game and attacks her appearance. Elissa opts not to say anything back, and keeps cooking when Amanda yells, “What do Elissa and Zingbot have in common? Both of them are made of plastic!” Later in the side bedroom Amanda tells Andy she has a plan to make sure he stays. Amanda explains she will torture Elissa with taunts, and then after she quiets down, Andy will go up and console Elissa. Amanda hopes Andy’s compassion will then save him from the block. Amanda goes into full on annoying mode, blowing a party favor as she screams up to Elissa from the living room. Elissa stays in the HoH room as Amanda screams more comments about Elissa’s physical appearance and trashes her game. While McCrae reads in the side bedroom, everyone else sits outside. Aaryn laughs at the behavior, but Judd notes this confirms his belief that Amanda is a disgusting vile person. During a lull in Amanda’s taunts, Andy sneaks up to the HoH room. Elissa lets him in and Andy assures her he is her friend and personally finds Amanda’s behavior off putting. Andy does his best to seem like a friend to Elissa, but Elissa doesn't give Andy much of response.

At the veto ceremony, a combative Amanda steals a line from Elissa’s sister Rachel when she vows that no one will “get between me and my man,” before removing McCrae from the chopping block. Elissa notes her sister would be insulted by Amanda’s usage of Rachel’s signature phrase, and puts up Andy as her replacement nominee. Amanda notes next week 3AM will become 2AM, while Andy reveals going forward he may have to cut ties with McCranda to stay this week. So who will be the next evicted HouseGuest, Andy or Aaryn? And who will be the new HoH? Find out live, Thursday, August 29 at 9pm ET/PT on BIG BROTHER on CBS!