Season 15: Episode 28 - Episode 28
Posted on Aug 30, 2013 11:05am

Head of Household Elissa really wanted Amanda out of the game, but Amanda’s Veto win put a stop to that, so Andy is the replacement nominee instead. Fellow nominee Aaryn is nervous about her prospects, because she knows Andy has deals with almost everyone in the house. Firsttime nominee Andy is freaking out over being on the block, but hopes his alliance with Amanda and McCrae keep him in the house this week, even though he is developing a new plan for going forward that will not involve the house’s last remaining showmance.

Right after the Veto ceremony Amanda re-starts her sustained taunt against Elissa, getting very close to her while throwing personal insults at her. Elissa chooses not to respond, as Amanda asks Elissa if she feels “threatened and scared.” In Diary Room Elissa reveals she is “not about to be manipulated by a girl like her,” and calmly walks upstairs to the HoH room as Amanda continues her verbal attack. A frustrated Amanda whines to Andy and Spencer in the side bedroom. “Why is everyone so nice to her,” Amanda demands to know. “I’m the only one standing up to her.” Spencer tells Amanda to chill out as she complains about “looking like a bully.” Andy tries to slide out of the room but Amanda demands he stay. In Diary Room Andy admits he finds Amanda’s behavior appalling and worries how being associated with Amanda going forward may hurt his game. “Anyone talking to Elissa, that's my target,” Amanda warns Andy and McCrae. Later that night outside on the patio Spencer, GinaMarie, Andy, and Judd grouse about McCrae and Amanda having an easy path to the end of the game. Andy’s frustrations boil over, and he admits he is ready to cut ties with the showmance in the hopes that all of them can move forward together. The four of them all agree they are on board with an alliance that marginalizes McCranda, but there is one remaining question—what should they name themselves? Judd suggests “The Exterminators,” because they are going to get rid of all “the snakes and rats” in the house!

Aaryn Fights to Stay

In the side bedroom Amanda breaks the bad news to Aaryn—McCranda will be voting to keep Andy, because he was aligned with them long before Aaryn became part of their alliance. Aaryn brings up the fact that she has done so much for McCranda’s game, and Amanda begins to sob when she assures Aaryn she “tried so hard” to keep her in the game. Amanda crawls into Aaryn’s bed and consoles her, telling Aaryn, ”You still have two more days. You don't know what is going to happen.” Aaryn knows the only way she can stay is if she gets Spencer, Judd and GinaMarie to vote for her. In the side bedroom GinaMarie tells Aaryn she has her back, but in Diary Room admits her new Exterminators alliance is a backup plan she has to consider seriously.

The next day Aaryn meets up with Judd and Spencer by the hot tub. When she broaches the subject of their support, Spencer reveals he has “concerns” about her loyalties, and found her HoH’s “malleable for other people’s needs.” Aaryn then spills the beans about the 3AM alliance, hoping some honesty will sway their votes, but in Diary Room Spencer notes he is keeping Andy because of the Exterminators alliance. Later that night Aaryn once again hits up McCranda for their support, and points out all she has done for their game. Aaryn also threatens to not vote for McCranda for the win if she goes this week. In a move to shake things up, Aaryn tells Amanda that Spencer is gunning for them. When Amanda hears this she calls Spencer over and confronts him on the charge. Spencer goes on an aggressive offense, and tears into Aaryn for lying about him. The two go back and forth before Spencer storms off. Aaryn’s ploy seems to have worked. “If you save me I’ll be loyal forever,” Aaryn promises. Amanda notes she may have to rethink her vote for the week.

Showmances With Legs Host

Julie Chen welcomes back former BIG BROTHER winner Dan, who tells Julie it is “hard to watch” Amanda’s aggressive gameplay, and explains if Amanda is going to be a villain she shouldn't step back and cry when she doesn't win something. After explaining he is now friends with former HouseGuests Danielle, Ian and Frank, Dan reveals whom he is rooting for this season—Judd! Dan also notes he is not a fan of showmances, because he feels while entertaining for the viewer, they don’t help you much in the game. However, former champion Rachel and her husband Brendon might disagree with that statement! In an interview Rachel notes it has been almost exactly three years since Brenchel first sealed it with a kiss in the back yard hammock. They are not the only married HouseGuests, though. Newlyweds Danielle Donato and Dominic note that in the house they had a “third grade” relationship, but their love blossomed after Danielle was evicted and she realized how much she missed him. Jeff and Jordan are the longest running showmance at four years, but Jordan notes Jeff still hasn't put a ring on it. Jeff hopes there will be a family in their future, with Jordan adding “a big family.”

Julie chimes into the living room, and after a few questions to the HouseGuests, gets the final nominee pleas and the voting started. By a 5-0 vote, Aaryn is evicted from the game. Outside with Julie, Aaryn explains the reason she went over Andy probably had to do with her multiple competition wins and McCranda’s belief Andy would be easier to beat. Julie then broaches the subject of Aaryn’s comments from earlier in the season, noting that some people found them racist. Aaryn says her comments were taken out of context, and apologizes to anyone who was offended. Julie then reads some of Aaryn’s comments that were construed as racist and homophobic. After saying she didn't remember saying those things, Aaryn assures Julie they were not meant to be serious, and she feels “horrible” and regrets making those comments. Aaryn notes she “loved Helen more than anything,” and has “respect for everyone in this game.”

After Aaryn leaves Julie chimes in to the back yard for the HoH competition, BIG HOPPORTUNITY. The object of the competition is to maneuver an egg through a chicken wire maze and into their individual baskets. The first player to get a dozen eggs into their basket wins HoH for the week. But Julie notes thanks to a vote by America, the player with the lowest score will have to wear a chicken costume for 48 hours. So who will be the new HoH? And how will the HouseGuests react to a special surprise competition? Find out Sunday, September 1 at 8pm ET/PT on BIG BROTHER on CBS!